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Blogger Dieu Cay gets Awards International Press Freedom in 2013

Blogger Điếu Cày (Nguyễn Văn Hải).
Blogger Dieu Cay ( Nguyen Van Hai )
One blogger Vietnam is known the world has won Press Freedom Prize 2013 by the International Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ awarded .

Annual awards honor writers despite the repression, the courage to fight and sacrifice for the freedom of the press was given to blogger Dieu Cay ( Nguyen Van Hai ) ,who's sentenced of 12 years imprison for the charges of " propaganda against the state ' by the Vietnam authorities .

Dieu Cay was one of the most famous bloggers in Vietnam . He is a founding member of the Club of Free Journalists , an online newspaper ' Citizen ' independent of country that all media are state and strict censorship .

Together Award honorees International Press Freedom this year ,except Dieu Cay there are 3  journalist of Ecuador , Turkey, and Egypt .

Committee to Protect Journalists said in a global information age today , four journalists have been honored through censorship and repression to provide truthful information to the people .
Ông Joel Simon, Giám đốc điều hành CPJMr. Joel Simon , CPJ executive director

CPJ Executive Director , Joel Simon , emphasizing merit international recognition of this pen for the courage , commitment , and is not doomed to stifle free speech .

Program Coordinator for Asia of the Committee to Protect Journalists , Bob Dietz , told VOA Vietnamese language :

" Nguyen Van Hai 's case is an example of the problem of concern in Vietnam , where government censorship is not only intrusive but also suppress the social media , the independent voice on network . Mr. Hai is a typical victim of the state were targeted attempt to silence any voices which not follow the margins the party. "

Blogger Dieu Cay 's wife , Duong Thi Tan , said this award not only for her husband but for all bloggers against oppression in Vietnam :

" Whatever glory or an attention and support from the international community as well as the Vietnamese community everywhere, our family is very honored because people were aware of the dedication , sacrifice of Mr. Hai in particular and the community as well as bloggers in Vietnam are generally subject to a harsh crackdown by the communist government of Vietnam. "
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Ms Tan said that the Freedom Award by the International Press blogger Dieu Cay is another example for the world clearly see the status of press freedom , freedom of expression in Vietnam .

Ms. Tan continued :

" Everyone who get prize for journalism in Vietnam are honoring the courage , the sacrifice of those writers who dare to express denunciations of injustice and wrongdoing of the authorities. "
.... We are also very honored because people were aware of the dedication and sacrifices of Mr. Hai in particular and as well as bloggers community in Vietnam are generally subject to a harsh crackdown by Vietnam communist authorities.

Blogger Dieu Cay write about politically sensitive issues , criticizing corruption , and against the sovereignty of China invaded Vietnam in the Spratly - Paracel Islands . He also called for marches against the Beijing Olympic torch relay through Saigon in late 2007.

Starting in 2008 , he was detained five months after founding the Club of Free Journalists are not recognized by the state . September of that year , he was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison on charges of " tax evasion " that follow the organization of international protection of human rights as an excuse of Hanoi to stop articles criticizing the government .

After the expiration of the sentence , Dieu Cay continued detention while authorities investigate his blog which's said allegedly ' propaganda against the State . The allegations led to 12 year prison, the following sentence of Dieu Cay , caused international outrage and strongly condemn the human rights record of the Vietnam downhill .
Mr. Hai is a typical victim of the state were targeted attempt to silence any voices which not follow the margins of party.”

Blogger Dieu Cay who's ever been Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch awarded Hellman / Hammett award for human rights journalist , advocating democracy in the world .

In On World Press Freedom last year , he has been personally U.S. President Barack Obama honored when it comes to the pen which was political oppression .

Press Freedom Prize Annual International appeared over 20 years. 2013 Awards Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ will be held in New York City , USA , on next 26/11 .

Vietnam is the second largest prison in Asia jailed journalists , with at least 14 journalists who have been jailed , according to CPJ 's survey .

Many of them have been accused or convicted of crimes ' against the state ' related blog post represents personal opinion of them .

Still according to CPJ , the government of Vietnam is to increase control internet  while enhancing suppress freedom of the press .

CPJ denounced the campaign suppress independent bloggers in Vietnam escalated this year with the heavy sentence , the recent arrests , and many different forms of harassment .