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Blatantly use the barbed wire and locked wife and children of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh , who is currently serving 11 years in prison ...shows that the nature of thugs and unruly of police service in Vietnam in general and the police in Pleiku city , Gia Lai province in particular. Whatever the reason , then any unsightly image above of Vietnam police ... especially for a woman and the children is immoral behavior unacceptable . In recent years , public opinion in country and the people of Vietnam in foreign countries and International expressed deep concern before the behavior barbaric and brutal inhumanity Vietnam police service for most people ... as harassment , assault and despicable ways retaliation from authorities for relatives and friends of the Democratic activists ... of political prisoners , prisoners of conscience ... or anyone who's different views with the State ... or have thoughts or behavior which support the voices of dissent in the country .

Offensive images of police Pleiku city , Gia Lai province today to Ms. Tran Thi Hong and 6 children ... again shows the status of law continues to be despised and trampled a mercilessly in Vietnam . In Vietnam society today, not only human rights to be trampled , stripped by authorities ... where even the lives of the people , has also ignored a pitiful way . Typically the brutal behavior of the police Gia Lai today for the wife of a prisoner of conscience , Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh . During the visit and working with U.S. President Barack Obama , a general agreement has been leading both the States Vietnam - America signed  ... including the sensitive issues related to enforcement of human rights in Vietnam . However, the situation is like for so long , the commitments agreed by the Vietnam State leaders are still committed only on paper ... while the human rights and lives of the people of Vietnam continue to be ignored by the authorities... despite all efforts to convince from the International Community ... despite objections from the public ... as also opposed to the moral conscience of man .

Unstable situation of Vietnam society today ... and more and more changes in the direction of negative ... seems increasingly signs prevailing threatening power of communist regime right now ... all leading to embarrassing behavior can be seen in the leadership ranks of the State of Vietnam . The suspicion and mutual power struggle within the ranks of the party and state leaders in the past ... as well as the brutal savagery behavior of the Vietnam police aim to carry out like the tool only which's protecting the mode , protecting the party ... with the motto "Party exist, they also exist " ... is slowly showing signs of a downturn inhuman regime ... beyond remedy . State Chairman of Communist Vietnam , Mr. Truong Tan Sang on last 19-09-2013 in the capital of Denmark Copenhague eloquently stated that : " Human rights are the issue which whole national of us are interested in. " shows that ... the human rights situation worse in Vietnam so long is reality indisputably ... so need the goodwill to modify of the ruling elite at present... rather than as unethical behavior of police Pleiku city , Gia Lai province and Vietnam police branch in general ... will only create resentment from the wider public ... and helps accelerate more quickly collapse the mode .


Police locked house of the wife and children of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh

Mac Lam , editor RFA


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Tran Thi Hong, wife of pastor Chinh and her youngest daughter
Photo courtesy of blogchauxuannguyen

Police Pleiku city , Gia Lai province blatantly using galvanized iron locked door of Tran Thi Hong on Friday night September 25 locked her and children in the house without giving a reason . Ms. Tran Thi Hong is the wife of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh who is currently serving 11 years in prison . First Ms. Hong said:
" I do not know why but since yesterday to date the police set up a commanding position infront of home and then they follow when I go somewhere , even when I'm driving my child to school , they also ran followers . Evening at 8 pm today I want to carry my daughter to see doctor because she was cough , fever when I opened the outer gate they took their zinc iron to lock the gate so we could not get out . Currently at my home is now, I am woman and 5 kids not know coming they will how to treat . situation as I saw yesterday to date my kids are insecure because the government is night and day, walking back and forth for stalking .
This afternoon has two police stand front door of my house looked into . I said I stayed at home if wanted to do what, wanted to cut or kill is come in, stalking what for? Tonight they tied to the gate and not allow us walked out of the house , we now be locked up like that.
Mac Lâm: Yes , do you remember that before you can accidentally do something or not ? can you go anywhere and meet anyone that led to the police they suspect or not ?
Ms. Tran Thi Hong: Yes, no . I also normal . Every day I care of four kids , morning woke take them to school and afternoon take them back home for lunch everyday like that, but I did not meet anyone and I feel I did not do anything to breach them again .
While the 24th is the day I went to visit my husband is the pastor Chinh but the reason that my daughter is sick  so I'm not yet going . Do not know if this is the reason they stop me visiting the pastor Chinh or not . That's just my speculation only but I do not know why they treat my family like that.
Mac Lâm: Dear you , you have the phone number of the police who contacted you yesterday why do not you call to ask them how ?
Ms. Tran Thi Hong: No, they did not give me telephone number . This morning I had told them that if follow us please go a bit far away , but if you go near like that on the road I drive my children see, they will scare and if happen something I will notify the Human Rights organizations they know , not to violate our bodies .
However, they only smiled and continued to monitor the side ( ... ) I am like that . I go somewhere they also follow me , I walked out of the house they follow. They followed me step by step .
Currently, as you know and everyone know, I am female , while my husband was arrested for 11 years, judgment has distressed me and that now they behave with my family like this is do not know the day upcoming we how to live in the communist regime that they suppress such a blatant way .
This is very clear oppression . I did not do anything wrong but they kept stalking terrorism my children . They looked at pictures of some policemen who  previously had ever stoned , beat their father beat their mother and now continue to watch like that, this make them in crisis .
Spirit terror
Mac Lâm: Now when talking with you is at 9 pm that the family remains locked inside is the morning your children how go to learn ? and if tonight if there is a fire or your children are sick needing to the emergency room , will just call to whom ?
Ms. Tran Thi Hong:  I do not know . Right 8 pm today, when I opened the door , they were taking zinc and iron to tie it . I do not know tonight or tomorrow , they will have more any measures for my family . While my husband was arrested in jail  ​​only mother and children at home ,  five kids with me at home. During tonight and tomorrow if they are treated us is how , I just pray for the Lord do not know what to do anymore at this time . From yesterday to now we only know to pray . When transporting children to school I only know how to ask God for all peace .
Mac Lâm: Right where you are living, you can still relatives or siblings nearby meat you can ask them for help when there is an emergency or not ?
Ms. Tran Thi Hong:  I also have my sister is far 5 kilometers from here , but I know when my sister comming and then my sister would never be allowed getting in my house . Because of the way my house is situated in an alley , from the main highway around 20 meters turn right into a small alley . All these people in this alley are party members or government officials , so when they see the police treated my family so they would not have dared to say .
I also want to call the close neighbor to open but unfortunately this person also afraid of the government , so I really do not want to disturb .
As for my sister , they will guard not let come into so our status is like being locked in the house . our house is like a prison . I see this problem it's so absurd . While my home is in a space like that but I was locked that all women with the kids , I see them on the violation of human rights and human freedom too much . They treat my family ruthlessly for many years and now still continue so I do not know about the next behavior they would treat my family is how .
Mac Lâm: Thank you .

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