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Bishop Francis Xavier Le Nguyen Hong Archbishop of Hue Archdiocese


Do Minh Tuyen

The incident happened in parish My Yen , Vinh diocese to date has received almost a consensus , shared communion and prayer from most leaders , the dignitaries , priests , monks and congregation of the parish , diocese across the country . This suggests that the justice has not been entirely on the side of the ruling communist Vietnam after a series of cases of human rights abuses , suppression of Religious Freedom of people over the years ... as well as Religious persecution from brutal and violent in My Yen parish , Vinh Diocese in recent days . The voice of sharing , communion and prayer for My Yen from leaders of  Vietnam Catholic Church ... from Council of Bishops of Vietnam ... from the Archbishop and Bishops who's the Diocese's leaders ... to the priests , religious and lay communities in the parish ... not only expressed solidarity loving caring among children of God ... but also very clear reflection of the commitment to bear witness to the Faith of the Catholic Church in Vietnam in a society filled troubled ... full of injustice , tyranny and violence of today.

The entire community of God's people today very excited to witness the Catholic Church in Vietnam, Vietnam Bishops' Council , the leaders , the dignitaries , priests and religious men and women bravely defended the laity ... protect truth and justice ... against injustice ... against tyranny and violence ... against all acts of deliberate fraud insult and trample the fundamental rights of man ... trample Religious Faith and Religious Freedom of the people . In an unstable society ... and in a country where the atheist communists who always want to run country and ruled people by violence ... by deceptive tricks and lies .. .is the commitment of the Catholic Church in Vietnam ...of the spiritual leaders Religion is perfectly proper and essential ... not only help ease the pain that their people have been suffered ... but is also the tremendous encouragement mentally ...which help our faithful be courage , confidence ... to overcome your fear itself ... and boldly testify to faith ... to protect truth justice and the legitimate legal rights of everyone.

It is time for the leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam in needing to change their thinking and behavior to people . In the trend of Global Democracy ... the current policy of using violence continue to rule the country as authorities in Vietnam have been doing today is a false choice and lack of wise ... not only did not bring expected results ... but also makes regime more speedy collapse ... like we have ever witnessed in a number of Arab countries and the Middle East over past time . Besides , Vietnam Catholics congregation, we need to unite and stick together more ... need more of communion , sharing and more and more prayer before the social problems and the current country status ... especially problems related to religious faith of the people . We call for unity  not only in our Catholics community but also ... for all the believers of other religions . It's time for people take to become one ... for each of us to become warriors fighting tirelessly for truth ... for Justice and Peace in Vietnam as well as for the  Religious belief and most of the plausible human rights of each of us .


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    Archbishop of Hue Diocese mailing COMMUNION WITH Vinh diocese

    Đức Tổng Giám mục Giáo phận Huế gửi thư hiệp thông với Giáo phận Vinh

    Diocese Archbishop of Hue mailing communion with the Diocese of Vinh
    In the mind of the communion of God's children , yesterday 09/23/2013 , Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hue Francis Xavier Le Van Hong was sent to Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop and Auxiliary Bishop Peter Nguyen Van Vien communion letter , stating : " Hue Archdiocese communion and we would share with Bishops and Vinh Diocese for anxiety and pain of the unfortunate events that happened in the Parish My Yen in recent days . "

    This is the first time in many years , Hue archdiocese mailing communion expressed about a given issue is " sensitive " such as the case in parish My Yen . This show has been a lot of changes in social life in general , especially the Catholic Church in Vietnam .

    Nguồn: GPVO
    Source : GPVO
    Is the Church in Vietnam , through the pastors are gradually lead the faithful walked out of fear that commitment to build a new social justice and more fraternal as general letter of 1980 which hoped and desired ?
    In fact , during the past year , the report from The Commission for Justice Peace Conference of Vietnam Catholic Bishops sent  on 1/11/2012 , to the Suggestion for amendments to the 1992 Constitution of Bishops Vietnam on 03/01/2013 and many communion letters from diocese in communion to diocese of Vinh these days , proved that the Church in Vietnam is making a positive transformation , although still not yet to meet what people say general expectations , but the Church partly affirmed to faithful witness to the Gospel truth , live the gospel in the heart of the nation.
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