Security thugs masquerading murder and willful destruction of property

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VRNs ( 09/01/2013 ) - Ba Ria - " ... to ensure respect for the law , to ensure the legitimate rights of the people , building trust in justice , the law for the people , we ask agencies consider intentional criminal acts of murder and destruction of property of the 3 people Phan Nhat Tan , Le Quoc Phong ,and Nguyen Thanh Phuoc , these people involved directly kill people , break our car . Forcing them to bear criminal responsibility for crimes they cause any damage and compensation for mental , physical causes them to us . " That's the proposal in denunciation of Ms. Tran Thi Nga , who's on the car of Le Quoc Quyet dated 20.08.2013 and was very crowded plainclothes security with help of traffic police blocked the car for security savagely assaulted with weapons and destroying property right under the eyes of the Police . Businessman Le Quoc Quyet is younger brother of lawyer Le Quoc Quan who was detained illegally overdue law provisions .

VRNs posted the denunciation of Ms. Nga :
Ba Ria - Vung Tau , August 27, 2013


V/v: Acts of " murder " and " intentional destruction of property "
 of Phan Nhat Tan , Le Quoc Phong , Nguyen Thanh Phuoc.
Respectfully to:      POLICE Ba Ria - Vung Tau
My name is         :  TRAN THI NGA                Birth Date : 04/28/1977
ID No. :   168125829
Resident :  Hamlet 8 , Hai Ba Trung ward , Phu Ly city , Ha Nam province
submits You denunciation with the following contents :
1.    At about 9 am on 08/20/2013 , I ( Tran Thi Nga ) and child ( 9 months old ) named  Van Tran Tai was with Mr. Le Quoc Quyet and Mr. Dinh Xuan Thi ( born 1978 , residing at Nghi Long commune , Nghi Loc district , Nghe An province ) , and Mr Le Dinh Nguyen ( born 1988 , residing at Hamlet Vinh Hoang , Hop Thanh commune , Yen Thanh district. , Nghe An province ) going from the No. 106 Le Hong Phong , TP . Vung Tau ,  province Ba Ria - Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City by car ( number plate : 30T -7887 ) .

At about 9 hours 30 minutes on the same morning , when our car went to the Highway 51 , ​​the welcome entrance of Vung Tau , there are three traffic police ( " CSGT " ) wearing named badges : Pham Duc Nam , Nguyen Minh Thai , Nguyen Minh Tuan signaled the car to stop while our car was not violating traffic law .

After the car stopped at a signal of Police , both of Mr. Le Quoc Quyet and Dinh Xuan Thi got out of the car to ask the reason why Police stopped the car . Police reply by being informed by someone .
2.    While Le Quoc Quyet was asking Police for the right to make laws , not  stopped vehicle in traffic when the car is not arbitrary signs of law violation , then there're about 6 , 7 ferocious youths ( later we discovered they were the security police , thugs stalking , stalking , hit us at a hotel in Saigon . they followed , stalking us during we live at No. 106 , Le Hong Phong , Ho . Vung Tau , Ba Ria - Vung Tau and leave the house to the road as mentioned above ) . These youths forward and talking something with 3 Police .

Shortly thereafter , 6 , 7 These people suddenly attacked two Mr. Le Quoc Quyet and Dinh Xuan Thi . They aggressive grabbed hair , beat and push-pull Dinh Xuan Thi , but then he escaped into the car . More dangerously , they used brick , stone to beat on the head of Le Quoc Quyet and smashed cars in the fear of me, child and persons who were sitting in the car as Mr Le Dinh Nguyen, Dinh Xuan Thi . It is noteworthy that they aggressive attack , destroying property right under the eyes of 3 Police and witnessed by a lot of people , despite  my scream : Police ( " CA " ) block vehicle for security , thugs murder .....
3.    But gradually , appeared  much more forces in police uniformed , and many others , with three people who had hit us and smashed cars was controled by a perfunctory way . We required to strip the mask of them to film , photograph as evidence , but Police prevented . Even if Mr. Le Quoc Decision forward also blocked . We are also required to keep intact the scene , immediately searched them for concealed weapons stripped of the branch tag and collect them as evidence . At the same time, make the minutes of intact have witnessed by the Police and the people . But CA did not settle and release quickly , taking three people who was controled left the scene .

 We were the Policeman who named Pham Duc Nam took to the police station of Baria city then discarded. In CA City headquarters , we were not solved and no information is provided about the people who struck us. We require drastic to make flagrant criminal record , must have 3 Police , who stopped us for them attacking , destroying , and especially to have the 3 killers , destroying property ... but CA ignored , for form's sake ... until about 12 pm ,when a procurator come for witnessed the police just have draw up a record . No mention of the murderous behavior of the security police , thugs that property damage was deliberately smashed by them are recognized as " traffic accident " . We protested and refused to sign on this untrue minutes .

 We fierce struggle , just peaceful , resolute and a few other friends , requests police handle in true and lawful . At 14 : 30 pm , the traffic Police just be given by police , but the security , hooligans, the police determined to cover , does not provide , nor does it provide the information where they are, and under treatment like? At this point , we know three killers , intentionally destroying our property are Phan Nhat Tan , residing at Tan Lap Thuong , Cu Chi District , HCMC , Le Quoc Phong and Nguyen Thanh Phuoc , residing at Di An , Binh Duong . The process worked , CA has admitted blocking the car is wrong , not enough powerful to protect people .
But expressed disdain people , the victims, deliberately prolonged , deliberately not take three people who were controled to work not or seeing their faces .
They also eases the act of intentionally killing of these people . And act of intentionally smashing cars , destroying property of the citizens of these people was covered by police in minutes conclusions caused by " accident " as stated ... We will find more evidence to consider indicting before agencies and public law covering acts or complicity , lack of accountability of the traffic police , Police from initial stop acts of unlawful our car as grounds for the security thugs attacked , destroying property . As it happened , the slow intervention , perfunctory , and ultimately determined deliberately falsify the records of the case ...

4.    We see :
a) These people ( including Phan Nhat Tan , Le Quoc Phong , Nguyen Thanh Phuoc ) was intentional conduct unprovoked attack others with bricks , stones in dangerous areas such as the head, face , decided perform the same behavior , disregard for the lives of people, despised law despite dissuade of the Police , right on day , where urban centers , where many people saw ... These people have the cognizance of certain fatal consequences occur when using brick , stone ( the resolution is determined no.01/2006/NQ-HDTP dangerous weapon ) added directly to the other person . Thus , the behavior of these people will clearly intentional deprivation of life Le Quoc Quyet unlawful . The consequences are deadly not occur is out of the desired them , when Mr. Le Quoc Quyet could dodge , only wounded in the neck , shoulders .

b ) At the same time , for spirit traumatized people who are sitting in the car , they're aggressive , disregard the law, willfully blatantly destroying , damaging our cars in front of Police , between day , where urban centers have witnessed numerous people ...
From the above presentation , to ensure respect for the law , to ensure legitimate rights of the people , building trust in justice , the law for the people , we require authorities to consider crime problem the murder and destruction of property of the 3 people Phan Nhat Tan , Le Quoc Phong , Nguyen Thanh Phuoc , three ppeople who involved directly murder , break our car . Forcing them to bear criminal responsibility for crimes they cause any damage and compensation for mental , physical causes them to us .

We enclose here is the picture as evidence of the crime from these people . ( )


The record was set in the city police headquarters . Ba Ria
Repair costs of cars be smashed by security