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The reaction from the parishioners community and invitation of Communion from Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, cathedral bishop of the diocese of Vinh ...about Nghe An authorities using the military , police and thugs attacked My Yen parishioners brutally



Do minh Tuyen

After fierce opposition letter from the Bishop Court Xa Doai of Vinh Diocese before acting downright brutal repression of Nghe An provincial government for the My Yen parishioners ... along with the changing black into white... . false propaganda .. ... and distort the truth aimed brazenly cover-up at crime and public deception and abroad and International ... The communist government of Vietnam . The army and police were used indiscriminately while people in hands have no an inch of iron ... even the gang gangster ... a scum component of the society also was requisitioned by Vietnam's communist authorities to suppress people ... this shows the thugs nature and lawlessness of the ruling communist Vietnam now .... undeniable ... and can not justified by any reason .

Insults and suppression of freedom of beliefs people ... especially for the Catholic Church and Protestants over the years has always been a sore issue for society ... and in the hearts of Catholics in particular ... as well as for every other religion in the country in general . During volatile social and recession for all sectors in country due to government leaders at all levels from local to central serious moral degradation leads to rampant corruption and lasts for the system of government for decades ... pushed the country to the brink of the abyss ... plus with attitude and behavior of cowardly with enemy, brutal with people of the party leaders and the State  to condemn against actions of the China enemy invasion ... lead to outrage in public  ... that the most feared of  leaders of Vietnam communist ruling at now is feared tremendous influence of Religion for the masses ... which they can appeal to the people to threatens to power and their personal interests .

In ideas brought wrong thoughts ... , the result of misconduct and of course sin is probably difficult to avoid . However, it is worth mentioning here that justifies and  propaganda clumsily to conceal the criminal conduct of the ruling Communist Vietnam ... not only did not help them ... in fact which made laughing-stock ​​to the International Community and the public in the country and abroad . If there is no injustice ... Without the frustrations ...The people without an inch of iron in the hands did not have any reason to act spontaneously with authorities who's in the hands of the military forces powerful ammunition with firearms , batons and electric batons and dogs ... including the undesirable thugs group. However, according to the usual routine , the leaders of governments at all levels continue to " Just robbery just scream " a shameless way . Our Catholics always have a good tradition and heroic, it's solidarity ... consistency ... and tolerance . All of us will continue to fellowship and pray for truth , for justice and peace ... And stand together to protect each other ... to protect religious beliefs and all the best thing at each person ... under dictatorial rule and atrocities of the Vietnam communist authorities today.


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Bishop Vinh : Condemning the civil authority is inhuman , barbaric and called for prayer

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VRNs ( 07/09/2013 ) - Nghe An - " Along with the announcement of the Archdiocese of Xa Doai , I strongly condemn the inhuman behavior and violent acts of public authorities . At the same time , I earnestly invite you to pray , offer sacrifices , as well as the specific actions demonstrate U.S. parish communion with Yen and solidarity with the victims of violence . "

This is the invitation of Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, OP , bishop of the diocese of Vinh who gave the common pastoral letter yesterday, dated 09.06.2013 , of the cases the authorities had no implement commitment with lay people and oppression in My yen parish , on 04/09/2013 .

Parish Song Ngoc looks toward My Yen

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VRNs  ( 07/09/2013 ) - Nghe An - Thursday evening , 09/05/2013 all of parishioners of parish Song Ngoc , Thuan Nghia , Vinh diocese gathered in the Cathedral parish celebrated Mass together Eucharistic Adoration and prayer specifically for siblings My Yen parish under the chairmanship of Reverend John Baptist Nguyen Dinh Thuc .

Before Mass , Father Jean Baptiste shared with the community on the situation in My yen amid ongoing violence of the Nghe An authorities in parish My Yen, Phuong Nghi commune , Nghi Loc district , Nghe An on last 04/09/2013 .

He said : "The government of Nghe An has organized hundreds of police , riot police , militia and thugs with weapons and dogs caused chaos and savage beatings Catholic parishioners My Yen while they were gathering peacefully in front of the commune people's Committee to receive recommendations with respect to his relatives Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai . Two parishioners who were Nghe An police earlier arrested on 06/27/2013 .

This is an act to cover up the illegal arrest  , immorality of police in Nghe An unfortunate incident happened last date 05/22/2313 . The work is not acceptable as they are swept into the house of people to break the Holy statues on the altar ,  , assault and arrest innocent people . The consequence is that at least 30 people injured including women and children . They are currently being treated at the hospital , but in very dangerous condition . "

Father also stressed : " This is a blatant acts which the authorities called security people , for the people selflessly serve . More than most fathers understood the misery that people here suffered because father also had been a victim of this violence in Con Cuong " .

He would like everyone to pray for the Parish My Yen , pray for the victims , especially those who are in danger of death . He would like everyone to pray for Nghe An administration of justice and respect for peace, pray for homeland Vietnam .

After attending Mass is the solemn hour of children of the parish union Song Ngoc rise Eucharist earnest wishes . All prayer intentions that family parish Song Ngoc rapture are filled with a desire for peaceful spirit , especially the freedom to spread the truth and shine in Vietnam when the country falsehood and violence as the clouds are overcast day and invaded Vietnam dark sky .

People do not only express his heartfelt sympathy , with deep pain that people are suffering here , but also prayed for those who have been deep in the mud of injustice , wrong that turn back to the right path and pray for the Gospel witness the courage to live and die for the truth . Along with the tears pity pity for the victims of brutal beatings is falling down before the table of Lord from parishioners who's resentment before violence of authority .

Time of prayer took place utmost zeal , in the presence of numerous parishioners lit candles in hand , together towards their brothers and sisters are suffering for the truth and protect justice . Many of the banners are highly positive : " The parish Song Ngoc is pain with My Yen's pain " , " Parish Song Ngoc is communion with My Yen Parish " , " Oppose the police beating at My Yen " , or " My Yen ! We are always at your side " clearly expressed love , spiritual communion , always ready to stand side by side , along with his companion and sister Yen U.S. parishes to overcome difficulties .

As the children of the church - those who love justice and truth let's with Song Ngoc's people burn the candles to pray for My Yen Parish !
P. Phạm Sinh, VRNs

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