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Lives of People must be decided by themselves ... the Government of Vietnam should stop doing everything before it's too late .

 Nuclear disaster in Japan's Fukushima plant in March 2011


Do minh Tuyen

Nuclear disaster, the great issues and also is centre of the International that attracting special attention from most of the leaders ... the scientist , professor , and Dr. renowned experts with experience in the nuclear sector in many countries around the world ... including the super powers like the United States , Russia , or the European countries such as France , Germany , Denmark .. v. .. v. . .. While the aforementioned countries have a lot of experience in the nuclear field , have teams of experts and good conditions in many areas including potential economic growth and development , but still give the effort to quit program " Nuclear Energy " full this dangerous ... and instead are pursuing models of wind power and solar power are developed today ... as in Germany and Denmark ...

Why while countries over the world are trying to break with the developed program " Nuclear Energy " ... dangerous said above , Vietnam ,  a new developed nation , not enough strong economic potential ... no good expert teams and also have no experienced in this field but be determined to do this ... ! not perhaps the nuclear disaster happened in the world in the past from the United States , from Russia , from Hungary ... and most recently from the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear plant Japan still not enough alert to leaders of  Vietnam communist State ... or behind the decision stubborn and reckless said above there's any hidden motives... ? ? ? Who will be responsible if Vietnam happens nuclear disaster like at the Japan's Fukushima ... or still is the habit of passing mutual responsibility ... and even if someone who dares to accept responsibilities, what are taken to compensate for the lives of hundreds thousands could be killed ... ? ? ?

Let's stop all the work again before it's too late ... or at least should conduct a referendum held before the important issues of the country ... especially related to the lives of people people . Human life should be their own decision ... can not take the bet with the fate and chance ... as thoughts and act of leaders of the communist Vietnam at present . The people we are strongly condemns the disregard for people's lives ... and ask right himself, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to recover quickly decide " planning orientation develop nuclear power said above . We I urge people in Ninh Thuan , Binh Dinh , Quang Ngai , Phu yen and Ha Tinh in particular ... along with all fellow in Vietnam country general  ... please have one voice to stop before things get too late . The lives of people are awarded by Almighty is too precious ... so no one has the right behalf them to dispose only because of personal ambitions and private interests .


VN will be cut in half if happen the nuclear accident

Update : 15:22 GMT - Friday, September 6th, 2013
Thảm họa hạt nhân ở Fukushima
Fukushima nuclear disaster left the long-term consequences for Japan

Vietnam can be divided in two, while the export economy instantly paralyzed and Central entire strip will be covered radioactive contamination for many years if there is a nuclear disaster as the case appears as Tchernobyl or Fukushima , according to experts warn of a French nuclear power .
Talking to BBC Vietnamese language on 05/9/2013 from Paris , Professor Nguyen Khac Rings , former strategic adviser French National Electricity Corporation ( EDF ) warned that Vietnam may waste tens , hundreds billion which does not bring any benefit to the country as will leave tens of progeny sources of radioactive waste which he said ' thousands of lives are still in danger. '
Former professor of electrical and nuclear energy at the University of Grenoble in France made a call to Vietnam government urgently organize a referendum on the project and the development of nuclear power reactors which he says is too ambitious , waste and risky while the government said this is a solution to the power shortage .
Vietnam is being in the direction roadmap development planning stage nuclear power in 2030 by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung approved month 6/2010 , under which 14 nuclear reactors are expected to be allocated primarily in central Vietnam , including the provinces of Ninh Thuan , Quang Ngai , Binh Dinh , Phu Yen and Ha Tinh , with massive funding from the budget and debt .

Comment by Professor Nhan , who has over 30 years of research on nuclear power , given after the Management Board of Ninh Thuan nuclear power for communications Vietnam or they held training , visiting a reactor Da Lat nuclear applications for more than 15 delegations from Ninh Thuan to experiential learning , understanding of nuclear energy and radiation safety .
Professor Nguyen Khac Nhan : The Ninh Thuan province delegations to visit Da Lat reactor , as reported Dat Viet newspaper , is as propaganda nature rather than letting people understand the danger level of radiation . Dalat research reactor ( capacity ) 0,500 MW thermal , furnace is not dangerous as in Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power 3000 MW thermal .
BBC: According to you , Ninh Thuan is at risk when undertaking 2 nuclear power plant in the province of themselves ?
Ninh Thuan and Quang Ngai , Binh Dinh , Phu Yen , Ha Tinh will be in big trouble if it was happening , because the nuclear power program in Vietnam , a total of 14 reactors (1000 MW to 1500 MW ) will be built in five central provinces from 2014-30 .
Any risk in that province ( getting) is at a crisis occurs , such as the Fukushima disaster , radiation will spread across the province and around the central region . So , people must evacuate . I do not know how the government civil defense radioactive waste is very dangerous for life . Environmental pollution will be severe .

' Control the INFORMATION ? '

BBC:According to you people were not fully consulted , or they lack information or manipulation ?
In my opinion people can not be fully consulted because of lack of time and the level of knowledge about physical phenomena and nuclear . Of course they are trying to manipulate because the information is not provided accurate and complete .
BBC: An overseas Vietnamese scientists from Europe , Dr. Tran Dai Phuc who 's ever the Hanoi Moi newspaper said in comments quoted said in Vietnam " from now until 2050 , there is nothing substitute for nuclear energy , " comments Professor Comments how about this claim ?
Said that from now until 2050 , there is nothing substitute for nuclear power is completely untrue . The countries of the world , in 2013 , has invested 250 billion dollars in renewable energy sector especially solar and wind power . 2050 Denmark will be using 100 % solar power , Germany is leading the wind power and solar power . Try asking why Germany has sacrificed hundreds of billions of dollars , the courage to abandon nuclear power in  next 2022?
"For the survival of the country , I earnestly request the Government VN should hold a referendum on nuclear power program too ambitious , uneconomical and dangerous to innocent people"
Professor Nguyen Khac Nhan ( standing )
The lobby ( lobby ) nuclear propaganda ' lie ' , promote outdated nuclear power instead encouraged to fully exploit renewable energy . Currently in France and in Europe , onshore wind power has to compete with classical and nuclear power.
BBCExpert opinion says the nuclear disaster that ever happened in Ukraine , U.S. , or Japan are derived from human shortcomings , follow you there're any ability that people will control all incidents ?
All these events happened appears as Tchernobyl , Three Miles Island and Fukushima are due to people , by mistake , due to lack of qualifications . The risk was not because of equipment or design, the disaster is entirely man-made. Perhaps of course , there was negligence on the site , the design, but the main problem is staffing .
If Vietnam does not have enough talent , not enough specialists , not enough engineers to build , to dig , with me , should not making nuclear power , extremely dangerous .

' HANDS of interests group ? '

BBC: Do you think there is a group of domestic and foreign interests who have manipulated decided " by the " nuclear project in Ninh Thuan ? Does it matter from the reactor vendors for Vietnam as from Japan , from Russia ?
We can ask the question because of what Vietnam did not change strategy . Pressure from? Political issues or the foreign trader taking advantage of us,  determination to sell their kilns for Vietnam but the truth that is the inventory reactor  .
BBC:  It is possible that the intermediary company that has a crucial role in the coupling reactor sales to Vietnam ?
The truth I do not know which foreign companies to intermediaries , who have great influence and interests in the lobby , who have the first opportunity to get rich on our people , regardless of the danger to human life 
BBC: What you consults for people and the current government of Ninh Thuan and what advice with Vietnam in nuclear issues in general and other related provinces in particular , especially in situations of incidents ?
If a disaster like Fukushima happens or appears as Tchernobyl the central radiation will be covered and our country will be split in two long-term , tourism , exports , economy will be paralyzed for an instant . We will waste tens and hundreds of billions of dollars that do not bring any benefit to the country .

We will leave tens progeny of radioactive waste remains dangerous for a thousand generations . Since the survival of the country , I earnestly request the Government of Vietnam should express the organization of the referendum about nuclear power program too ambitious , extremely uneconomical and dangerous to innocent people .

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