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What belongs to the State, the State needs to keep ... but what of the people and the Church, then quickly returned back to the People and the Church


Do minh Tuyen

Disputes and land claims is a matter of heated causing the burning and stinging in public society. Over the years, the number of petitioners nationwide petition demanding land has increased to the level of uncontrol in the face of rampant corruption in the state apparatus of power in this communist country. Not only people but also the simultaneous Religion also voiced discontent about blatant piracy of land from the government of communist Vietnam, including facilities owned by prolonged complaints Church ... conditions as has been the case happened at Thai Ha parish in Hanoi today. Current land policies more inadequacies are the main cause of corruption in the land ... serious and prolonged pushing social in anarchy status today.

Besides, the other advocates of the communist government of Vietnam is to find ways to limit and control the religious activities that follow them the religion's influence on people could be potential threats to power, leadership positions and their personal interests. Especially in the context of increasing protests from people criticizing the regime and demanding Liberal Democrats as well as human rights ... The illegal appropriation of religious institutions including the church, Temples, ... Monastery and charitable agencies owned by the Church as, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and free medical clinics for the poor ... v ... v is on unclear purposes of the current communist government. Hanoi's Thai Ha in 2008 and the Thai Ha Ha Noi today is the most concrete evidence for the allegations mentioned above.

The current Communist Vietnam ruling has always touted as a legitimate state ... by the people and for the people that they serve is not more treat so badly like that to the people. Authorities in Vietnam are attributed only put two words "reactionary" on the heads of the people when seeing their focus to numerous complaints ... or sticker shock every time things do not happen according to their wishes ... or adversely affect any private benefits of them ... which never saw the communist state government is interested in people's thoughts ... never think about why why a growing number of landless farmers focus down the road ... land claim lawsuits! Try once to put yourself in location and status of people today ... the authorities communist Vietnam would probably understand why ... and can satisfy any partly their legitimate expectations ... and soon take the society out of unstable situation today. As the word of God once said, what belongs to César is to return back to César ... and what belongs to God should return it back to God. Therefore, for the people in country in general and for the Church in particular ... what does belong to the State, the State shall hold  ... but what belongs to the people and the Church, shall be promptly returned back to the people and the Church ... like that just be deserves a legitimate state in the eyes of the people and the International Community.



    Thanh tra Thành phố Hà Nội thực hành chức năng bao biện cho việc cướp Tu viện Thái Hà
    After many complaints from Thai Ha parish, Hanoi authorities continued to smash Monastery Parish to destroy evidence. When the priests, monks, go to many places to call for help on his property. Hanoi City inspectors began flipped all "invited". But when parishioners already prepared, they "postponed".

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    On 07/18/2013, a group of priests, monks, parishioners come to meet City Inspectors follow their invitation. At there, what the City inspectors do?

    Invite you to watch the following video will highlight the all around, and the cover which is all prepared how will performer. The priests, religious and parishioners have frank debate and expose their conspiracy.

    Part I:
    Part II:
    Part II:
    Section IV:
    Section V:
    Hanoi, on 02/08/2013

    Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B
    Source: Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B Blog

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