Thursday, 08/29/2013


Blogger VN awarded a Statement of Objections to rule 258 to German embassy

Blogger Hiền Giang Phương Bích  trao Tuyên bố 258 cho đại diện Đại sứ quán Đức ông Felix Schwarz và Jonas Koll
Bich Phuong Hien Giang Blogger give statement 258 to represent the German Embassy Jonas Koll and Mr Felix Schwarz
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      The international campaign against law 258 by Blogger Vietnam Network initiative continues to spread with stopover at German embassy today.

Despite the efforts of security prevents , 5 representatives of Vietnamese Blogger Network on morning 28/8 having a meeting with German embassy officials in Hanoi , given Statement 258 called for strengthening world pressure Vietnam forced cancellation state laws in the Penal Code offense of " abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon interests of the state " .

Ông Felix Schwarz, đại diện Đại sứ quán Đức và blogger Hư VôMr. Felix Schwarz , representing the German Embassy and blogger Hu Vo

Ms. Dao Trang Loan , ie blogger Hu Vo , a member of the group , told VOA Vietnamese language :

" This morning when we were going to focus on the German embassy , embassies around so many security personnel scattered across the park Tran Phu . There are a number of bloggers have been blocked at home . Blogger Nguyen Dinh Ha blocked at the gates not to leave the house and Nguyen Chi Duc was invited to work on the ward , was released about 5 o'clock this afternoon . "

News popular on the social networking site said the meeting between the female bloggers , including Phuong Bich ,Song Que , Lan Le , An Nguyen Do , and Hu Vo with Mr. Felix Schwarz , political counselor , and Mr. Jonas Koll ,the first Secretary  in charge of culture , journalism , and politics of the German embassy took place in two hours around concerns about the situation of human rights violations in Vietnam .

Blogger Hu Vo said more information :

" The meeting took place very nice . German Embassy asked us about human rights in Vietnam . Article 258 is like a hanged rope that Vietnam government using to arrest to label to anyone while this law is very vague . In our bloggers today at the German embassy to discuss the issue and added that the Decree No. 72 , because they help us to speak more than the voice of the people of Vietnam the government is not listening . Therefore , we must turn to the German embassy to demand the government of Vietnam to remove the 258 laws . German Embassy will support and recognize spoken words for Vietnam blogger on this . "

The blogger said the German embassy appreciate the first international carrier of Vietnam bloggers with Statement 258 and promises to help advocate to make the announcement before the session of the United Nations Periodic Review universality of Human Rights ( hereinafter referred to as UPR ) in Geneva early next year .

Still according to this source , the German embassy said it will cooperate with the European Union called on Vietnam to cancel 258 laws and regulations violate the human rights of citizens .

About the international protection of human rights abuse accusations Vietnam has laws covering content ,  vague such as 258 to arrests , detention the pens  criticized state just because they exercised free speech a peacefully .

Recently three bloggers have been arrested by Article 258 including Truong Duy Nhat , Pham Viet Dao and Dinh Nhat Uy.

The campaign 's Blogger Network Vietnam 258 Declaration gave to the authorities to protect human rights around the world , including the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations human rights monitoring organization, Human Rights Watch , the Lawyers Committee international Committee to Protect Journalists , press Union South East Asia .. v ... etc. .

Apart from the embassy came as the United States , Sweden , Australia , and Germany , the statement said 258 bloggers will continue to be transferred to countries with diplomatic missions in Vietnam .

The campaign for the right of free speech of bloggers Vietnam at a time when a new law issued by Vietnam on the management of internet is experiencing strong criticism from international .

Freedom Alliance On a network, the intergovernmental organization of 21 countries , beginning this week  voiced the concerns and criticisms of the Vietnam Decree No. 72 is restricted and limited information sharing Share news .

The Coalition Speaks general said Decree 72 does not match Vietnam 's obligations to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as Vietnam 's commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rig