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Female prisoners of conscience indomitable Do Thi Minh Hanh has been tortured, beaten very brutally in communist prisons



Dear all fellow Vietnam and abroad with the International Friendship
We have just witnessed student Nguyen Phuong Uyen out of little prison thanks to our speaking. Currently, there is a prisoner of conscience is more unyielding  but has been more damned in prison CS, that is students Do Thi Minh Hanh (starting from the date 23-02-2010 and was sentenced to 7 years). Since has been put in prison to date, Minh Hanh, a member of Bloc 8406, has continually  been moved camp, repression, torture, more and more intense. The report below by Tran Thi Ngoc Minh, Minh Hanh's mother, addressed to the international human rights bodies and the subsequent application of Ty Do, father, that show all the cruelty, lies, immorality of the regime and the Communist police, and also presents a pain  picture but glorious of a defiant daughter Vietnam.
The kindly fellow please widespread, simultaneous voice and advocacy international  for female student prisoner of conscience Do Thi Minh Hanh. We can not sit still before the authorities and communist police continue damned the beloved children of  Vietnam Mother.
Bloc Freedom and Democracy 8406

v / v Do Thi Minh Hanh has been arrested - tortured - beaten in detention and unfair trials.

            Vietnam, 20 June 2013

            My name is Tran Thi Ngoc Minh, resident in Di Linh, Lam Dong, Vietnam, the prisoner's mother Do Thi Minh Hanh, born in 1985, is currently detained by the government of Vietnam in camp 5, camp Xuan Loc prison - Long Khanh - Dong Nai Province - Vietnam. Because advocates for workers operating in Vietnam and contribute to the struggle to ask for freedom democracy and  against Chinese aggression, Hanh was arrested by State of Vietnam on February 23, 2010 and was sentenced to 7 years in prison with two friends of Hanh Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, and Doan Huy Chuong on charges of "disrupting security against the people's administration" under article 89 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Vietnam Socialist Republic. "I'd like to present detail of the arrests, beatings, torture, terrorism spirit of Hanh in prison as also the unfair trials following:

            Since has been arrested, sentenced and incarcerated until now, my child is Hanh has been transferred through several prisons, often traumatized and tortured with beatings and forced labor .

            1) Was arrested, beaten and tortured in Hanoi

            - First of all I would like to present is abused beaten once previously the first time in February of 2005, during the first year my daughter to visit and get to know Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang at his home in Hanoi. Mr Thanh Giang has given my daughter two books the first is ASPIRATION of thousand generations, the second is REFLECTION and ASPIRATION. Police pretext of these two books is reactionary torturing my child beatings at Hoang Anh hotel, Cau Giay district, Hanoi. At the same day, the Hanoi police arrested and held incommunicado illegally my child without inform the family and questioned my daughter for several days in an isolated house by the police. When the local police station where I reside in Di Linh Lam Dong come to collect the information themselves Hanh and family at my home, then my family suspect my daughter was detained by police and self-find out is known Hanh was held in Hanoi Police Department, my family has sought guarantees Hanh.

            2) Was arrested and beaten at the police office Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province

            At 09 am on 23 February 2010, I brought Hanh  to the police Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province to make the ID Card,was the Di Linh police  around 20 people arrested handcuffed Hanh illegally, criminal no evidence nor reason, no arrest warrant. They beat my child is full of bloodshed on face at that place without stating reasons in the presence of me, the harsh slap made Hanh was buzzing in one ear and not hear ... After being arrested and beaten finish, Hanh request for the arrest warrant, and asked for the reason for the arrest, the next moment the Di Linh police just gave the arrest warrant that launched recently by the Ministry of Public Security of the fax. At 16 hours the same day, the police Ministry and the police Di Linh and local authorities handcuffed led to my home  and Hanh's sister house was raided found no evidence of any crime and continues to beat on Hanh's head at her sister's residence in Bao Lam - Lam Dong, and then bring my daughter to detain in detention centers under the Ministry of Public Security B34 Ho Chi Minh City.

            3) mental persecution in prison B34 - Police Department

            - On 18-04-2010 I got to camp B34, a female police welcome me but not allow me to meet my child and let me know Hanh always opposed, Hanh had fasted many days, bedridden, and asked what also do not tell. Then there's eating, but eat rice of a criminal prisoner who's detained together room and not have to eat rice of the prison, and also not allow the doctor to treat. This female police officer told me: Hanh is not willing to cooperate with the police so asking me to send a message to declare and to plead guilty. Because not understand the downside of communism and too love child, worry for the life of my child,  want my child to get out of jail early, I made their request (Hanh later told to her brothers and sisters that Hanh is extremely painful to read this letter of mine). After receiving my letter, Hanh accepted to answer questions of police . Hanh confessed things she did, Hanh let the police know that her works comes from love of country and always maintained his innocence.

            On 14-05-2010 I met my child for 15 minutes, and Hanh ask me would understand her, Hanh says clear perspective on the state of the country and people of Vietnam are in a prison large and Hanh declared innocent before the grudge fury of two investigated police officers, police not allow Hanh said continue and claims run out of time to visit. I alarmed at the attitude of the police, Hanh tortured in prison. A few days after her sister Hanh bring medicines and clothing, personal belongings for Hanh was the police B 34 prison interrogated, mental persecution, intimidation, forced to declare the work and exhibits of Hanh. Police took photos of Hanh's sister used to harass, pressure traumatized Hanh, forced her to plead guilty and ask her clemency and intimidation of Hanh's sister unsaid outside this interrogation. Because love her younger sister, worry be affected to her younger sister in jail so sister of Hanh had silence.

            Since there, my family was allowed to visit on the 10th of each month. Each visit is only 15 minutes, allowing only for health visit and advise Hanh to cooperate with the police and to plead guilty. But Hanh remained steadfast opinion of her.

            4) First instance trial: unfair, non-transparent and beat Hanh in court

            - On 10-10-2010, a monthly periodical, I went to visit Hanh at Camp B34 are known Hanh was moved to police detention of Tra Vinh province. When moving camp, the police did not inform my family know. To dated 15-10-2010 we ourselves went looking for child and known that my child and two friends were detained in police detention of Tra Vinh province, and there the prison not allow us to visit and also not allow to meet .

            22-10-2010 last date we receive the court's Tra Vinh provincial People invite families to attend trial of Hung, Hanh, Chuong on October 26, 2010 at People's Court of Tra Vinh Province charges of "disrupting security aim against  people's authorities under Article 89 of the Penal Code", ie receive notice 04 days before the hearing. Too suddenly so my family could not manage to get to the lawyer to defend for child. Hanh Hung and Chuong all have not been invited lawyers.

            On 26-10-2010 we attended the trial. On the way to court, a dense forest of police are arranged around the streets to the courtyard and courtroom. When the treatment time, the police pull Hanh and the previous chapter. Interrogation is complete, the police pulled Hanh Chuong out and pull Hung into the courtroom rudely. During the trial, the push and pull rudely for the defendant above to perform the same act, pulled out pulled into so many times. During the trial, no defense attorney in the trial and, at trial interrogation, the accused spoke always interrupted not allow self-defense that permitted only answer "yes" or "no" ( Later  when being exposed to lawyer, our attorney have heard recordings of the trial, lawyers for the our families know, the lawyer has researched records and the affidavit of Hanh, Hung , Chuong. Initially attorney said Hanh Hung, chuong is guilty, but after studying the records and contact with the defendant, he stated that the defendant innocent. simultaneous recordings the trial, he found the noble gesture and the sacrifice of the children with the country, for the people that they have presented in the statement, but the court did not rely on it to make a statement in court public trial, impartial, transparent, that only ask the question of the nature of creation to improve opinion which cause the disadvantage of the accused).

            Court ignored part of appeal, then hastily sentenced impeached. Expeditious trial ended: 3 hours morning and afternoon than 1 hour with the verdicts Hanh, Chuong 7 years in prison each, and Hung 9 years in prison.

            Despite the interruption did not speak, only meager few words, but Hanh - Hung - Chuong still proudly declared himself "innocent" in court.

            During the court recess,  Hanh sing to Hung, Chuong heard a song about friendship, was the police Tra Vinh to hold Hanh's head to hit into tank truck which to transfer prisoners should Hanh too painful and screamed up. (The scream was stored on tape.)

            5) Repression spirit, obstruct appeal and impede did not allow to invite the lawyers of the police detention center in Tra Vinh

            After the first hearing Hanh Hung Chuong still detained at the police detention center in Tra Vinh province. Here, Hanh was abused, tortured, repression spirit. Police forced Hanh to plead guilty. Living in unhygienic status, dirty water, not allow to unfurl mosquito net for sleeping, mosquito bites all over the body, although all three families have sent property and blankets mosquito nets fully.

            - On 29-10-2010, our three families to visit, meet once a month and once more to provide food items after 15 days of visitation. When visit, one by one to visit family, 15 minutes per visit. When met, me and my baby facing away from each other about 2m. Each visit will be from 6 or much more police who's in surveillance around us, the police always stare at Hanh with suppress attitude, spirit terrorist and we are only allowed to ask their health, if remind for appeal or inviting lawyer visitation will be cut.

            The visitation time later, I asked the prison warden to facilitate the appeal and invited lawyer counsel, but the Tra Vinh prison is not done.

            In prison, Hanh, Hung, Chuong asked police to provide pen and paper to make the appeal but was repressed by Tra Vinh police. All three of our family  forcing Tra Vinh police to comply with the law is to allow the defendant the right of appeal is made. Finally, on 05-02-2011 we just believe the appeal of Hanh, Hung and Chuong have been submitted to the Supreme People's Court in the city.

            - Meanwhile, three families on 31-12-2010 we have signed a contract with Dang The Luan lawyer to defend for all Hanh Hung and Chuong, although follow court rules only the defendant just requirements for attorneys because of adult.

            - On 17-01-2011, lawyer to the police detention center in Tra Vinh province would meet with the accused, but the police Tra Vinh precluded the attorney.

                - On 18-01-2011 I and two families Hung and Chuong made a complaint the  Tra Vinh police detention break the law to: minister of police, the police inspector, the Court of Appeal Criminal Courts Supreme in HCM City, the People's Procuracy of Tra Vinh Province, the People's Court of Tra Vinh province, police inspector Tra Vinh, director of the police detention center in Tra Vinh province.

            - On 19-01-2011, lawyer come to the Supreme People's Court HCMC for  licensing  proposal to come in prison, but was denied and to lay the blame on the Tra Vinh police detention and on same day , lawyer was determined to camp  proposed for approach the defendants. From Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vinh  prisons is too far, lawyers have to stay in Tra Vinh at night, but still refused by detention camp not allow lawyer to come in.

            - On 20-01-2011, I come to supreme court in Ho Chi Minh City to request the court to permit attorneys is discovered the appellate trial of Hung, Hanh, Chuong would made on 24-01-2011. We learn through court staff, which means we do not get the notice of appeal trial. Here, I made an emergency immediately request the court to adjourn the hearing.

            - On 28-01-2011, we get the reply of the police inspector was moved our complaint to the prison officers, Tra Vinh to respond to us and the police inspector,  but Tra Vinh prison was silent with us, at once in prison bullying and intimidation, repression, terrorism spirit of Hung, Hanh Chuong because the family has to make a complaint.

            - On 05-03-2011, the lawyer just access to file and then was permited by courts to come in the prison Tra Vinh.

            Lawyers is only accessible the defendants twice and let me know:

            + Hanh let attorney know that during the investigation in B34 prison, police recorded a statement at variance with the testimony of Hanh, she suggested fixes the testimony but police still remain some word notes which's different with testimony

            + Chuong let lawyer know: when taking testimony in the record, after each of testimony, the police left a blank piece on white paper.

            + Hung let lawyer know Tra Vinh police detention scare of Hung if not to plead guilty, the police will bring Hung locked in a lunatic asylum or for injection into his body of HIV infected blood.

             - On 02-03-2011, the provincial People's Procuracy of Tra Vinh sent to us invitations on 10-03-2011 come to procuracy to answer the complaint. Here, they help the police said Tra Vinh and receive errors but emphasized ask us advice Hung, Hanh, Chuong to pleaded guilty to get the state clemency.

            6) Appeal Hearing: No public, no transparency and no next of kin of the accused in the trial, not listen lawyer to defense .

            Through lawyers, we know first-instance trial Hanh, Hung, Chuong will take place on 18-03 2011 at court-Tra Vinh provincial People. Courts do not inform us, and do not call in the SPC listed as well as unlisted court notice in Tra Vinh province.

            In the morning, we arrived very early, also a dense forest of police are arranged around the streets to the courtyard and courtroom. When the prison car come, Hung, Chuong each is accompanied by two police officers, and Hanh is also like that. But when Hanh was led away in between two rows of guards at the front of court is a soldier who took a step forward and then turn a gun to Hanh, Hanh held her head high up, tossed skyward, pouted and walked.

            In the court yard, undercover police stand dense, guns, batons frantic as the trial of the terrorist.

            Three our families entered the trial, the crowded police were preventing from entering. All three of our family's fierce opposition, but did not get to attend.

            When the time for trial's spent on a moment, the court clerk just invited lawyer come in.

            In the courtroom sound turned down, we did not hear anything. After the trial, the lawyers tell us when the attorney to defense, the court expressed discomfort because the attorney confirmed Hanh, Hung, Chuong is innocent, the court does not want to hear and when excuses end, quickly building a comment guilty to charges of pre-determined, the judgment of the trial court. Three young people are still proudly declared when declaring his innocence in court.

            Attorneys are Communist Party members. When I asked strongly to attorney to provide all the information on Hung, Hanh, Chuong the lawyer provides very limited due to fear of the Vietnam authorities harass. I have to learn from many sources to find exactly how to protect my child Hung and program.

            7) torture, beatings in the Tra Vinh police detention

            After the appellate court, Hung, Hanh, Chuong continued detention in police Tra Vinh.

            - On 29-03-2011 three our family to the prison for visitation. When visiting, police keep spiteful attitude but Hanh's mentally very strong.

   - On 27-04-2011, our three families continue to visit, the guard police notified cutting of visitation Hung, Hanh, Chuong because all three are subject to disciplinary action, police do not let know the reason for disciplinary. Later I learned that disciplinary reasons are as follows: When returning from the appellate court, Hanh has voiced singing songs composed by Hanh speaks of injustice and cruelty of communism, the support of majority of inmates expressed through the tapping sound of singing Happy, beats resonance simultaneously through the sewers in detention, so the Tra Vinh police ordered the female criminal prisoners get in the detention room of the beating Hanh is brutal. Hanh shouting "Down with communism! Already communist island! "Hung and Chuong in another detention camp was hearing, painful because their friend was beaten, also kicked the detention room's door and shouted," Down with communism! Down with communism! " Chuong  and Hung immediately was police pulled for a brutal beating.

            The dates being held in Tra Vinh, although the three families we provide food, medicine, clothing, blankets full, but the police let them eating nusty rice, dirty water, without blankets when sleeping , always being bitten by mosquitoes. Police suppressed, threatened terrorist spirit seeks qualified and forced Hung, Hanh and Chuong plead guilty.

            8) Hanh escaped death by an inch in prison Ben Luc, Long An

            On 25-04 I-2011 we come to Tra Vinh police prison to visit is known that Hanh was being transferred to police detention Long An Province, Hung and Chuong moved to police detention Tien Giang province. Since there I no longer together with two family of the Hung and Chuong for visiting together again.

            On 26-04-2011 I went to Long An province, looking through the camps, is met Hanh at detention camp Ben Luc Long An. While waiting the police permission from supervisor let me to meet Hanh, a middle-aged female  criminal prisoners and working in the cafeteria told me about Hanh:

            "Hanh was in solitary confinement in a small house, the house has a small window just enough to emerge of face out. Hanh just moved there and no money should not diet, an officer lent Hanh a Receipt diet, but Hanh refused and from the window, the prisoner came home from work, passing to give her for few mangoes  while go to work they are picking. love and seeing Hanh is too little, each time passing where Hanh was being detained, gave her glass of coffee and cake. Every time when seeing she walked over,  Hanh's smiling innocently and called "Hey aunt !" So she love Hanh so much. Over many days Hanh on subsistence with mango and several cups of coffee with some cake, Tra Vinh police just transfer money to Long An prison (The money that my family send at Tra Vinh prison for Hanh), then at that time Hanh just had diet. But the personal belongings and tools of the activities that we prepared for Hanh is a lot but the police not allow to carry, and also do not move to Long An prison .

            Later Hanh let me know that : When Hanh moving from Tra Vinh prison to Long An prison, in tight hot vans on the road for hundreds of kilometers, Hanh was Tra Vinh  police beating constantly while hand legs were cuffed and gagged. When arrival in Long An prison, at time entered in the detention room because of so dark and have not seen the way should hit into the water tank, water strongly to drift Hanh, made her nearly suffocated and to escape death in an inch. This incident may have accidentally or intentionally of prison? I am not sure but my child lives in danger. Even so, at here Hanh still remains her sense of purpose and uprightness is not for any police to disregard or insult Hanh, do not address the report also pleaded not guilty.

            I was allowed to visit the prison to see Hanh through the screen glass, Hanh said miss me so much, miss family so much, sad eyes open but seem to tell me  kept reassuring comfort, Hanh's very strong spirit.

            On 08-05-2011 I went to visit at prisons Long An again but is known that Hanh was moved to the prison police Z30D Thu Duc, Binh Thuan Province.

            9) Forced labor to Hanh at Thu Duc Z30D prison in Binh Thuan province

            I again to look for at the prison Z30D, Binh Thuan Province. Hanh's  transferred to this detention center on 06-05-2011 and was detained in camp1. Although police closely monitored but Hanh still told me the police forced Hanh to study detention camp's rules, Hanh not learning. Police arrested Hanh to make report, Hanh does not write the report but write up 04 pages each page a big word: I DO NOT guilty. Hanh does not want me here seemed kind to the police and told me let alert the police because the detention camp will be used myself to put pressure on Hanh to plead guilty. At here the police regularly invited Hanh to work on terrorism Hanh's spirit, but Hanh was not subdued.

            More than a week later, Hanh was transferred into sub-camp 6 as far in deep forest. At here, Hanh was held in conjunction with the criminal prisoners, female prisoners are infected with HIV, sleeping place is only 60 to 70 cm, dirty water. Prison forced Hanh in labor, work is to export fish every day to pay Hanh a work rate is 8 kg fish. Health of Hanh is weak, always sick, Hanh brought fish back to the police, give up on work and get camps back for a rest. The days of illness, Hanh is carrying on chronic disease-calcium in the blood is low, waiting  the money sent in from the family, the police just allow to clinics to diagnose and treat disease.

            In prison, Hanh was discriminatory, not entitled to the same benefits as other criminal offenders. Several female prisoners often fight with Hanh to let her always be disciplined, discipline is not allow her to meet the family. Hanh was once disciplined for causing from the prisoners in the camp, Hanh nearly has been took to a column with to be bound hands in cross and basking in bright sunlight, someone who love when go through give a few drops of water. That day I arrived in time to visit and prisons police allowed Hanh meet with me a long time, the purpose of camp is let me to convince Hanh to obey prison and plead guilty. On the occasion there's much time of that day, Hanh accused of Tra Vinh police crime and Hanh almost died in detention Long An, what happens in B34, clear perspective and the determination to follow the path that Hanh has chosen. Hanh accept all hardships and earnest Hanh beg family would allow Hanh made her ambition, and if unfortunate encounter risks, family see as it would be the fate of Hanh, please forgive her and sympathy etc. ..

            Hanh has been disciplined numerous times because of not to plead guilty, do not report, did not stoop before being called for investigation by the police as well as the examination of forced labor or making statement. When meeting of inmates by prison officers preside over Hanh harsh denunciations of the absurdity from inmates who's assigned to observe inmates in the detention room and not sit on the ground, while the prison police sit on chairs etc. ..

            Deputy prison officers invited me to recommend Hanh for cooperation should comply with prison regulations and recommend Hanh to plead guilty. I want to apply for sentence reduction of my child by based on the revolutionary achievements of the family, but Hanh fiercely denied for the reason she is innocent and the law is clarity that can not use the achievement of another to escape punishment for offender , Hanh will not be out of jail when her two friend are still in jail .

            Fear has many disadvantages for child when she was alone in prison, I recommend Hanh should abide all the rules of the prison, but Hanh says she viewpoints not come here to work and all atcs of Hanh in the prison is of self-esteem and because Hanh is human, Hanh must comply correctly with human rights. Hanh beg me for understanding and has threatened police to apply to sue the detention camp everywhere because prison labor exploitation and abuse of prisoners.

            So Hanh was moving to the camp 5, where the detention camp forced her  in labor. At Camp 5, Hanh worked in cotton garden with a male prisoner late stage AIDS, Hanh is not scared and reassured me. At here, Hanh is allow to sent letters to family, friends, acquaintances, are calling home to ask to send personal belongings, money and medicines but must through censorship of police detention.

            Begining of February 2012, Hanh was transferred to Camp 2 production, the detention camp still has forced Hanh for labor, but Hanh opposition. Mr. Nguyen Bac Truyen is known of forced labor to her and to inform me knows no political prisoners to work and he sent a letter through the U.S. Consul General to intervene. Then Hanh was labor as care gardens, plants and only labor in morning at this camp 2.

            In Binh Thuan prison, limiting supplies to send no more than 07kg. Necessities, prison inmates must purchase at prices 03 times more expensive than the price outside the prison.

            Prison exploitation of labor and disregard for the lives of prisoners. Inmates who work 8 hours a day. When passing by the labor scene, I saw the prisoners to work in the rain was not wearing raincoats etc ...

            10) Suggest cassation is not resolved

            On 10-06-2011 we do three single family sent to Hanoi Supreme Court of cassation request but not resolved because of crime against the state.

            11) Forced labor and beatings Hanh in prison Z30A, Xuan Loc, Dong Nai province.

            May 2013, Hanh was moved to Xuan Loc prison in Dong Nai province. When moving camp, Hanh also not allowed to carry personal items from clothing. The family must use the entire shopping. Prison forced labor to Hanh, she citing sick not working. The police forced Hanh to review and sign a confession and then solve for sick leave, Hanh did not made, the police staged criminal prisoners to collective beat her , in which there's once collective beat while she's taking a shower in the bathroom before the presence of police detention.

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