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"Plural Party" ... to implement democracy ... and is the only exit for the ethnic country of Vietnam.


Do minh Tuyen

"Single party still be good" that's way of stubborn and selfish thinking ... from those who have been trying to hold on ... to defend a regime of totalitarian communist corrupt and brutal violence ... which people in Vietnam and abroad and the International Community be contempt and disgust. According to comments made by Trong Duc author that's published in the People's Army newspaper recently ... the highest authority is not belong to party that fully belong to the people through the agency of the National Assembly ...! ... and that, the National Assembly was elected by all people aim behalf of them exercise of State power ... !. A word of sophistry to brazenly and shameful ... while Vietnam's Constitution in Article 4, Chapter 1 provides that the Communist Party of Vietnam is the only force leading the State and society ... but do not see any thing to say about the highest power belongs to Congress ... except in chapter 1 of Article 6 has mentioned the use of state power through the National Assembly ...!

All the people in Vietnam and abroad know ... and International Community also knows ... not only like that but even know very clearly about the nature of "Scarecrow" of "Vietnam Congress" which is said to be highest power agency.... not yet to mention the titles of key leaders of Congress are due to hand of the party's political Ministry which  make decisions. In fact, every living and the rule of law and the Constitution in Vietnam are only superficial and fake democracy ... because all the power has been acquired in hand of the ruling communist leaders. Practice has proven very clear ... by Vietnam Communist Party completely dominated every important governing bodies of the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive in Vietnam ... includes forces such as Military, Police, Court, Procuratorate, the People's Councils at all levels ... v. .. v. .... and even in all the elections from local to central .. .which has been arranged and assigned from the Politburo....from the Party Central Committee ...which's the headquarters of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Look out the world, there's no any ethnics ... any countries like Vietnam when people have a reputation as highest power ... and even authorized use of state power ... as defined in Article 6 of Chapter 1 of the Constitution of the Republic Socialist Republic of Vietnam but always has been a loyal servant officers (police and authorities) treaded on body's neck pathetically like that. That's a good thing of the State of single party ...!!!??? If is correct like that, be indeed the concept of democracy and human rights between Vietnam and the International Community is remaining too much difference ... as the party leader and the ruling class in Vietnam is still often broadcast and sophistry aim to hide their wrongdoing related to human rights. However, only the difference is that the above interpretation not proceed from cultural differences, historical roots ... as allegations of communist leader ... but really because of the selfish ...and the insatiable greed of power as also before personal interests ... made these people has become cruel, barbaric ... despite all the legitimate aspirations of the people. .. regardless of ethnic national interests ... and even despite moral and human conscience ... And that is why Freedom Democracy aspirations and human rights has been always burning in the hearts of most of people in Vietnam.


'Single Party still be good'

Update: 09:17 GMT - Monday, August 19th, 2013
Bộ tứ quyền lực tối cao ở Việt Nam
The right to decide the supreme issue in Vietnam in the hands of Congress or Politburo?

One of the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Vietnam was quickly dismissed the demands for multi-party - response to latest campaign to establish an opposition party in Vietnam in recent days.

However, have not seen the People newspaper, the mouthpiece of a party, what to speak about this.
Prior to that, Mr. Le Hieu Dang, a former officer of Party who has ever been a leader of the Fatherland Front, Ho Chi Minh City, has called for the establishment of a new political party in Vietnam called Social-Democratic Party.

He is offering this proposal after the day in thinking on patient bed - when he was convalescence after the critical illness.


Only two days later, the People's Army newspaper has responded with an editorial 'Something with author' " writing on the patient bed" of author is signed  Trong Duc.

The editorial was published in the categories 'Doing failed strategy of peaceful evolution' on Sunday 18/8.
"National Assembly of Vietnam by Vietnam entire people elect behalf of them to perform state power. Consequently, the decision of the National Assembly expressed thoughts and aspirations of the vast majority of the people."
People's Army Newspaper
The author confides altogether 4 issues want to tell Mr. Dang, the most important thing is that the second thing: rejected demands pluralistic Plural party of Mr. Dang.

Main argument of the author Trong Duc to secure absolute dominion of the Party is the highest authority in Vietnam is not belong to the party that 'belongs to the people through representative bodies is Congress'.

"National Assembly of Vietnam by Vietnam entire people elect behalf of them to perform state power," the editorial writes, "Therefore, the decision of the National Assembly expressed thoughts and aspirations of the majority number of people. "

However, the long-standing criticism that the National Assembly of Vietnam shall comply with the orders of the Party and although the Congress is nominally elected, but the key leadership positions of the Parliament has been decided by the Politburo of the party.

On the other hand, although the draft amendment to the constitution is still in the consultation stage from people and have not been through Congress, but the editorial authors confirmed that 'the maintenance of Article 4 of the 1992 Constitution Parliament's decision, therefore, also reflect the aspirations of the people '.
Nông dân Việt Nam biểu tình
Although the authorities say 'serve the people' but often farmers Vietnam protesters rights
It is not clear whether the authors predict that the provisions of Article 4 of the leadership of the Party in Vietnam would certainly be passed or not.


A further argument that the editorial made out is 'one-party democracy is still good' as long as the nature of ruling party serve which class.

From the authors assert that nature-party system in Vietnam is 'serving the people'.

"Currently, the Communist Party of Vietnam is leading people to build a strong country, promoting ownership of the people and bring the fundamental interests of the nation, ethnicity and all working people , "editorial writing.

However, those who disagreed with the regime was also pointed out that the current one-party system in Vietnam, because the people have no real control over, only serves to benefit the ruling class in power in hand.
"It's not only kept pluralistic, multi-party is having democracy itself? opposition multi-party in Vietnam this time, is as true as the 'democrat' drew out, is going to make the country more democratic , more development, people's lives better? "
People's Army Newspaper
Other hand, in Vietnam society is now divided between the majority of people who are working hard life with many officials who're wealthy and be privileged.

"It's not only kept pluralistic, multi-party is having democracy itself? opposition multi-party in Vietnam this time, is as true as the 'democrat' drew out, is going to make the country more democratic , more development, people's lives better? ", "The editorial rejected.

In addition, Trong Duc author also raised some points that 'the Communist Party of Vietnam is has no action called' be driven to suicide 'the other parties' and 'Vietnam People's chosen Communist Party as their unique leadership 'without giving evidence proves.

The editorial only mentions to Mr. Dang is as 'Le Hieu Dang author' without saying who he was. The article also did not mention he was once a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam who was 45 Party years old.


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