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The truth behind the arrest of a journalist ... who have traditions and famous achievements against corruption in Vietnam ...!!!



31-year-old Vo Thanh Tung, reporter of Ho Chi Minh Phap Luat Newspaper (pseudonym Duy Dong), who has ever been famous for the series of against corruption ... and was awarded third prize in the field report Press 2013 for anti-corruption achievements of his positive ....has been arrested on last 07 August  2013 by The Vietnam's communist government , in Bien Hoa Dong Nai ... with allegations: received money bribes from bars owner in Bien Hoa .... which created mixed opinions from many sides ... especially the arrest was not normal and many doubts emerged about the lack of pure action from The authorities in the arrest of renowned journalist said above ... especially after he and two contributors recently done documentary series which was posted on the Phap Luat page that said about violations in the Bars at Binh Duong and Dong Nai Province earlier ....!

The doubts and concerns from the public at home and abroad before his arrest Tung is totally basis. Many people have expressed their opinion of the doubt regarding his arrest when authorities are aware and confused when this reporter has gone too far in the investigation of cases related to corruption government officials .... which it was possible to cause bad impression and create a bad image in the eyes of the people and public opinion in society. All of us sure have still not yet forgotten the series before because reporters eager, energetic and enthusiastic in investigating corruption.... investigation negative from the authorities ... from the head of government officials ... as reporter Hoang Khuong of Tuoi Tre Newspaper in 2012, and Nguyen Viet Chien correspondent of Thanh Nien newspaper in 2008 .... was imprisoned unjustly ... because only seriously fulfill the noble mission of a journalist in particular ... and a moral responsibility of citizens to society in general ...!???

The communist government of Vietnam has so long famous for excellent achievement in staging witnesses, physical evidence ... distort the truth ... and trample justice..... as also trample on human moral conscience rudely, blatant and shameless .... in the past ... plus cases related to corruption and negative .... with the current contradictory findings are brought .... making more and more skeptical about the willingness call against corruption ... comes from the party leaders and state communist Vietnam today and the past time ...! In theory, calling the people against corruption ... against negative.... seems frantic and epic ... however, what makes Vietnam Social against  is raise ... participation rampant corruption more and increasingly becoming more sophisticated.....more  systems ...!??? Which's hand power standing behind the legal system of Vietnam .... leading to the phenomenon and heartbreaking tragedy which has been covering on heads of a Hoang Khuong justice ... a Nguyen Viet Chien courageous and dozens ... hundreds of exemplary bravery who against corruption in Vietnam ... still waiting sincerity and goodwill real to against corruption from the government of communist Vietnam.


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Vietnam: Adding a reporter investigating corruption was arrested

Toàn bộ báo chí Việt Nam do Nhà nước kiểm soát.
Toàn bộ báo chí Việt Nam do Nhà nước kiểm soát.


In a short message, the HCMC Phap Luat page only said journalist Vo Thanh Tung, 31, was arrested at Bien Hoa. Police raided the homes of journalist, seized some documents, computers, hard drives and some other artifacts.

Tuoi Tre Newspaper, they give more details on the arrest of journalist Vo Thanh Tung. In this paper, HCM Phap Luat journalist was arrested for receiving bribes from a bar owner in Bien Hoa. Mr. Tung was arrested along with two associates also helped this reporter made a series of investigations in recent years.

Tuoi Tre newspaper recalled Duy Dong has done is post series on the Ho Chi Minh Phap Luat newspaper which wrote about the irregularities in the bar in Binh Duong and Dong Nai provinces. Earlier this journalist renowned for investigative reporting series of bribery victims of police traffic on Highway 20. With this series, Vo Thanh Tung was awarded Third Prize 2013 City Press.

Currently, in Vietnam no private press, all media are state-controlled. The reporter does go too far in the investigation of corruption cases are often very heavy pressure and some were jailed.

Before Duy Dong, a journalist Hoang Khuong's Youth has been sentenced 4 years in prison in September 2012, as well as made documentary series about traffic police who received bribery.

In 2008, Vietnamese journalists Nguyen Chien of Thanh Nien was sentenced to two years in prison after writing about corruption investigations PMU 18.

In the ranking of world press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders, Vietnam is among the countries most serious violations. Vietnam was ranked Reporters Without Borders in the national list of 'enemies of the Internet ". 
According to human rights organizations, there are dozens of journalists and bloggers in prison in Vietnam.

Vietnam government has also published a decree, will take effect from 09.01.2013, banning bloggers and users of social networks «synthesizing information from the press and the state agencies », in other words, is not re-post articles and comments online.

On 06/08 the past, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi announced expressed 'deep concern "for the decree to be seen as' contrary to the obligations of Vietnam in the International Covenant on Civil Rights and Political, as well as the commitment of Vietnam in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. »

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