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The heartbreaking consequences can be avoided ... from the despised the laws and trampled upon the justice of authorities in Vietnam


Do minh Tuyen

The shooting at the headquarters of the People's Committee of Thai Binh City .  wounding four officers of Clearance Team belong to the City Center land development on the afternoon of 11-09-2013 has caused a sensation in public opinion. Especially during land corruption spreading  in bureaucracy in the country . The incident happened today makes people think of the coercive case illegal land for his family Doan Van Vuon and a number of households in the " CONG ROC  " Tien Lang District , Hai Phong city in 01-2012 ago which had ever rocked the country ... when 4 police and 2 troops injured during the coercive implementation of illegal land above . How will be from public opinion ... and how people will feel when the case involves clearance and coercive land ... turn took place in circumstances quite similar . .. and the consequences left later is the same content similar ... !

The reason why ... and why more and more people appear desperate and vulnerable against the government ... ? It's simple and not difficult to understand what all ... as our Grandparents before often say : " There's a limit to everything " ... Well , that's the knot only that the Vietnam communist authorities should have untied by themselves ... if do not like the painful condition above continues, in the future . What people see how easy it is ...  the people who suffer injustice, ... while the leaders of the state government did not care to think and legitimate benefits of them ...The State government with a bunch of rules and legal regulations are very clear even in the laws and Constitution of the State ... but when dealing with the incident , the officials of State government has not respected the law ... but always in emotional behavior ... or as the general calling way from people of Vietnam today it is " forest Law " . Not yet mention to the phenomenon...due to corruption, the officials had covered up each other ... leading to ... Justice has been trampled... The law has been bended... and the people is in frustrations stack up frustrations ...

Returning to the case of his family Doan Van Vuon nearly 2 years ago we would see very clear about the status of the State government officials trample on justice and sitting on law . While himself Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung concluded that the local government was wrong in enforcement ... so how can say that, the government officials in that day is " in duty " ... ? but the count which ruling later for him and his family to remain as " murder and anti-duty " ...  not probably in the law rule of Vietnam have Article which allowing officers to duty may trample the Constitution and the law ... ! ? ? ? . From an ordinary citizen if not say is exemplary ... but only because the law despised and trampled upon justice from the Vietnamese authorities ... in minutes has turned them into the criminals ... led to broken families no longer live way ...then try to ask this guilt comes from the fact that they themselves or should be blamed to the leaders of the State government who's mistakes first !

 The law is not strict... the rule of law is ambiguous and overlapping ... government officials who's violated the law is not sanctioned by law ... or just be punished perfunctory formality . .. that's the main reason which encouraging the state officials  offenders ... and the people when facing with injustice do not have any way to remove before phenomenon of using " forest Law "... and acts of violence from the government ... makes this injustice stack up other injustice  ... leading to " Explosion " from the people ... and the painful consequences undesirable as we have been witnessing in Vietnam society today ... is thing of course and nothing confusing . Authorities at all levels is persons who's created that knot ... so they themselves must remove it by their goodwill truely that just hope to avoid such painful things today. Human life is priceless ... while the immediate benefits are only temporary ... and this is also invaluable lessons for the Thai Binh government officials in particular and for all the State leaders in Vietnam in general . All the people we want to be seen soon the right thinking and wise choice from government leaders at all levels in law enforcement , governance and to run the country ...


11/09/2013 - 19:43
The shooting in MPC Thai Binh headquarters , 4 officers wounded
Someone broke into Center City Land Development Thai Binh headquarters located in Thai Binh City People's Committee ( Thai Binh province ) , shootings that made 4 officials of Clearance team Center's wounded and quickly escaped at 11-9 this afternoon .

Afternoon 11-9 , at the headquarters of the Thai Binh MPC ( Thai Binh province ) occurred 1 shootings caused particularly serious leads to 4 officials of Clearance  team Center Land Development Thai Binh City injured .
Gate of Thai Binh People's Committees after the incident . Photo: CTV
According to Colonel Tran Xuan Tuyet , provincial police chief Thai Binh , at about 14 pm, 11-9 , a young man suddenly appeared at the office of The Clearance Center Land Development Thai Binh City ( located in Thai Binh headquarters MPC ) at 71 Tran Phu street , city Thai Binh and shootings that causes 4 people in injured . As soon as to act spontaneously  , the young man quickly withdrew from the scene .

The shooting victim was quickly taken to emergency at the hospital . At the same time , security forces in the People's Committees Thai Binh city and local police blocked the scene to conduct the investigation .

4 people injured were identified as : Mr. Vu Ngoc Dung , Deputy Director Land Development Center , Mr. Duc Bui Xuan, Cuong Vu Cong and Nguyen Thanh Duong are Center staffs . In particular , Dung and Mr. Duong was seriously injured , seek treatment at the Viet- German Hospital  (Hanoi) , the 2 persons remaining are being emergency at general hospital Thai Binh provincial .

Before particularly serious nature of the incident , the provincial police chief has directed Thai Binh Police Department investigation of social order , Thai Binh City Police and the branch units to focus urgently forces ,be present at the scene to conduct investigation to clarify , arrest the perpetrator of the crime .

According to Colonel Tran Xuan Tuyet , only a short time , with professional measures , forces investigation has clarified the suspect opened fire and deployed forces arrest the perpetrator . The process of examination of the case , the police initially identified the culprit also used weapons guns floral wealth.

Mr Snow said about 1 month ago , The clearance is conducted to resolve a number of compensation cases , including cases of this suspects but the family does not agree with the view of solving authorities . At that time , the suspect went to work in Ho Chi Minh City and just returned home about 1 week .

At present, forces focused high- solving to arrest this suspects

According Tr.Duc ( NLDO )

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