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Pluralistic Multi-party political system is not only own wishes of Mr. Dang ... that is the legitimate aspirations of millions of people in Vietnam and abroad today


Do minh Tuyen

Numerous mainstream newspaper in the country, including the main mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Vietnam has sticker shock before call established  new opposition political parties in  Vietnam known as ...  "Thinking of the days in patient bed" of jurist Le Hieu Dang, a Communist Party member Vietnam veteran with 45 years of age party, former deputy chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh city, vice chairman of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Law of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. A move is usually seen before of the Vietnam Communist authorities when confronted with problems arising that be confirmed as effects of the current regime ... which always maintains a policy advocated authoritarian one-party rule in Vietnam.

Although the power in the hands and the existing advantages ... the direct control and management of operating a vast mainstream press, including the large and small media in the country ... from local to central level ... so the response to the ideas, concepts ... are considered opposite to mode ... style of collective attack ... or as calling by common people is tactics "Crowd pressing single" of the media system and the state press seems to be the dominant and massive ... But one thing that all of us is easy to see that their effectiveness does not seem to yield results in a positive direction ... not as expected from the party leader and the current ruling in Vietnam. This is really nothing hard to understand, because of the unequal fight between people and government now  ...the justice is not belong to the ruling elite... that fully working toward people who currently yearning cherish freedom and democracy in Vietnam.

Why need to change to move towards a pluralistic Multi-party institution ... or should remain a one-party authoritarian state which's socialist orientation under communism with Marxist ideology and Ho Chi Minh idea...? It seem the ruling leaders today merely reacting a bluff ... while none of them have the ability to give a satisfactory answer ... except always to quibble by lies and brazen as: Due to the aftermath of the war ... or by hostile forces and reactionaries to distort, disturb .. v. .. v ... but rarely dares to look at the truth of the problem and the state of society today. Actually no hostile reaction to harass or both ... and also do not have any consequences due to the war that could survive with such a long time ... that all leads implications the situation worse today comes from the entrenchment and serious moral degradation from government officials, who have been holding role and key leadership positions in the apparatus ruling party and the current system in Vietnam ... which includes the majority of the party members in Vietnam.

That is the main reason leading to rampant corruption in the bureaucracy now ... leading to serious deterioration in all aspects including economic, political, cultural and social order and safety opportunity ... to push the country closer ... Brink and inspire people towards a change in a positive direction. Besides, a number of ideas said that not only in the pluralistic multi-party institution is having democracy immediately ... this can understand ... and can share. However, it is the only right and good option for our people need to choose ... especially during severe social degradation and volatile as today. Pluralistic multi-party itself is not necessarily be immediate democratic ... but one thing that we can be sure that, pluralistic and multi-party will help minimize corruption ... and be the background unique to help creation a social justice, freedom and democracy ... as the legitimate desire of millions of people in Vietnam and abroad so long.


Party press attacks Mr. Le Hieu Dang

Update: 08:53 GMT - Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
Ông Lê Hiếu Đằng
Le Hieu Dang Communist Party member is 45 years old with party
The newspapers of the Communist Party of Vietnam has published several articles criticizing the opinion calling for establish opposition party of Le Hieu Dang.
In mid-August, the lawyer Le Hieu Dang, vice chairman of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Law under the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, former Vice President of the Committee of the Fatherland Front (VFF) Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, published a new article emphasizes the importance of pluralism, multi-party.
In the article entitled " thought of the days on sick (sick) ...", Le Hieu Dang, who has long been known to many suggestions for the process of democratization in the country, called on party members who want get out of Communist Party, or no longer living together party "collective statement from the party and formed a new party, such as the Social Democratic Party."

He also said pluralistic, multi-party is "indispensable principle".

Immediately, the newspaper of the Communist Party had polemical campaign countered his argument, there are now about ten posts.

The People's Army newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense, at the forefront of 'campaign' with a total of 5 articles, first published on 18/8.

Next is the Saigon Giai Phong and Nhan Dan.

Last post feedback in the series Le Hieu Dang authors published in Saigon Liberation (SGGP) of the HCMC Party Committee on Tuesday 27/8 with the title ' malicious acts of a tendency of thought wrong wrong '.

The writer is Mr. Tran Huu Phuoc, who served as secretary of the late politician Le Duc Tho.


Last on the SGGP of Tran Huu Phuoc said Le Hieu Dang he was "bouncing a bucket of dirty politics these days fall between spiritual revolution."

Mr. Phuoc also said the articles of Dang was "deadlocked path of awareness  and on political deviance theory".

He reiterated and compared Le Hieu Dang with other mental level of the former Communist Party, then switch to dissent, Mr. Hoang Minh Chinh, former Director of the Institute of Philosophy (died).
".. Rich socialism has been renewed vitality and rejuvenation, still stands and shines like a beacon from the Yalu River down to the tip of the peninsula land rich in Ca Mau, from field Chum Made famous "million elephants" extended freely to the island of Cuba, the Latin American and Caribbean immense immense. "."
Tran Huu Phuoc
The angry posts of Phuoc does not hesitate to call Dang, who has 45 years of Communist Party members, is "turning back history, anti-party and has slipped down in the ideological alienation".

"Do not forget that, 'liar' were classified as special class, it was Le Hieu Dang," said Tran Huu Phuoc blunt criticism.

The article of Phuoc also warned that the Party's policies were making him "your way of opposing forces are deliberately organized plot developments make peace ... wicked violence in our country" .

This is probably the harshest criticism aimed at him personally since Le Hieu Dang article 'Thinking in bed sick ...' His published.

But apparently Mr. Tran Huu Phuoc not give many ideas and reasoning for its rejection, in addition to praising Marxism-Leninism in general.

"... Rich socialism has been renewed vitality and rejuvenation, still stands and shines like a beacon from the Yalu River down to the tip of the peninsula land rich in Ca Mau, from field Chum Made famous "million elephants" extended freely to the island of Cuba, the Latin American and Caribbean immense immense. "

Prior to his post on SGGP one day, Monday 26/8 Nhan Dan newspaper also post notice of Hong Quang criticized the view of Le Hieu Dang, but avoid name that called 'Mr. X'.

Article in the Nhan Dan newspaper also mentions what the author calls "chimed, cheerleading of BBC, RFA, RFI ...".

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