Despicable conspiracy and lack of justice of the Nghe An government in the abducted two Catholics  of My Yen, Vinh Gp.

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VRNs  (08/05/2013) - As we reported on the two American parishioners Yen kidnapped shady purposes, lacking the justice of those in power.

Shortly after his dark intentions failed, police and Nghe An government immediate use powerful, accusing people of a very grotesque way. Unwillingness stems from the collusion of government enshrined in the text of the Archdiocese 33/13- VTTG Affairs dated 19.06.2013 Doai to answer some 459/UBND dispatch. VN's Nghi Loc District People's Committee dated 06.12.2013 proposed "cooperation to resolve the laity in My Yen who's law violations."

Note that, in addition to shady, against the law of 3 security officials (do not wear uniform, not the police card, unprovoked block, keep the car and searched people on the way to the Holy land Trai Gao) made indignant masses, causing clashes is the efforts of the pastoral Council of My yen parish and security team of Trai Gao to prevent the issue not occurred serious which was Phuong Nghi commune authorities Nghi Loc district and police recorded when they came to express their thankful to people of Trai Gao on morning of 6/24/2013. However, a clear violation of the law of this 3-member police now is authorities, and Nghe An provincial police turn it become people's mistakes. And to make his dark intentions, Nghe An police conducted kidnapped, detained and repeatedly made spirit terror to parishioners My Yen for over past 1 month up to the present time, has Nearly 60 people were summoned.

We often see the people were arrested and died in police stations in recent years repeatedly occur and the ultimate cause is 'suicide' that the police and government do not have any responsibilities.

We would like to send you the minutes at the incident as well as reports and documents of the Archdiocese of Xa Doai let you see more clearly the despicable and lack of justice of Nghe An authorities.

1. The original in Vietnamese of Minutes of the content is the sign of 3 police officers who did not act transparently.

2. The original in Vietnamese of report of the pastoral council My Yen parish and Trai Gao synagogue.

3. The original in Vietnamese of document No. 33/13- VTTG Affairs of the Archdiocese Xa Doai dated 06.19.2013

Anthony Thiên Ân