Bishop Court of Vinh comments officially on government repression of My Yen Parishioners

Post by at 12:02 PM 6/09/13

VRNs ( 06/09/2013 ) - Nghe An - Yesterday , on 05/09/2013 , Father Paul Nguyen Hieu , Bishops Court Chancery ( TGM ) Vinh signed and disseminate document of 01/13-TG , about government Nghe An using violence suppress the laity .

Archives of 3 points : The first point to emphasize government used hundreds of police , riot police , militia and thugs , along with weapons and dogs caused chaos , brutally beaten parishioners , joined the house of people to break their religious statues. The second, Archbishop Vinh condemned the wrongful act of Nghe An authorities . The third, calls to those who loves justice and peace communion  to pray for the victims and defend parishioners .
Here is the full text.