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Police and military of Vietnam suppressed brutally My Yen parishioners , Vinh Diocese today 04-09-2013


Do minh Tuyen

The making a U -turn of Nghe An authorities ... and the atrocities are no longer human nature of government to the parishioners today ... including the police force and the army , equipped with guns , dogs , tear gas ... and other means of crime.... has caused widespread outrage of parishioners of many  parishes in the diocese of Vinh in particular and public opinion in country in general rising more than ever . The  Vietnam communist ruling was completely wrong when  imprisoned people illegally ... now back again in deepening their crimes . Seeing soldiers ... the kind of police force ... turns guns pointed at people who do not has an inch of iron l in hand... and the sight of bloodshed from the scene of the laity ... including women and children makes us all feel a surge of mixed emotions ... just painful ... just saw real anger and disgust ... for a animal nature of ruling regime .

In the eyes of the ruling communist Vietnam now ... the people is like as their enemies ... so their acts is very cruel . Why are these guns ... these forces are strong powerful is not intended to deal with the Chinese invaders ... that the government back to put on the head of people . Or the leaders of party and the communist State of Vietnam want Vietnam became the second bloody Tiananmen tyranny as China has done for its citizens in 1989 ... ! the laity in the parishes mentioned above what guilty ... ? They rob and murder ...or in violation of national security or not ... or they merely required Nghe An authorities respect the law , respect for human rights ... peacefully non-violent ... but why the government again , is unreliable and make the canopy take conscientious behavior like that ... !

A ruling regime that vile with the enemy , but brutal with people like that ... whether is worthy to lead the country or not ? Religious faith can not hurt ... can not trampled despite any reason . The Vietnam Catholics we always have our best heroic tradition ... is willing to draw blood ... even ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the faith and religious practice ... that the 117 saints martyred Vietnam in the past has been the Vatican , the Roman Catholic Church canonized St. worldwide on 19-06-1988 history demonstrates most eloquently . Dozens of parishioners in U.S. parishes Yen , Nghe An province today was bloodshed for their religious beliefs ... and one thing is sure that the blood of the people will continue to dump ... if the authorities communist Vietnam do not stop all their crimes . We call for solidarity from all Catholic parishioners across the country ... and call public attention from domestic and foreign and international . Resolutely condemning all acts of human rights abuses and crimes of the communist government of Vietnam today . At the same time together in prayer and communion to share the pain that the Catholics of Vietnam we are suffering today in particular ... and pain for both the people of Vietnam then long overall .


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    SOS The ruling authorities made a U -turn , and TERRORIST THE  PARISHIONERS MY YEN ,  VINH DIOCESE

    S.O.S Nhà cầm quyền Nghệ An trở mặt, khủng bố giáo dân Mỹ Yên, GP Vinh

    As Queen of Justice reported yesterday afternoon , authorities Nghe An made a U -turn, and terror renege My Yen Catholics , Vinh Diocese . There was bloodshed in this land for justice , truth
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    Yesterday , when My Yen Catholics flock to  People's Committee Phuong Nghi Commune , District President and Chairman of the commune 16h this afternoon promised to release those who's detained illegally . People believed the words of those who in the name of Chairman seat .

    Suddenly this afternoon , Nghe An authorities have mobilized police , dogs ,  many forces to storm people  .

    After people to the CPC by the promise of the President of District and Commune was brutally beaten and taken away many people . Currently the number of people arrested was not specific , but drove away by two dedicated vans which using arrest . Some parishioners were beaten and seriously wounded were taken emergency to the Xa Doai hospital . another one is in the first aid where possible.

    MyYen (1)
    MyYen (2)
                                           Used tear gas to suppress the people.
    MyYen (3)
    MyYen (4)

    The people in Nghi Phuong, Nghi Loc commune said to us , many soldiers are armed and pointing a gun towards the Catholic Church and the American people Yen . The police , dogs , explosives , tear gas , smoke grenades were used against the women who did not have an inch of iron in hand .

    17h58 : Currently, Phuong Nghi Committee headquarters , crowded police and military types with enhanced weapons guns in arranged behind My Yen parish . The situation is very tense, blood was shed from many lay in the duplicity , making a U -turn and despite justice of the Nghe An government .

    There were 7 people were severely beaten , including Nguyen Van Van , Nguyen Van Diep , village 6, Phuong Nghi commune and some of them were in heavy beatings , including baby can hardly survive .


    Mr. Nguyen Van Trung catechists, was cut to broken head , he is now to be bandaged by the Sisters of the Cross Loved Monastery  .

    Known My Yen Parish was in danger , the parish is next to be in time of responding to the parishioners of the parish My Yen including Ngoc Lien - Xa Doai particles . Binh Thuan parish and parish Mau Lam - Nhan Hoa particles

    Police forces reinforced 500 policemen to block My Yen parishes .

    These actions were taken to implement the promise , following commitments by presidents , government officials of Nghe An

                                   Minutes commitment yesterday

    And the commitment made ​​by the communist authorities today, after nearly 20 hours.
    18h : The number was severely beaten on being taken to the emergency room are some 20 people who were taken away .

                       Mr. Hoang Xuan Chau , victims of brutal beatings

                wife of the victim Khai , who was arrested earlier unlawful 
                                        At CHCs Xa Doai, the victim being cured ::

    Not to exaggerate the crimes of the communist authorities for religious freedom , especially in GP Vinh .

    19h : Currently, the types of military and police with military weapons were surrounding at hills behind the My Yen. Parishes , and at the same time to plunge in Nghi Phuong Committee .

    The situation is still very tense, the victims are still being treated in hospital .

    We will update news after receiving information about the new processing .

    Queen of Justice


    Lực lượng công an được huy động để đàn áp giáo dân Mỹ Yên ngày 05/09/2013.

    The police force was mobilized to suppress My Yen parishioners on 05-09-2013. vinh

                        Some parishioners were beaten savagely taken to emergency

                                           Mr.  Joseph Nguyen Van Luong

                                   This is Hoang Van Chau , quite seriously injured

    Some parishioners are too heavy to be moved by car to Hanoi at night

                                    Many parishioners beaten very brutally

    Parishioners are being severely beaten in hospital emergency 115 . Police to prevent emergency physicians - Vinh VRNs

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