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Formation of "opposition Party" it's of course and the need for the construction of a clean healthy society ... and build a prosperous country Vietnam



Struggle for Freedom Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam is that the criteria and expectations are not only derived from the thinking of an individual, a group or collective consciousness, an organization, or from a party... that is the common aspiration of millions of people living in Vietnam and abroad. Struggle not only with ideas, concepts or empty promises ... but need to be accompanied by concrete actions practical nature ... and we're really excited to Vietnam in society current appearance of that specific practical ideas ... while calling for an opposition political party under the name of "Social Democratic Party" ... This is truly a joy signals .. . encouraging ... although there will be many difficulties and hurdles faced .... plus certain strong pressure from the communist government of Vietnam who still always maintains leadership position for a party only and direction of their monopoly authoritarian dictator rule.

Nevertheless, despite there're ahead innumerable difficulties, but with the trend of Global Democratization and democratic desire is strong surge in the hearts of people throughout the country today ... plus the severe recession important in all aspects including ideological and moral character of the ruling Communist Party leaders now in Vietnam ... the birth of a main opposition party as "Democratic Social Party" by desire of people is of course has to come and hard to avoid. The only thing that many people still wonder today is how policy and guidelines of the Social Democratic Party after being set up .... specifically, what main opposition party is going to do ... when all power has been acquired and completely under the sole control of the Communist Party of Vietnam .... which has always advocated the use of violence to suppress and eliminate rather than ... to listen and negotiate acceptable? .

In principle, the two major parties will always stiff competition against the wrong of each other and will almost hard to compromise a general policy. At the Freedom Democratic countries are now on the world, accepting the opposition parties as something inevitable and necessary to build a society clean and healthy ... to build a prosperous country ... bring prosperity and happiness to the people, so between the ruling party and the opposition party in the state despite fierce debate ... but never in confrontational nature or hatred . However, in Vietnam ... the situation is very different. The policy of the government leaders today is to maintain a one-party state under the authoritarian dictatorship ... so the formation of one or more of the main opposition party is hardly ... acceptable .... and this of course will inspire a new wave of repression if people ignored the government and firmly established a major opposition party as desirousness today.

For the launch of opposition party is smoothly and efficiently operating as expected ... the initiators and make this campaign must be fully prepared for their baggage both mentally and physically ... and essential to getting great consensus from people before forming partisanship above. So not only is the vain call ... that everyone need to set out a platform and specific performance criteria that just to attract attention from the public and receives approval broad agreement from all walks of life. The establishment of the main opposition party is a very important thing that can not prepare a perfunctory way, sketchy ... if not want immediately be nipped in the bud. As stated from jurist Le Hieu Dang, Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Law of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and Ho Ngoc Nhuan, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City ... the new political party will not fight to against Vietnam Communist party ... but of course strongly opposed to all of wrong guidelines, wrong policies and wrong actions of the current ruling party  ... related to human rights ... the interests of the people...and the interests of the ethnic country.



Advocacy founded the Social Democratic Party 

Update: 11:12 GMT - Friday, August 16th, 2013

Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Ho Ngoc Nhuan said he and some like-minded people are lobbying effort to establish a new party opposed to the party.
This idea is due to Le Hieu Dang, vice chairman of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Law under the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front launched a new post in mid-August of this.

Ho Ngoc Nhuan, Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of HCMC, told the BBC that the new party will not oppose the Communist Party, which work together to promote "democracy-building for the State of Vietnam".

"There was a party there can be no democracy. A ruling from year to year, holding everything, every organization, it can not be called a democracy."

He Nhuan said the veteran Communist Party member as Le Hieu Dang was very "patient" but expressed of the party increasingly "authoritarian, totalitarian, tyrannical".

Social Democratic Party will "contribute to the building of democracy" to the Vietnam Communist party.

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