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Blogger Dieu Cay stop hunger strike

Blogger Điếu Cày
Blogger Dieu Cay
My dad wants everyone to know that the complaint is not only his own that of  Team A political prisoner, Prison No. 6, Nghe An, Thanh Chuong on oppression issues to inmates in prison have been received. That is the ultimate goal, as his father achieved this goal, he has eaten again..
Blogger Dieu Cay (Nguyen Van Hai) has officially stopped a hunger strike, according to information from his family said to VOA Vietnamese, evening 2/8.

Anh Nguyen Tri Dung, blogger Dieu Cay's son said in a regular monthly visitation took place the same day, his father informed ended hunger strike lasted 33 days from 24/6 to 27/7 after the prison authorities to confirm his complaint had been received.

Just yesterday, state media published a video to refute claims that blogger Dieu Cay hunger strike in prison. 2-minute video projection images of Dieu Cay is said to be received food in prison, physical examination, and said that he was healthy enough to continue sentence execution.

Blogger Dieu Cay and relatives confirmed the content of this video is a complete falsehood, collage images.

In an interview with Tra Mi VOA Vietnamese on the way return visits father from prison terms, son of Dieu Cay said more details.
Nguyen Tri Dung: Today, 2/8, I recently met my dad and just step out immediately.

VOA: The visitation lasted for how long?

Nguyen Tri Dung: In just 7 minutes. They watch 5 minutes then chased out, but we tried to hold both of us together so that talking for 2 minutes more.

VOA: In today's meeting, did you see pictures of blogger Dieu Cay is like what the state television launched last night?

Nguyen Tri Dung: Not like at all, but my dad said he was recovering and he was eating again, because they have to resolve the complaint to him and asked him to eat again. He was eating again on 27/7 right the day they ordered People's Procuratorate of Nghe An, Mr. Thanh Nga, Head of Division 4 Detention and Rehabilitation to meet him on the second time to solve problems. The first time, he said, Mr. Nga has known but deliberately ignored and not addressed.

VOA: It is understandable that the decision blogger Dieu Cay eat again when his complaints were resolved somewhat?

Nguyen Tri Dung: The goal of hunger strike is to alert public opinion and the second is that they have to confirm that his complaint was moved out. And the resolution to which I also hope but not much. My dad wants everyone to know that the complaint is not only of his own that of Team A political prisoner, Prison No. 6, Nghe An, Thanh Chuong on oppression issues to inmates in prison have been received. That is the ultimate goal, as his father achieved this goal, he has eaten again.

VOA: They claim to have received letter, but not talk about the settlement?

Nguyen Tri Dung: They've solved the immediate problem is to stop solitary confinement Hai. They gave a person in the same room anymore with Hai to say that 'no solitary confinement Hai'.

My dad also mentioned the camera they did, they have done a long time ago. They secretly installed cameras in the detention room of his father regularly. In the last 7 months, they had 3 of the room checking, checking for inventory of all the food in room from my family added into. All 3 times, they are unable to prove that his father was eating the food because all intact. They can not get proof. My dad also said the work (furtive film) that they have prepared in advance for a long time, not just on 26/7 as their television showed up.

Signature of Health Certificate of Mr. Hai as to be showed on TV is completely forged signature, is not the signature of Mr. Hai.

The video footage showed him sitting writing on paper (after health checking) is not correct that he signed in his health checking paper, but that's when he wrote asking them not to use his image because he detect them using video cameras in the room and shot nearly all of his personal belongings. They take advantage of the image to bring a health certificate on 26/7 slander, entirely is not belong to Hai.

VOA: State television put the picture to say that Mr. Hai was health checking on 26/7, he himself confirmed that, there is no such thing happened?

Nguyen Tri Dung: Yes, exactly so. There is no such thing happened.
VOA: Did Dieu Cay say the lastest health checking of him is on what day?

Nguyen Tri Dung: On 16/7.

VOA: The signature on the health checking certificate paper from state television launched is not belong to Dieu Cay. It was confirmed by family or blogger Dieu Cay own?

Nguyen Tri Dung: It is confirmed by the family. And confirmation of his father that he did not get health care on 26/7.

VOA: You said the state TV images made yesterday totally unlike the image directly met his father today. There are how other fundamental point that he realized?

Nguyen Tri Dung: The most basic is the date 20/7, Mr. Hai was unable to walk normally, must have someone to lead by the hand, is how he can walk, talk normally like in the video which they say is turned on 26/7 like that? Pictures that he stood waiting rice (in the video) they can film at any time during the 5.5 years while Hai in prison. As everyone saw in that video, Mr. Hai did not hold spoon or chopsticks to eat anything.

Today in a meeting with the family, Mr. Hai has confirmed that to date 27/7 to achieve his wish, he did not eat any one of anything. They even checked 3 times in July watching the family's supplies to see he ate noodles, porridge package or not, all intact. So finally they have to put up information slander like that.

VOA: Right now, what is his main desire?

Nguyen Tri Dung: My father wanted to thank everyone. He has achieved the purpose of the application is taken out and forced authorities have confirmed his receipt. Second, he wants people to know is behind bars of prison, all prisoners there did not move the information out. Expectation followed his father to let everyone know the status of prisoners in detention, especially political prisoners, prisoners of conscience.

Blogger Dieu Cay is known as one of the pioneers in anti-China activities invaded the East Sea.

His hunger strike protest the persecution and human rights violations to those who in detention has attracted the attention of public opinion at home and abroad with condemnation from the international community on the status of human rights violations in Vietnam and urged Hanoi to release journalists held freely who has ever been honored by Human Rights Watch in Award Hellman / Hammett.