Friday, 09/08/2013


The U.S. rejects the news says Ambassador Shear confirmed that human rights in Vietnam 'significant improvement'

Ðại sứ Mỹ tại Việt Nam David Shear
U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam David Shear

U.S. Embassy in Hanoi said the press of Vietnam reported U.S. Ambassador David Shear told that human rights in Vietnam "has significantly improved" is false.

On 7/8, U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam David Shear is a press conference with local media on a tour to the United States recently of President Truong Tan Sang and the issues related to the US-Vietnam relations .

Numerous newspapers of state when reporting on the contents of this event said that "One of the conditions leading to the [U.S.] fully lifted ban on the sale of weapons is a matter of human rights. Talking to the press on 7/8, Ambassador David B. Shear said that around this issue from early 2013 to now Vietnam has made significant improvements. "

Embassy of the United States affirmed Vietnam newspapers reported wrong, Ambassador David Shear has never told that human rights in Vietnam "significantly improved."

U.S. embassy said today after the discovery on 8/8, they required corrections and suggestion sorry.

However, as of 4 am on 10/8 (GMT), the electronic newspaper in the country, including Tien Phong, Dat Viet, Dan Tri, Saigon News .. v. .. v. .. remains unchanged since the last newsletter.

The U.S. Embassy said Ambassador David Shear has repeatedly said the United States would not sell antipersonnel weapons for Vietnam until Hanoi  has improved human rights.

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