Chủ Nhật, 4 tháng 8, 2013

Vietnam police to protect people's lives ... or threatening lives and peace life of the people ...!!!

Hanoi police trampled into face of protester who protest against of the Chinese invasion on 17-07-2011.



Vietnam social is currently facing the consequences serious challenge to the law and disreputably .... from public security for all kinds ... including security forces ... forces of political economy police ... and the worst is that most of the deep corruption in the traffic police branch that we have the opportunity to witness through a series of reports from the "Thanh Nien" newspaper today. The full image offensive ... and the facts be urgent in the aforementioned documentary series from the misconduct ... bullying and assaulting people from the traffic police through the series of reports today in particular ... and for police traffic branch nationwide general .... so long has really made all of us go out from this surprise to many others ... And many people when referring to them (traffic police) have to sigh and shook his head depressed.

Theoretically, the public security departments of Vietnam is the typical representative of the Executive branch of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam ... and the person who's in the uniform of this security branch with day and night functionality maintaining social order and safety ... and at the same time protect the lives and property of people. However, in fact .... they have become one of the potential threat hanging over people's head ... direct threat to the lives and property of citizens. In the field of land .... the police directly involved in the crackdown on the people ... to bend the law. In terms of politics ...they often and even collude with the "black society" group, the dregs of society ... to deal ... harassment, persecution, torture and assault people ... the voices of dissent and peaceful in the country .... even for patriotic fellow Vietnam who protest actions of the enemy invading China.

And that picture ... that event of today once again expressed to those who wears the uniform of the traffic police ... the inherent responsibility to preserve peace and order Traffic ... protect the lives and property of people are involved in traffic on the street .... but only because of corruption ... just for the sake of myself completely lost the good criteria .... go to find every way to harass people .... distort the truth and trample on justice ... trample on human moral conscience that the people of Vietnam Today and the International Community have the opportunity to know the full picture through offensive and delicate circumstances in a series of special reports today. One thing which causes more urgent in the public and society as a whole to be condemned is that collusion between government officials with rogue elements in society in all its forms. This is a warning bell for the traffic police branch in particular and Vietnam national police branch general. We hope that they will soon wake up and realize themselves to be able to comply with the branch's motto is ... to protect the safety of life and property for the people ....that not just only loyal to the party ... but disrespectful to the people that they do as at present.


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