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'VN leaders should look at the truth' ... the aspirations which can not change of millions of people in Vietnam and abroad.


Do minh Tuyen

"Vietnam leaders should look at the truth" ... despite the fact that very painful ... that's saying comes from a character supposedly Vietnam's richest person as of this moment, Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen a successful businessman 59 years old, the Board president Tuan Chau Group, Vice President Permanent Union Veterans of the Vietnam unnumbered convoy. What makes an entrepreneur fame, success and wealth right within the communist country ... but in his heart always brought the uneasy thinking about the leader of the  Vietnam communist state. "Leading State Vietnam should look straightly at the truth." Well, it's not just a way of own thinking from Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen ... but also is concern and  aspirations of millions of people who's living in Vietnam and abroad so long.

Facts about social status, and current situation of Vietnam country show that... aspirations and concerns above of Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen in particular and the people of Vietnam and abroad are generally quite a basis consistent with the  current situation of Vietnam country which is falling into severe recession all aspects including economic, political, cultural, social, diplomatic, national security and order ... social security ... v ... v ... Vietnam country today is facing the risk of massive invasion from the northern Chinese enemy ... but also facing a ruling regime which's dictator, authoritarian and inhumane ... the regime always advocated the use of violence, prison, repression and harassment ... to govern the people rather to dialogue and listen their aspirations.

A wealthy businessman, and successful right in the communist country at present as Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen ought to has praised the current ruling regime in Vietnam with the rhetorical speeches... as well as to express  His gratitude to leadership in the State of Vietnam ... but instead is a sincere statement comes from his inner heart that seems to be difficult for the government leaders in Vietnam accept this. The fact was clearly demonstrated...while Freedom Democratic and Human Rights aspirations ... has been rising strongly in the hearts of the people ... as well as the major challenges to domestic and foreign that The leader of the State of Vietnam are being faced ... but they seem  continued perfectionism ... has ignored public opinion ... and still continue to defend their power and personal interests ... still continued the policy authoritarian dictatorship inhumanity ...which has pushed the people's lives and destiny of the country to the brink. It is time for the leader of Vietnam communist government to change minds ... to look at the facts as current thinking of Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen in particular and from the millions of people in Vietnam and abroad in general.




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'VN leaders should look at the truth'

Update: 15:09 GMT - Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
In an interview with BBC programs Cycle Vietnam, who is nicknamed 'King of Tuan Chau Island' that Vietnam's leaders' should look at the facts, despite the fact that it is very painful. "

Mr Dao Hong Tuyen said "Vietnam's leaders should register a death a series of state-owned corporations which do not well."

"The leaders should look at the facts, and despite the fact that very heartbreaking.

"We have to give up the look on the pile of paper records a beautifully and clean but in truth it is not so."

"I want to say this so I want to say that Vietnam's leaders must register a death to all the series of state corporations doing business does not work, bring all the assets for sale, exchange, lease, create new dynamics, accepting a loss of motivation necessary to create a new society, to the country. "

After a series of rapid economic growth, the rate is now slowing down and even become a concern for the poor country, and one of the major reasons is the outstanding debts of owned State units.

Reporter Linda Yueh also learn the secret of success of the man in this richest Vietnam.

He said, "Let think of what the people don't think yet, and do what the people have thought but don't do it yet."

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