Nghe An police beat member of group Protect Life

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VRNs  ( 09/12/2013 ) - Saigon - The Thao Pham , a member of the group Protect Life ( BVSS ) in Vinh was Nghi Phu commune police , Vinh City Police , Nghe An beaten injury his head , at 9 o'clock , date of 09/10/2013 . Currently, his health is in Thao critical condition , but doctors of hospitals 115 do not care and abandoned him .
At 11 hours, 11.09 days , his family tells VRNs said: " Two police officers who beat him called and threatened , ' I'll give you up the charges against officials duty ' . Currently, Mr. Thao is being in the hospital 115 , but the doctors do not care , leaving him , not for water injection and transfer him . When family asked why the doctor is not an emergency , the doctor answered, do not know , this is the command of their superiors and his family had no money , no emergency . " Mr. Thao's relatives pressing said .

Mr. Thao said : " the provincial chairman promised will be responsible for fees , meals and travel costs to cure for me . The provincial chairman He also authorized for policeman named Khang ( Tel : 0,944,869,423 ) to regard me . But the policeman Khang abandoned me , neglected me in the hospital . We have committed to paper and signed by the Chairman of the Provincial which asked the Police Khang who care for me. "
At the commune police station , two police officers above had beaten him brutally Mr. Thao recalls: " In the neighborhood , two policemen handcuffed me , dragged me into the car , drove about public security . At the commune police , my hands were handcuffed , two police had pulled my throat , put the phone into my mouth , hit my jaw , repeatedly beat me and I was so pain , I spit phone out , two police slapped me in the face . Then they grabbed my hair , banging my head in the side of cabinets . My head was bleeding a lot. I say , you could not use violence against me because I am not guilty , I do not fear . Why are you beating me savagely like that ? Or you received the neighbor's money ? I do not need anything, someone hit me then that person should take me to the hospital and must have responsibility for this . "
Vinh VRNs collaborators who was present at the commune police station with Mr. Thao said : " Mr. Thao's head fled a lot of blood , but the staff at the commune remained indifferent , do not take him to the hospital . For a long time , the chairman of commune just called an ambulance to take him to the hospital 115 . His relatives requested the commune Chairman accompanied him to the hospital and was responsible what caused for him , but he, The Commune Chairman said , " we did not do so we do not go with him to the hospital " .
Mr. Thao said : " The commune chairman told me , who did it, have to get responsibility . I responded , if so please call two police who handcuffed me , beat me and took me to the hospital . "
" At 15 o'clock the same day at 10/09 , the commune Chairman still not take Mr. Thao to the hospital . So Mr. President and Mr. Vice President of Province has to solve . The Chairman of the province stood out entirely responsible for what happened to him Thao . The provincial president authorizes police named Nghi Phu Khang ( SDT : 0,944,869,423 ) to care for Mr. Thao . But the policeman Khang did not regard and did not care him as what the Chairman has ordered " . Collaborator VRNs said .
Mr. Thao said: " This is a major wrongdoing by the police , because their job is to protect the people , not beating innocent people like this . The torture of the police is so cruel and dangerous . They investigate and gather duress others too bad . I also do not know what is my crime, why the police beat me like this. " Mr. Thao said .
Mr. Thao think : "Maybe I am joining the group should BVSS new police assaulted like that. "
Mr. Thao recounted the incident : " 7 hours of the morning , yesterday , 10/09 , I pass house of my cousin to ask for a melon to cook soup . My cousin said that pulling out behind the garden . In the garden behind, I saw bamboo fence knitting broken fence and think this is belong to my cousin , so I tossed it aside . While I was cutting the melon fruit , the next door neighbor beside my cousin's house ran over  and say , " why you do like that ? You want to die? " . We shout each other and 3-4 people who is relatives of door neighbor broke into beat me .
Later, my relatives took me to the hospital 115 for cleaning wounds . When I got home , I change clothes and go through the neighbor's house to talk , then I saw two police officers ( one deputy commune police and city police ) was recording at the neighbor's house , but without my witnessed as well as those who has witnessed this incident . I asked , why did you make a record that no one witnesses ? You  want to black-making a record ? ... Then , two police handcuffed me again and pulled into the car and taken away to the commune police station . "
Luong Tam who's in the same BVSS group with him commented : " Today, Mr. Thao can not walk , and was paralyzed but still could talk . Mr. Thao is a gentle person . The Police did not arrest the neighbor who beat Mr. Thao, that arrested him for only " .