Espionage for China is in amnesty , political prisoners and religious is not !

Posted by 08/30/13 1:30 AM

VRNs  ( 08/30/2013 ) - Saigon - No prisoner of conscience in more than 250 prisoners of conscience who're being an association of former political prisoners and religious Vietnam watched to be pardoned this occasion .

Yesterday morning , 08.29.2013 , State President Office has published a list of 15,523 prisoners were pardoned on the occasion of National Day 09/02/2013 , of which show the name 4 cases of crimes violate national security . It is the inmate: Duong Duc Phong, Hoang Hung Quyen , Y KON Nie and Y huon Nie .
According to VietNamNet , 4 national security crime is Duong Duc Phong ( born in 1960 in Ha Giang , execution in Nam Ha prison ) , espionage , amnesty before the deadline is 3 months 20 days . Inmates Hoang Hung Quyen (born in 1934 in Hai Ha , Quang Ninh , execution in Nam Ha prison ) , espionage , amnesty before the deadline was 4 months 7 days .
Inmates Y KON Nie and Y huon Nie ( Dak Lak ) crime undermining the unity policy , enforcement in  Xuan Phuoc prison , the amnesty before the deadline ( in turn ) is 1 years 10 months  and 7 days and 1 year 9 months and 12 days .
According to sources from the prison in Ha Nam , Ha Nam province , said Mr. Phong and Mr. Quyen was allegedly accused of spying for China. Currently, Nam Ha prison custody where almost all the people were allegedly accused of spying for China. These people often impress the warden and supervisor by attacking or as directed by the warden hurt for regular prisoners of conscience , religion and politics are being held in prison in Ha Nam ,  of the General Department 8 , Ministry of public security management .

Well according to an article in the citation , Deputy Chairman of the Permanent Office of the President , Mr. Giang Son said : " The amnesty ahead of time spared jail for inmates is humane policy of the Party and State . Humanitarian Policy does not stop at the prison amnesty forgiveness but also in creating the conditions for the amnesty of prisoners are reintegrated into the community . "

Blogger Hanh Nhan is quick response when received amnesty : " I want to hear the familiar names such as Blogger Dieu Cay , Ta Phong Tan , Le Quoc Quan , Father Nguyen Van Ly , Paulus Le Son + of the youth Catholics and Protestants , LS Cu Huy Ha Vu , Do Thi Minh Hanh , Tran Huynh Duy Thuc , Nguyen Tien Trung , Dinh Kha Nguyen Dinh Nhat Uy ... to be released " But unfortunately for him , no one in the list that he hope, to be pardoned .
Tin Vui stated and questioned  : "To keep this list as ' bait ' to make international negotiations . A mode using the people to negotiate with foreign regimes, is the regime sincere with the people with the country ? "
Huy Tran fed up wrote : " In addition to 4 crimes against national security , then all the remaining criminal Rob - Rape -  -Kill . This is how the Vietnamese people to suffer because it already this hordes crime was released not have jobs , they do it again Rob - Rape -  -Kill " only.