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Note of protest from Bloc 8406: To denounce and oppose Decree 72 of Vietnam Communist which killing free speech and internet freedom




Block 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006

Note of protest from Bloc 8406: 
To denounce and oppose Decree 72 of Vietnam Communist which killing free speech and internet freedom

The whole Vietnam compatriots at home and abroad.
The democratic government, the international human rights organizations.

            On 31-07-2013, the Communist government of Vietnam has announced Decree 72/2013/ND-CP aims "management, provision and use of internet services and online information" consists of 6 chapters and 46 articles . It will take effect from the date of 01-09-2013. This is a new effort that CS to control entire virtual space and "clean" public information dissemination through the Internet.

            Newly enacted, this document has been public concern and abroad, especially to Article 5, Article 20 and Article 25 provides for posting content and exchange information on the site how is permitted, is "legal" and what is prohibited, is "breaking the law".

            Going from type classification: site integrated electronic information, website internal electronics, electronic information and personal information electronics applications, Decree defines "personal electronic information page This is the website set up by an individual element or set through the use of social networking services to offer, the exchange of personal information do not represent other organizations or individuals and not provide aggregate information "(Article 20.4). That means that from now on, the bloggers and users of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter ... not cited, share, or comment the information from the nespapers, from the website of the State agency or from anywhere.

            The new decree also prohibits the companies providing Internet services have information content is considered "against the State of Vietnam, undermining national security, social order and national unity or the information misrepresent discrediting the organization, libelous honor and dignity of the individual. "(Article 5).

            Article 25 requires that the organizations and businesses set up social network to "eliminate or prevent the information content violates the provisions of Article 5 ...; Provide information personal and private information of users at the request of the State agency ...; There's at least 01 server system located in Vietnam to meet the inspection, testing, storing and providing information ...; registration, storage and management personal information settings page personal electronic information and other information on social network ...; report in accordance with and subject to the inspection and examination of the state management agencies have authority ... "That means the Decree aims to force the Internet companies around the globe such as Google, Facebook and others are accomplices to strengthen repressive policy on Internet freedom of the communist government, to cause danger to the safety of netizens by revealing the identity of the person is considered a violation of the terms of speech is taboo Vietnam law provisions are vague, have significantly limited the content Vietnam which involved foreign companies posted on the website as well as their social network. (According to the announcement of the Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ on 23-07-2013).

            The main purpose of the decree is that prohibit and restrict free speech in order to deal with today's Internet-driven development which's improperly the government. Because the Internet is increasingly clear that the power to break the information blockade wall, scissors disable state censorship, dig graves policies "stupid people for easy ruling" of Communism, while improving deeply intellectual, fast and powerful. In addition, through social networks, the dissidents in Vietnam was linked to the formation of the organization, the block groups, associations beyond the control of the Communist leaders who only to grip protection to totalitarian regimes.

            Companion to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, organization Reporters Without Border, the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam and many other groups and individuals (especially bloggers),  Bloc Freedom Democratic 8406 said:

            - Decree 72 serious violations of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the Vietnamese State President Truong Tan Sang in commitment to keep the joint statement with U.S. President dated 25-07-2013) and Article 19 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, this right includes freedom to seek, receive, and disseminate all information and ideas through oral , orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media, regardless of national borders. " Decree also violates the rights of citizens to participate in the government of society, violates the right to freedom of thought and association as stipulated in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

            - Decree No. 72 destroy freedom of speech and freedom of the internet, causing serious damage to the development of a healthy society in which the reversible opinion regarding all matters have been allowed to present a forum for ideological pluralism in order to the true, the good and the beautiful winner. Decree hinder the State build a sense of responsibility because people often get comments, criticism and supervision as leadership, management and administration methods, domestic policy and foreign affairs. Decree also prevents the development of a civilized nation advances through the freedom of citizens, which is a prerequisite freedom of speech, is a chance to flourish, as it is found in the local water Home prosperous.

            - This Decree, the offspring of comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and China, want to terror patriotic citizens when they express network (so that in action) will and desire to protect the country previous hegemonic ambitions of China which increasingly violent abuses. Thus the communist authorities deliberately kill and decline people's intellectual atmosphere, opened the way for ethnic Han liken plot and led to the loss of country.

            - This Decree will also lead to more disastrous consequences for the economy. It will restrict the development of the information technology sector of Vietnam is due to bloom stifle innovation and discourage domestic investment abroad. Individuals and organizations from all sectors are operating in Vietnam will be hampered by Decree operability and exchange of information between them. And since the government tightened freedom of speech is certainly no country would dare to believe in Vietnam to discuss trade, let alone talk of cooperation in other areas such as culture, education, military ...

            - Article 5 of Decree presented downright obscure (to the discretionary power may explain and punish) the prohibited conduct, including "against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; detrimental to national security, social order and safety; undermining national unity; propaganda war, terrorism, causing hatred, conflict between ethnic, racial, religious "as well as" make information distortion, slander, insult organization's reputation, honor and dignity of the individual ".
            - Article 20 defines very arbitrary, very ambiguous information about personal electronics. Information on the common property of the people, the intellectual resources of all humanity, every individual, self- nature and by benefit, are able to receive and share, explain and comment, as long respecting copyright (specify origin). Article 25 clearly drawn and forced the company into the global internet protected mode that only conceal the truth, brutal rule, insatiable greed and intolerance of mistakes and crimes.

            For these reasons above, Bloc Freedom Democratic 8406:

            1 - Strongly requires government of Vietnam to immediately cancel the same Decree No. 72 of contact in the Criminal Code as Article 79, 88 and 258. Trying to seal the power of the state on the electronic media such as a move to violence, undemocratic and unpopular, to go against the world trend, it will surely defeating. Rather than prolong the survival of the communist parties, this Decree will extend the indictment that Ethnicity will be saved for the party only.

            2 - Strong demand led government to release immediately and unconditionally all those who love the water, the blogger, prisoners of conscience who exercise freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom internet to expose mistakes, crimes accusations of political leaders, to contribute enthusiasm, perhaps testimony to the nation building. Vietnam communist was Reporters Without Borders ranked 172 in 179 countries in a ranking recently on freedom of the press, the result is a downright disgrace.

            3 - Earnestly invites the international community to take stern condemned Vietnam for promulgation and enforcement decree prepared this freakish. Because behavior trampling human rights, contempt for international human rights standards, Vietnam does not deserve to be a member of the UN Human Rights Council and themselves impede the negotiations related Transpacific Partnership Agreement.

            4 - Earnestly Vietnam invites all courageous people who exercise free speech on the internet and through social networking sites, because this is consistent with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is the document that the government of Vietnam has participated that the higher value of this Decree 72. Every citizen network, each blogger to become a journalist cheering for democracy and human rights, truth and justice.

            Done in Vietnam on 17-08-2013
            Bloc 8406 Executive Board:

1 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam.
2 - Father Phan Van Loi - Hue - Vietnam.
3 - The writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan - Quang Nam - Vietnam
4 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
5 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            With the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Tran Anh Kim veterans, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia and other prisoners of conscience in Communist prisons.

Bloc 8406: Note of protest Decree 72 about the Internet (17-08-2013). Doc 

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