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Two Dioceses Kon Tum and Thanh Hoa in communion with the Diocese of Vinh and the My Yen Parish


Do Minh Tuyen

While ten of thousands of faithful and hundreds of priests pilgrims to Holy Land Trai Gao to attend Mass under the chairmanship of Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh , chairman of the Commission for Justice and Peace Council of Bishops of Vietnam ... in communion , share and pray for  My Yen fellow parishioners , who's victims of persecution downright barbaric and brutal from the communist authorities in Vietnam on last 04 and 05-09 ... is now , both diocesan Thanh Hoa  and Kon Tum has officially voiced contribute to ease the pain of My Yen parishioners and dignitaries of Vinh Diocese ... at the same time expressed deep concern with the actions and violent repression immoral behavior of the ruling communist Vietnam ... from staging to put someone who mixed into laity groups then threw stone toward the government to create a pretext for attacking legally the laity ... to the distorted propaganda , distortions and slander to defame the image of the dignitaries of diocese in order to ... conceal his crimes ... and enlist public sympathy from people at home and abroad , and International for their misconduct above .

The consensus voiced from two Dioceses Thanh Hoa and Kon Tum today ... again confirms stance and steadfast faith of Vietnam Catholic Church in all matters relating to religious repression of the laity ... and are also a strong message sent to the leaders of Nghe an authorities in particular , and the communist government of Vietnam in general... that the Catholic Church of Vietnam  condemn and strongly oppose all acts of religious persecution ... trampling Religious Freedom rights of the people in any way from the communist government of Vietnam. Freedom of religion , the right to inviolable sanctity of the people ... and no one has the right to prevent , destroy or take away by any reason . Besides , Vietnam's Catholic Church , Council of Bishops of Vietnam, the men and women religious and all the lay community at home and abroad are expected to solve all the problems related to religion in the spirit peace , reconciliation and love each other ... that not as advocates for using thugs and violence as the government has done today.

To achieve the above desire , a need goodwill for genuine reconciliation from the government of communist Vietnam . All propaganda rhetoric , slander , libel and intentional distortion of the truth from the authorities in Vietnam only fueled hatred of the people ... to create distance that should not have between the State government and the people ... at the same time to make state's face worsen that already present are not good for so long in the eyes of the people and the International Community . To remove and settle well all issues , the Communist government of Vietnam necessarily look at the facts in an objective and fair ... not cover and protection for jobs wrong from his subordinates ... listening ... especially to many ideas and suggestions from people ... from Religious leaders . In the incident in My Yen parish ... in the Holy Land Trai Gao in recent days ... not hard to find out the truth is right and wrong from the public . All of issues is having the causes ... and find out what happened right from the start will quickly find concluding between the authorities and the laity in parish My Yen , Vinh Diocese who is right and who is wrong . However, as of this moment ... still not seen as a clear signal as also the true goodwill from the authorities to settle all cases . Hopefully , before the show positive signs from the leader of the Catholic Church in Vietnam ... The Vietnam Communist ruling will consider the pros and cons of the solution ... and soon give back to citizens their justice and true peaceful life as their desire .



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    Hai Giáo phận KonTum và Thanh Hóa hiệp thông với Giáo phận Vinh và Giáo xứ Mỹ Yên  

    " ... Thank God " anytime, anywhere " for the Diocese of Vinh , in particular American siblings Yen , has been on a mission to witness to the Gospel of love is unyielding . May the Lord give everyone involved knows calm resolve the incident in the true spirit of respect , respect for people, respect for freedom of religion , because only true just give us freedom , happiness true happiness ! ( Jn 8:32 ) .

    Please continue ... in communion with the Bishop the Diocese of Vinh ,  and especially with siblings vicar and My Yen on life in prayer and service . All to honor God is all for the sake of history and homeland to live in freedom and true happiness ! "

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