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Vietnam people's lives and the lives of government officials State Vietnam ... totally different.


Do minh Tuyen

It is very contradictory and paradoxical to humor in  this Vietnam country ... when people supposedly on behalf of the owner of the country ... and most government agencies and even the themselves Vietnam communist party has always claiming that they are the servants of the people ... and serve wholeheartedly for the people ...! but in fact, the servant above  is the obsession and fear for the reluctant owners (the people of Vietnam). The sanctions a people living in District 10 TP. Ho Chi Minh City today with a 3 year prison sentence on charges of "Fight of duty" for daring to bite the hand of his servant while they are on duty ... serving people .. .! It shows that in this communist country, life and dignity of the servant (State officials) ... more precious than the lives and dignity of people ... which is considered the owner of the country ... and also their respective owners ...!

A normal case and with some degree of consequences which is not very serious ... but she has been sentenced to three years in prison, which's more than the proposed sentence from the public prosecutor ... while the State staff, government employees ... serious violations of the law, but normally only be handled administratively ... internal warning ... or sometimes just be probation... v ... v ... typical case of the Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Ninh in Hanoi in 2012 have abused of power to kill citizen Trinh Xuan Tung just because he is not wearing a helmet when participating circulation on the way but only was for 4 years sentenced to prison ... which ever pressing in public opinion in the country. Same as a person ... and same to be violated person ... sometimes even just rudimentary common mistake is due to a lack of self restraint ... or unintended happening .... but people who's known as the "owner" must always receive punishment Herculean ... While state officials, government officials in the name of a "servant" to the seriously wrong with devastating consequences ... even causing damage to human life and intentionally fouled ... even cause damage to human life and intentionally fouled ... but still be cavalier outlaws...!

Where is justice ...???  It doesn't make sense if the law of Vietnam is to separate behavior for Vietnam citizens ... and State officials and the government officials are exempt or have a discriminatory even if committed in felony ...! The jurisdiction State of Vietnam is like this ...!!! Or The Communist government of Vietnam to say that only for themselves are human so their lives is precious ...And most people are just kind of the lowest grade ... and their life is like the life of animals ... sometimes even worse than the life of an animal ... like to guillotine or want to kill is at their will and pleasure ... or abused in any way and without fear of legal sanctions . This is the reason and as well as motivation indirectly encourages criminal acts against the State government officials ... especially for branches such as police, procuracy, courts ... and strictness of the law if continue to be abused ...or to be controled ... which will inevitably lead to chaotic social and the anarchy status... unless all people are be treated equally before the law ... and no party or state sit on the laws and Constitution as at present.


Bite police to be fined 3 years in prison

Update: 15:14 GMT - Friday, August 23, 2013
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Xuân
Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan defendant received three years in prison
One person resist the authorities by biting the hands was sentenced three years in prison in a hearing this morning in Ho Chi Minh City.
Defendant Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan, 25, was sentenced by Court on District 10 charges of 'Fight of duty'.
It is worth mentioning that this judgment was made more severe than suggested by the prosecution at trial.


According to the indictment by the media in the country led to the incident leading to this trial appears to be a normal incident nothing serious.
Xuan is a sellers in Ho Thi Ky  market which largest wholesale flower markets of Ho Chi Minh City in District 10
The incident occurred at the end of last year when police precinct militia to go along to clean and curb the flower market because there are many household goods business presentation in the way obstructing traffic.
Seeing inspection force, while the other business household cleaning their products already in the store are in the TX store by Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan, despite the best disposition but leaving '5 plastic chairs' which is used to place  buckets of flowers outside the roadway, according to Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper's report.
According to also this newspaper and Thanh Nien newspaper although to be  reminded by the authorities, but Xuan and her mother Nguyen Thi Hong Van still not clean it with reasons, the other household business show like them that without being told.
Therefore, the ward has set records for administrative violations heart curb encroachment but the family refused to sign. When authorities took the cameras to film this against act, was 'rushed to pull the camera' by Xuan.
To pull the camera, Xuân bit the hand of deputy police precinct and a night-watchman, according to Nguoi Lao Dong.


Thanh Nien newspaper said her family then was 'climbing vehicle functional forces' attempt to regain 5 plastic chairs wich were confiscated as exhibits.
Xuan was arrested shortly afterwards prosecuted for 'Fight of duty'.
Although family has compensation money for cameras has broken and applicatio receipt of  errors to ignore her, but the government does not approve.
Thanh Nien quoted the trial panel identified the defendant Xuan's behavior is 'disregard for law, order and security cause local, adversely affect the implementation of the policy guidelines of the local authorities' .
For these reasons, this Court should decide 'rigorous process' to three years in prison to the accused.
In addition, the mother and two other members in family of Xuan also sanctioned administratively.
The actions against the police often severe treatment in this communist country which see the police force is as the main force to protect the regime.
Critics say the cases related police usually handled slightly to their crimes.
In 2012, Lt. Col. Nguyen Van Ninh police was Hanoi Court sentenced to four years in prison because beat to death Mr. Trinh Xuan Tung 'during duty'.


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