Tuesday, 8/27/2013


RSF upcoming campaign demanding release of blogger VN

Ông Benjamin Ismail, giám đốc phụ trách ban Á Châu-Thái bình dương của Tổ chức Ký giả Không biên giới
Mr. Benjamin Ismail, director of original Asian-Pacific Organization of Reporters Without Border
Vietnam's Decree 72 also are many organizations and internet groups criticized. Organization Journalists Without Borders recently said that Decree 72 is a "attacks on freedom of information." Advocacy organizations and journalists expressed concern that Decree 72 is adding another tool to the authorities makes silence dissident voices.

The nhan dan newspaper.com on August 6 cite Organization Journalists Without Borders, said that the organization, along with a number of international radio stations, including BBC and VOA, RFA, etc. ... in recent years there have been reviews have trumped personality, and as close to the date of the decree takes effect, the campaign "claims distort, slander" is reinforced.

In an interview for The Vietnamese-language VOA today, Mr. Benjamin Ismail, board director of Asia-Pacific Foundation Journalists Without Borders slammed answer to that:

"There is no slander in our claims. We do not attack Vietnam, as a whole. What we criticize is the rule of the crackdown, and urged the adoption of additional laws to further suppress the people. We criticize the dictatorial policies are being enforced in Vietnam, we have the rights for themselves. "
Mr Ismail said the organization Reporters Without Borders here will launch a new campaign to increase pressure on Hanoi to demand the release of 35 bloggers are imprisoned in Vietnam.

Source: AP, Contactmusic.com