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Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group : Declaration on Decree 72 which's lawless unconstitutional of the ruling Communist Vietnam


Dear all fellow Vietnam and International Friendship . Please help spread .
We sincerely thank you .
Group Father Nguyen Kim Dien , Vietnam .

Declaration of Decree 72 which's  lawless unconstitutional of the ruling Communist Vietnam

           Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group


         Respectfully   To:
- The fellow Vietnam and abroad .
- The freedom democratic Governments .
- The Human Rights Council of the United Nations .
- The Universal Human Rights Organization .
- The Agencies international media and domestic .

            We , The Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group , the citizens of Vietnam , at the same time as the Catholic hierarchy , are using the Internet as a means of collecting and sharing good things with useful information highway global information , to fulfill the role of spiritual leaders to proclaim the truth , advocate justice , promote love .

            I - We have found the decree issued on 15-07-2013 by the government of Vietnam ,effected dated 01-09-2013  , bringing the number 72/2013/ND-CP (  referred to as Decree 72 ) to " management , provision and use of Internet services and online information " have opposite content or application pretext opposed to the Bill of Rights of the United Nations , the International Covenant on Civil rights politics , the Constitution and the laws of Vietnam .

            1 - First of all , Article 5 of Decree presents the prohibited conduct includes " against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , which are detrimental to national security , social order and safety ; mass destruction national unity ; propaganda war , terrorism , causing hatred , conflict between ethnic , racial , religious " as well as " make information distortion , slander , insult the prestige of the organization the honor and dignity of the individual " . As in many other legal documents of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , these are very vague attribution , help the authorities have discretion to interpret and easily punish netizens who's been seen as offensive to the regime Communist .

            2 - Article 20 of Decree - boot style like none other classifications : site integrated electronic information , website internal electronics , electronic information and personal information page electronic application - defined means " page electronic information is personal information by e-mail or set individual settings through the use of social networking services to offer , the exchange of personal information that is not representative for other organizations or individuals and not provide general information . " This is a preposterous definition , arbitrary and ambiguous order banning bloggers and users of social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter ... ( out tens of millions in Vietnam ) not cited , per discussion and dissemination of information from the State or from any of anyone , anywhere.

            3 - Article 25 of Decree requires that organizations establish enterprise social network to " eliminate or prevent information content violates the provisions of Article 5 ... ; provide personal information and private information user as required by state agencies ... ; least 01 server system located in Vietnam to meet the inspection , testing , storage , supply ... information , registration , storage and management of the personal information page set personal electronic information and other information on social network ... ; report in accordance with and subject to the inspection and examination by the authorities state authority ... " This is a forced measure of global Internet company and in Vietnam to cooperate with strengthen repressive policies to freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet of the Vietnam communist government .

            4 - All of the issues above is contrary to :

            a- Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations 1948 ( that Vietnam accepted when's becoming as a member of the International Organization in 1977 ) : " Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression ; this right includes freedom from interference because of its conception , and the right to seek , receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of national borders . "

            b - Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 ( that Vietnam participated in 1982 ) : " Everyone has the right to freedom of expression , this right includes freedom to seek, receive, and disseminate all information and ideas through word of mouth , orally, in writing or in print , in the form of art , or through any other media , regardless of national borders . "

            c - Article 69 of the 1992 Constitution ( which the government is inviting the people comments to finalize revised in 2013 ) : "Citizens have freedom of speech , freedom of the press, the right to information ; the right to assemble , form associations , demonstration ... "

            That is not yet mention to the decree is contrary to the Law of Information Technology June 29, 2006 .

            II - We claim :

            1 - Oppose Decree 72 , as it limits and restrictions on freedom of speech and internet freedom , restore walls conceal information , consolidation of censor scissors dictatorship , in order to implement the policy "obscurantism for easy to rule" of the Communist authorities .

            Decree also scheming to prevent the formation ( on network and in the social  )  the civilian groups , political parties , block groups and organizations is essential to link the struggle against oppression of atheist  , malicious totalitarian party , against the party to legalize the new Constitution.

            Most dangerous , the Decree targeted to collapse intellectual , killing people's spirit and devastating welfare of the people, because it leads people be totally obscure and immovable before the wrong and the crimes of the government as well as before the excessive action and the invasion of the North neighboring , while making the national economy - is based on the free exchange of information - not develop .

            2 - Requires Congress - on the principle that the supreme power - mandated government to immediately repeal the decree violates the Universal Declaration and the International Covenant on Human Rights , as well as violations of the Constitution and the law Vietnam law .

            3 - Requires Vietnam government to release immediately and unconditionally release prisoners of conscience and to cease harassment of oppression patriotic citizen has the right to exercise freedom of speech and internet freedom .

            4 -  Invited calling all Vietnam citizens and all religious believers take strong enforcement action to free speech and internet freedom , become independent journalists on the network , to spread democratic ideals , built his teachings , to form organizations / civil society is essential for the country today.

            5 -  Invited calling the United Nations to prevent Vietnam joining in Human Rights Council next year , the U.S. government let continue to put human rights as conditions for Vietnam to join the Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership , the International Human Rights agencies continue to question and keep pressure on the Hanoi communist government.

            Made in Vietnam , 29 August 2013 , the feast of St. John the Baptist was decapitated because of speaking up for justice , morality and truth .

            Group Representation Father Nguyen Kim Dien :
            - Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai
            - Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi
            - With the communion of the Father Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly is in Communist prisons .

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