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Pluralistic and multi-party to build a country Vietnam is bright ... And the exit only for the current ruling regime in Vietnam



Yes, it is correct as the statement of jurist Le Hieu Dang, former deputy chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City on the invasion threat from China is very large ... as well as pluralistic and multi-party in Vietnam is inevitable to come. We totally agreed optimistic notions like that from citizen who's full responsibility and this courage. Well, if going through a fair general elections under international supervision and by the vote of the people directly elected ... That Vietnam Communist party still be trusted, the prestige of party is increasing and will become the firm. This is not just private thoughts and desires of jurist Le Hieu Dang ... but also is the thoughts, expectations and the aspirations of people in Vietnam country for so long before the current comprehensive crisis in Vietnam country ... as well as the major challenges that Vietnam society, Vietnam country and people of Vietnam now is facing today.

Besides, the issue of sovereignty of Vietnam Sea Island in particular and peril  of Vietnam country will be invaded by China in general is really enormous and on an adjacent ...when today get more the large presence of Chinese people all over the territory in Vietnam ....which will be very difficult to control and direct threat to national security ... if the war between Vietnam and China boom. What made the leader group of Ba Dinh Ha Noi easy and to be off their guard like that ...! Not perhaps the danger above, all  people in the country is known and are thinking of ... that the leaders of the party and the state do not know ...!??? Self-esteem of a people and interests as well as the survival of the country of Vietnam, which are being put where by the State leaders  ...? with the dubious all have done in the past ... and what the party and state leaders are doing today ... plus the attitudes, opinions and behavior extremely contradictory and difficult to understand ... that more and more people skeptical and really lost faith in the regime ... completely lost faith in leadership ability as also in ethics and true personality of the Party leaders and State of Vietnam.

Government of Vietnam ... and the ruling communist party in Vietnam today really desire against aggressors ... really desire to stabilize and developed the country of Vietnam ...??? To demonstrate your loyalty to the Fatherland, then the first thing you need to do is to show clearly the position of patriotism ... as what people in the country have been doing for so long this, by showing political determination and strong position in the struggle to build and protect the country ... through specific behaviors such as strong support for the people down the road to express their patriotic which against aggression of China instead of prohibition as did so long ... Expressing definitive attitude and strong response to any aggression and threats from well as ready international multilateralism act in resolving the territorial dispute in the East Sea related indisputable sovereignty of Vietnam in the Paracels and the Spratlys. To demonstrate the purity and true desire to stabilize the country and develop ... as well as proof of the things that has always declared that "government is by the people and for the people that serve. .. " is the most essential thing need to do now is have to meet the legitimate aspirations of all social strata ... related to human rights in Vietnam today.


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Le Hieu Dang: Need to set up the opposition to the Vietnam Communist Party

Luật gia Lê Hiếu Đằng
Luật gia Lê Hiếu Đằng

In the article with simply title IS «THOUGHTS while to be in convalescence» posted on 08/12/2013 bauxite TODAY, of jurist Le Hieu Dang to say his preoccupations  ABOUT ISSUES pluralistic and multi-party, ON ISSUES INDEPENDENT, DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS ...

Posts in the more dead than alive days in the hospital of the jurist who's the vice president of the Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front at Ho Chi Minh City, again to bring full of fire, full of fighting. In particular, he has strongly questioned the established opposition parties, such as a social democratic party, instead of the current monopoly Communist Party. He challenges any leader in the Communist Party apparatus he answered openly about the problem.

Jurist Le Hieu Dang - Ho Chi Minh city
by Thụy My
RFI: Welcome the jurist Le Hieu Dang, congratulation you partially restored health. Sir, why you have put strong multi-party problems in Vietnam?

Jurist Le Hieu Dang: The proposal of 72 intellectuals have said about this issue delicately. But after the draft was submitted to the National Assembly for the fourth time - is too bad so having these reactions - and also in 72 people there're 40 people who signed the protest against the draft, and said clearly pluralistic.

And my post, I analyzed only Marxist-Leninist perspective. I learned abc of Marxism-Leninism would have known then: infrastructure decisions superstructure. Infrastructure sector consists of many classes, but the superstructure is only one why? Ridiculous, this betrays it, even though Marxism-Leninism now is obsolete about many problems, and everyone also give up then.

But if it is clear that based on some talking to get, said without theory. So I just challenged. Challenges to all, most of to the head of the Propaganda who's just both president of the Central and Theoretical Council public debate, in a transparent manner. Do not play the type «quit ball to kick person".

Actually pluralistic and multi-party inevitably have to come. As the situation of Cambodia or Russia is also like that. Of course there will be a little messy time, there is a price to pay. But then stabilized, a democratic country, then so be good for the nation. That's the exit that I thought is the only for the nation, could not any things else. Because if there's no democratic, not perform democratic republic regime with separation of powers, is how to fight corruption. How to get a new constitution in line with the people, by the people decide.

Generally all these problems is abc of the world then. Because the world, the people must struggle with new blood and tears so that create the Declaration of Human Rights, and many other issues. So I thought this is only inevitable.

I say transparency, and moreover multi-party problem which is the policy of the Communist Party alone. So now I ask the lawyers and jurists - myself also is a jurist - I have not seen any legal documents that prohibits both the pluralistic multi-party. That follow the rule of law if does not prohibit, the people have right for implementation.

So I think the work, for example the establishment of a social democratic party - the reason I raised this issue, because social democracy is now general trend of the advanced countries. It reduces the negative aspects of capitalism. This is the tendency to progress, so it is a world system to support yourself. So I should follow that current.

In his book 'Mao Zedong thousand years of sin and deserts »Mr. colonel said old Mao era also leaning social democratic tendencies of the Second International, and he himself also suggested it.

Now many intellectuals in the country, as well as in France, where she was residing, the cradle of social factors. Many intellectuals previously have also the charm of communism, is now they give up. Now they are fighting for human rights, civil rights and environmental issues, which is the real struggle for the people and for the people.

So I think should establish such a party. That it is positive to become a party in opposition, an antibody in a healthy body. But if the body without any antibodies, it becomes an AIDS patient, difficult to solve, sitting alone waiting to die.

RFI: Yes, so the Communist Party will have to accept the challenges that will have to compete with the other opposition parties?

True. That is the Communist must themselves to see that, say in truth, there're not yet any political forces is greater than the Communist Party. So if run into equally election, they can still win big in elections. Because in Cambodia, Sam Rainsy although now have moved up, but that is not the majority. Or is it in (Vietnam) of ours, I think a few more decades the Communist Party is still a major political force, not any forces that can be disputed. But that minor parties will be born after opposition forces. It is a restrained, a brake for the ruling party. Thus through elections equality if the Communist Party still be won is more prestigious - the people who have commissioned to you like that. But now say due to the history is like this or like that so now people commissioned, I thought it is not right, that must look through a fair election, to be monitored by the  internationally which is very popular nowadays.

I think that is the inevitable trend of development of mankind, and can not be reversed. I shall have to speak about it. And then someone want to treat how to me is as their likes! I am ready, no problem at all. Because her at this age, then death is the sacrifice, to make sense! I think so.

RFI: You wrote that there're many party members who want out of the party, and questioned why not exercise such collective claims and to establish a new party. This seems to be an illusion in Vietnam society today?

No, over exposed, this is many people's idea. There are also many people came up to me and depressed demand out of the party. Either ( moving paper) the party activities then did not bring back for the local and put it on the drawers to counts as not party activities again. So why when join in the party is (publicly), so now you should publicly stated why I want to be out of the party.

Because this party now they have betrayed the original purpose of building a good society, to make an ideal that a youth period has shed their blood and bone-earned. Now like this, I public statement to be out of the party, it is also normal.

That is not delusional. If necessary, there will be many party members who agree with that thing, so I recommend like that. And out of the party must establish a new party. I think it is inevitable.

RFI: But after decades of executive familiar commands, Vietnam seems to be lack of worthy leader faces?

True. Generally is now Vietnam's Communist Party lacks a leader, or a some leaders who's prestigious. What is Leader? Actually, we are not demanding anything higher. The problem is to put national interests, national interests above. And if they can achieve the aspirations of the masses, then they will became the leader of the people, the leader of the masses.

But they now benefit called "existing party, we are existing", or "existing mode, we are existing too", that did not think to country situation ... In fact now the party and Marxism-Leninism is becoming an impediment.

For example, in Vietnam has nearly forty years of unity then. Perhaps with this time, the country had long since taken off, and that industrial development is like that ... But now the situation is scandal like that.

Traffic accidents on road continuity, and moral degradation. I see in health, the testing facilities in Hanoi was terrible! It deteriorated to such a degree. And education, still to grope that could not to find the exit. It can be said that a comprehensive degradation, comprehensive crisis!

And of course the acceptance of market economy, it is self-tuning and developing a certain direction. Especially when hot due to land development, due to graft ... all sorts of things, and then share the others, they have a pretty up part of the people. But the majority of the people especially the workers and farmers are now still living very miserable.

All these ones that I consider to be the government's responsibility is very great. They nearly all loose. Loose from allow China raging in the East Sea like that, then get into  Vietnam, the mountainous region, and even the Mekong River Delta, also is China.

I think the danger is invaded, ie national independence is greatly threatened. The target of youth period which we currently struggle is being betrayed. Therefore, we can not sit still for that look what we've poured blood, his fellow soldiers shed blood bones ... that must stand up to fight for protection, despite all the hardships and sacrifices.

RFI: According to you why is Vietnam has no many politicians who has both skill and spirit and behaviour ?

Why that there's no politicians, like politician (Aung San Suu Kyi) in Burma, or such as Mandela? A leader of the masses, imprisoned for decades, but they are only working in one term of office, then assign them to other people. I think that is because it is a totalitarian dictatorship that prohibit all things, especially the right to freedom. So that everyone is scared at all.

So now if having the policy, I know that in the North and South have those who's very confidential and having knowledge. They really are the politicians, but they are still only timidly. So in the speech, I said there's nothing that must be timid. Get involved go! Formerly there's the vital issue of the country, due to the situation in the country and the world, too, we realize incorrectly and chasing illusions of communism, socialism. So now the situation in the country and the world has changed. Now we self-awareness to action again - an act firmly, that could not be forever indecisive.

From the action will appear politicians, the political leaders. I think it is perfectly capable of it. And these people in the elections because they will be trusted by the people. That is the way of the development of a democratic society and progress.

RFI: Just out of a serious illness, but your aspirations for the country that is not very cold but seem is burning more. Are you upset when after each interview, sometimes with comments criticizing the period of your activities before 1975, as well as his friends in the student movement of that time?

Located in the hospital, as described in the article, I was thinking, read some articles and writers, especially the military writers such as Nguyen Khai, Nguyen Minh Chau. Then through the trip of President Sang, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, I see there's something that I have to say, and speak out.

In order for them - if use words as eye opening is a bit excessive - but let them should be aware of the options to chose which way for national, to make developing country can not forever just like this stagnant . Can not because of the party, because of the regime that let the country in situation like that. The last place I told some of my experience, is to prove that a totalitarian regime they just put the party up on the national and the country. The way to put questioning like that is entirely not right.

Now many people keep saying is right or wrong in the past. Now argument like that to do? While must unite together for the common development of Vietnam's peaceful, united, democratic and prosperous - including freedom issues. The civil liberties must be restored, can not be deprived.

Need to unite again, to the perception of space to act together, to fight for a  Vietnam country like that is correct. If also says the former this side is correct, and other side is wrong ... can say at that time is parts of human was beings have the illusion like that. So that thing let history judge, after day descendants will judge. What's right, wrong, then the next generation will be identified. For now, the immediate struggle to work together to build a better society.

RFI: Please thank jurist Le Hieu Dang, vice chairman of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Law under the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.


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