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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 176 release dated 01-08-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 176 release dated 01-08-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

Go with two empty-handed! turn back with two empty-handed!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 176 release dated 01-08-2013

            Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang has lead high-level delegation of about 200 people to the United States, to strengthen relations with the U.S. government. Participating groups are particularly Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang, Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat, Deputy Secretary of Defense Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Public Security To Lam, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Chief Religious Affairs Pham Dung, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam Vu Tien Loc and 5 represents of the religion.

            As to other countries to establish or strengthen diplomatic, national representatives usually bring a record number of political, economic, social and human rights .... for easy surface bargaining and respected partner. For example, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, a top political leader of Burma. When the  visited the United States President in September 2012, though just been released, but she has brought her many remarkable achievements: the Nobel Peace Prize (not to mention Rafto Prize, Sakharov Prize, Prize Jawharlal Nehru and Simón Bolívar Prize ), with 15 years under house arrest for fighting for democracy and especially political project future for all Burmese people that she going to do with President Thein Sein. Therefore, she has been President Obama and the American people is a solemn reception, was invited to speak before the congressman senator, where she was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that Legislatures United States for a civil character. Currently the U.S. government go all out to support Burma's economy and restore democracy. Burma  people of course are very proud of the woman who is their leader. It also recalled the visit of former U.S. President Ngo Dinh Diem, May 5-1957 pride for a country that the young Republic of Vietnam that day. Although the head of a small country, yet little-known in the world, but thanks to two remarkable achievement was settled for a million people fleeing the North Communist regime and the implementation of land reform than the public good (not bloody as the land reforms of Ho), President Diem was welcomed by President Eisenhower at aircraft stairs with full rituals. On the way to the White House, two people were standing in the capital on the same avenue, on the balcony tung flowers skyscraper, waving flags. President Diem also was honored for speech at the U.S. bicameral Congress and then received ample U.S. aid to build peace and settling the country (which is increasingly recognized by history).

            With strong delegation included many great officials of the said above,  How the record Truong Tan Sang has brought to the U.S.? On the economic front, is it true that... the default by the corporations, the corporations, the wiped out from hundreds of thousands of businesses, empty the pockets of the banks, the real estate freeze, the Shedding the lives of tens of millions of people? In terms of political achievement is it true that... the standing up to require to give back land-house of the farmers, demanding wages of workers, demanding criticism of the intellectuals,demanding pro-democracy of dissidents, demanding freedom of all the people? Is it true that.... the fierce repression of violence and day and day more serious of  Administrative violence and weapon violence for the opposition who accused crimes of the regime, for believers who want to be freedom of faith, for the patriotic citizens who against invaders, for the prisoners who on hunger strike to be respected human rights? In terms of social security, that record is it true that...the epidemic of bribery of those who are officials  balatantly, the looting of police who was promoted to generals, hooliganism was excessive action on streets, abuse of food poisoning is rampant, abuse of children died of vaccine inoculation, survivors huddled patients in the hospital, abuse of the student to become gang, abuse of busts students, teachers, victims of extortion and extort sex? On the diplomatic achievements is it true that... 10 surrender documents to the Chinese community which has signed by Truong Tan Sang was still not dry of  ink, the joint statement expressing full cooperation, full surrender, consent blind with nemesis of Ethnicity, is indifferent to abandon our people for Chinese fishery inspection looted, Chinese workers harassed, Chinese traders hampered, Chinese entrepreneurs deceived? ....

            With the "Trophy upside down" like that, that U.S. law enforcement has to know themselves and through both legislative and refugee fellow or through  the press conference, which earlier petition, is not surprising that Truong Tan Sang  and his everyone was the United States welcomed very "special" special than ever! No red carpet, no trumpet flowers, no browser honors troops, not cannon welcome, no two flags represent countries, not numerous people gathered acclaim, no place to reporters posed for pictures, not officials advanced from the United States welcomed the exception of the U.S. embassy in Hanoi. No stay in guest-house of country (delegation to a hotel near the Chinese Embassy), not state banquet in honor of oats (only John Kerry's foreign minister invited a mediocre meal). Go to the White House, just not seen the flags of 2 country crosses as reception would be like that, even was "damn empire" hoax by let the delegation walked through thousands of fellow refugees Communist "salute" the flag aloft same message, with accusations banners teaching, with resounding chants of protest (not yet mention the Ly Le Hoa who holding protest placards and handed over the land claim right in the hotel that the delegation rented). Meet the President of the United States longer the defined time that make him impatient, took the paper and read something, pull sleeve to look at the clock. Meet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during the reception at the State Department, he was branded witty biography compare itself with history "guest country" from 1966, 1969, 1984 ... until now, as if he just is partners as co-chairman with him, the president. Finally, the news broadcasting leading as CNN, CBS, ABC will not even reported, commented on the "historic trip" this!

            With these "Negative achievements" like that, say common is going with empty hands, Truong Tan Sang of course come back with empty hands. Although both Mr. President and Mr. President has a joint declaration, but according to analysts, it was the diplomatic language, did not bring any significant result, should boast, should proud. The tour of the leader of communist state was a complete failure! In addition to getting a promise from the United States leader to considers VN for joining TPP (Treaty of Trans-Pacific Partnership) at the end of this year, Truong president has nothing to bring back when the United States too understand the political situation and socioeconomic current of VN. On economically, only a promise will recognize Vietnam has market economy. But this promise was dependent more on human rights conditions, the conditions in which ethnic Vietnamese American congressman and senators friends of freedom are increasingly urge Obama to enforce, and rely on Ha Noi has continued to hold the company o SOEs do flat bowl, constant loss, corruption consecutive or not. On military, the U.S. does not sell weapons and military equipment. How could sale when the Hanoi has signed with Beijing (during a tour of the Truong Tan Sang) comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two sets of defense and security, between security forces and the army. Sell ​​let Ba Dinh transfers technical of the U.S. military (the world's largest) to Zhongnanhai? Sell ​​to the police and the army continued oppression easier? Except when falling into the historic bend (to redraw the world map, for example), The U.S. never sales arms to strategic partners is the floor level to the top level of strategic arms had a dream hegemony and king of imitations? On defense, the U.S. has not signed any document which pledged to support Hanoi VN when they will desire to ensure security in the region, including the East Sea and the Sea of ​​Japan. Because America has too apparent: while the Philippines is smaller and weaker though, still bravely against China at sea, sue China into international litigation, but Vietnam, only known anti-China outside of saliva, screaming hubbub sounds, but inside is quite surrendered subservience because of cowardice, even complicity and support China to make a dream Dahan, global hegemony, to itself (ie the communist party, the Marxist same -Le) were also beneficiaries of the existence and enjoy benefit from condition of cinese governor  and subordinate. Countless texts and event demonstrate this! The so-called "comprehensive partnership" (repeat 7 times in the Joint Declaration, in stead of "strategic partnership" that Vietnam was foolish to put out before China already) delicious idea, it turns out just a general relationship, superficial, and everything stick only on the little bit of politics and diplomacy, economy and trade, science and technology, education and culture, the environment and health, defense and security, tourism and sport, to protect and promote human rights.

            In fact, the Communists is not to be ignorant when go to the international must need having achievements. But the mentality of violence, dominate minds, violent mind, they just thought it was the achievement of military victory, the conquest by armed when the civilized world are increasingly allergic and contempt for the achievements that muscle and gore. Going everywhere they are also proud to have "defeated two formidable empire" while the people and humanity increasingly see the war against France just ploys to destroy the forces of nationalist, anti-American war is takeover plot a freedom democratic country where there're their fellow. Mentality "performance violence" also until today, when the Communist Party and the government does not stop "fighting" against their own people by suppressing laws (HP 1992 amendments, new laws (such as the old ) of land, the internet Decree 72, the Articles 79, 88, 258 of the Penal Code ...), in the court of injustice and unrighteousness (treated Cu Huy Ha Vu, Nguyen Van Hai, Doan Van Garden, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Nguyen Dinh Kha, 14 students Nghe ...), in the role of harassment, intimidation, beatings, imprisonment (for farmers, workers, believers, intellectuals, democrats ...), advocated by the exploitation of the poor to the bone marrow blatantly.

            But with human nature and with modern civilization that allergic to cheating and violence, the regime of bearing "repression achievement" that anyone can play with or remain forever?


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