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Religious Repression ... harassed , arrested and detained people illegally ... to ever be just end ... !


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Religious repression , prohibition and restriction of Religious Freedom of people...and with the implementation of the harassment , assault , arrest and unlawful detention for the parishioners are still problems be urgent in people inside and outside the country and as also internationally. So far , the government of communist Vietnam before the series moves to the fine promises and bring positive signs in improving the human rights situation in the country today ... after the trips of leader of the State of Vietnam , State President Truong Tan Sang ... especially for the joint statement as " comprehensive cooperation " was signed between the two countries' leaders , U.S. President Barack Obama and the State President of Vietnam, Mr. Truong Tan Sang ... including the current issues related to human rights in Vietnam .

In addition to parole and release at the court in the case of young female  patriotic student Nguyen Phuong Uyen the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam still has not showed any sign of prosperity . .. if not say is more regressive nature ... that the public security Vietnam prevent the pilgrims to Holy Land Trai Gao in the past time... which includes arrest and unlawful detention of two My Yen parishioners of the Diocese of Vinh is Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Mr. Nguyen Van Hai ... is one of the latest typically cases about religious freedom suppression of the communist government in Vietnam . The above wrongdoing not only created widespread outrage against the thousands of parishioners My Yen parish in particular ... but also be created urgent public opinion in Vietnam and abroad .. . especially for the millions of faithful Christians in Vietnam .

All of us have always supported the struggle non-violent peaceful protest from citizens which against misconduct and disregard the laws of the government leaders at all levels ... so the focus of thousands of people pulling together to  People's Committee Nghi Phuong commune, Nghi Loc district asking for  people release and requirements of Nghe An provincial government must respect the law ... is essential and absolutely correct ...  need encouragement and replicated in all parishes in the country of Vietnam . The parishioners in particular and Vietnam people in the country in general can not keep continue to turn a blind eye looked on human rights in Vietnam which has been authorities from time to time trampling a very rough way and blatant ... especially concerning religious faith of the people ... the most sacred freedom which had been the law and the Constitution State Vietnam as well as international public recognition and support of protection . We resolutely fight tirelessly for Freedom Democracy ... for social justice and  for all legal basic rights of the people in Vietnam .


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    URGENT - DIRECTLY: Nghe An, My Yen Parishioners siege Commune People's Committee Phuong Nghi demanding release of people who's arrested illegally

    Khẩn – Trực tiếp: Nghệ An, giáo dân Mỹ Yên bao vây Ủy Ban xã Nghi Phương đòi thả người bị bắt trái pháp luật

    Emergency Information :

    Queen of Justice has received information : Parishioners Nghi Phuong Nghi Loc district , Nghe An is pulled to enclosure Commune People's Committee Phuong Nghi, Nghi Loc district , Nghe An province to demand answers about Catholics here kidnapped by the authorities in the form of terrorism and no one is responsible for the arrest , and did not receive information from parishioners who's arrested a long time ago .

    As we all know , after police Nghe An to infiltrate poking Mass prayers Nghi Phuong parishioners at Holy Land Trai Gao and was found to arrest . The government's ashamed withdrew and plotted revenge despicable . Police have arrested secretly a number of parishioners without reason and there is no information to relatives . The arrests by the way catching while they're coming out of the village to work , visiting relatives ... Until the Provincial Police had an announcement for the arrest.

    Number of View: 2868
    At about 8am this morning , on 03/09/2013 , two wives whose husbands were kidnapped in Nghi Phuong Nghi Loc district , Nghe An to work under the guidance of Nghe An Provincial Police . At the meeting this morning , two officials of the commune and 3 officials of the district . However, the staff members did not answer the reason abduction , arbitrary detention of Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai . Even two staff members of Phuong Nghi Commune was declared not related to this arrest .

    Because of too pressing before the shady acts of government over the past two months , the family and people of Nghi Phuong commune flocked to Phuong Nghi commune headquarters Phuong Nghi stretch banners and slogans to protest and request clarification the kidnap their two relatives . VRNs As previously reported , after 8 days since Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai is missing , the two families suddenly received notice of Nghe An Provincial Police about the arrest and prosecution of crime " disturbing public order " .

    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (1)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (2)
     NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (3)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (4)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (5)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (6)
    People are demanding 5 staff ( 2 staff of  Nghi Phuong commune and 3 officials of Nghi Loc district ) to answer the unlawful arrest of their two relatives .
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (7)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (8)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (9)
    The gong was brought in front of the gate of the commune by people to make signal 
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (10)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (11)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (12)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (13)
    Both wives had husbands is Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai who's being detained .
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (14)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (15)
    NghiPhuong_Doinguoi (16)

    Over the past month , two families had to find ways to get visiting but the Nghe An police  caused a lot of difficulties . In the visit in last August , through the two layers of glass prison , Mr. Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai hugged their stomach is as signaled beaten and body is emaciated . We will be constantly updated about this .

    15h : some people who are Phuong Nghi commune police mobilized to harass everyone but they still kept calm , peaceful .

    16h People flocked to siege commune as more growing , especially after getting information that the commune ordered police and more many people come to threaten.
    Not is until today new parishioners to speak , that parishioners have responded from the previous day , but the stubborn nature and intrigue , despicable act , the  Nghe An government could not reply transparently relative of unlawful arrest :

    Protest banners were stretched up from the alleys and passages from whole this week

    At 15h30The Rev. Peter Tran Phuc Chinh , Nhan Hoa 's jurisdiction along with two priests in dioceses had to share with parishioners . The people's very touched by the interest of the religious leaders , and was very urgent with thuggish behavior and a jungle of Nghe An authorities .

    16h40people's very determined to hold out to wait for the government to answer, release of people .
    Faced with the ignore status and threatening of government , the people's  prepared long-term toehold , including cooking on the scene , alarm gong is also ready precaution the government to take advantage of darkness to bite them .

    17h : Knowing information about parishioners My Yen in distress , more many parishioners flocked there for communion as more crowded .
    The slogan continued be unfurled up : " My Yen Parish lit up the trust flames in the dark of tyranny violence "

    My Yen Parish lit up the trust flames in the dark of tyranny violence

    17h10: There have been a number of lay parish Xuan My , Mau Lam , Binh Thuan and Nhan Hoa come for communion with the people Phuong Nghi commune and My Yen parish .

    Listen wife of parishioners who's caught talking about today :

    17h28 : Currently, people's working with the Chairman of Phuong Nghi , working with people including military personnel of Military Zone 4 , Police Nghi Loc District  . The number of Catholics today fins CPC over 1,000 people .
    Commune president forced to admit with people to catch people illegally and promises to release people at a certain time in the future. Parishioners are asked to have the minutes of the promised response time .
    Currently, though is very frustrating but as well as all day , parishioners and the people were very peaceful , and legal arguments used to fight . Spirit parishioners are very high .

    17h45 : As usual , in each 3rd weekly , the people's come the Holy Land Trai Gao to attend Mass . Today , after the end of the Mass , thousands of people have come to share with people of My Yen parish who's awaiting answers from authorities at 8am so far at Phuong Nghi commune .
    Whenever appear of suppress the laity or arrest people or make all dubious and tortuous acts to make laity up anger , Nghe An authorities often run up Bishop proposed for intervention . Time ago, when parishioners were celebrating Mass , a group of police plainclothes thugs pretending to disrupt Mass parishioners were detected. Because disruptive behavior ,  unruly because think that themselves is the police , should have been arrested by parishioners . Meanwhile , Nghe An police and  authorities were emergency saved by Bishop and he has intervened and clear away the personally who disturbs the Mass of the Catholics, poking people, provoked the anger of the laity , so policemen who disguised  hooliganism just be safe . Then they upped the ante filthy and despicable kidnapping parishioners as stated above .
    According to information received by Queen of Justice then today , Nghe An authorities came to call for the rescue at Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, but he did not come and tell the government : Please drop the people who's unlawful arrest , parishioners will disband . This happens because those who were arrested came to see the Bishop after dropping the police who's disguised as thugs and then parishioners was abducted and he said that the government had promised to release them .
    But , the promise of communist pushed laity in the situation today .

    17h55: Until now, the government has promised to solve 4 times but Nghi Loc District and Nghe An announcement is still " in a meeting " . People are still very peaceful , and be sitting together with 5  staffs of commune and Nghi Loc district at room of Nghi Phuong commune's President .
    They said it would wait until to pick up people and the answer to the unlawful arrest of Nghe An authorities .

     1830 :  more than 2,000 people who had surrounded UB Nghi Phuong, Nghi Loc district's president was present when parishioners surrounded UB commune and people  has forced him to be there to address request of people .

    19h : After a day of struggling between two sides , some officers were being held at the Committee promised to drop . In order not to add stress situation and keep peace , the priest had to request temporary parishioners believe in the promise of this staff and the officers dispersed the rest. Parishioners obedient priest , to the president of district , commune officials and some other stuff back home after a stressful day and promised to drop tomorrow afternoon .
    People will also disbanded after a hard day , but that many people still agree with the opinion of the parish priest , but still want to settle the issue . Although it is still said to each other : Let 's temporary believe in order to see the attitude of the authorities and their promises is like.

    ( Continuously updated information . Press F5 to follow )
    Queen of Justice

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