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                                            Authorities attack laity in My Yen, Nghe An 


Do minh Tuyen

After the brutal repression from Nghe An Vietnam to the parishioners of the parish of My Yen , Vinh Diocese on past days of 03 , 04 and 05-09 ...  parishioners with friend Religions in many parts of the country of Vietnam for sharing , fellowship and pray together for the victims suffering because of the violence of the communist government of Vietnam in the My Yen parish particular  . .. and to all the faithful of all religions in the country in general . Present tragic condition of most religion in Vietnam is almost exactly the same ...when the freedom of their beliefs were godless communists in Vietnam has unregretted trampled , flagrant and downright brutal ... though in theory, this sacred basic freedom of the people was the law and constitution of Vietnam ... as well as the international legal recognized , regulated and protected .

The communist government of Vietnam is always shouting out that Vietnam is a state law ... and all human rights in Vietnam always be respected by the State government and create all favorable conditions . But that's just flowery words out his mouth in order to deceive the public and enlist the trust from the International Community . In Vietnam , most of the laws and the Constitution of the State are only on paper ... but do not be enforced ... or authorities behave arbitrarily and unruly . Typically for freedom of speech of the people ... in the constitutional law of Vietnam and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , along with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations ... has clearly specified that this right includes freedom to hold opinions without being disturbed ... ! But in fact tens of hundreds of the bloggers and democracy activists in Vietnam was Vietnam State government illegally jailed, only because of expression peacefully on network ... and most recently the issuing of wrongful resolution 72 from Vietnam government ... to create more opportunities for the communist dictator government of Vietnam legitimately silencing people .

Meanwhile, for the right of religious freedom ... since the U.S. government to withdraw Vietnam from the " CPC " list of countries violating religious freedom seriously and continuously since 2006 ... status of religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam not only did not improve ... but increasingly with increasing severity and more sophisticated ... that the incident happened in My Yen parish , Vinh Diocese in recent days as the final straw . Since arise the issue which shows that ... the case of police in plainclothes disguise thugs to prohibit illegally the religious activities of the laity in the Holy Land Trai Gao , Nghi Phuong commune, Nghi Loc district , Nghe An province ... was a law violation which are unacceptable ... and the incident said above would not become serious if the Nghe An authorities did not cover up the misconduct as well as ... not conduct despicable behavior of their revenge by kidnapping illegally two parishioners of the parish My Yen . And this violations overlap other irregularities ... causing serious incident and painful as what we have witnessed during the past .

Thought that after the serious incidents that ... Nghe An authorities in particular and Vietnam communist government in general will draw lessons from the experience mentioned above ... and stopped short of any crime from them . However, with the thug and cunning nature inherent ...the Nghe An authorities not only do not consider myself ... but also continue to get bogged down in new crimes against religious dignitaries and Catholic people in the province of Nghe An ... using the media and the press slander , false propaganda and deliberately distorting the truth ... including the deliberately staging of evidence which's benefit to authorities blamed on the laity and the Catholic dignitaries ... specifically for Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh . But God does not enchant them ... when the truth of that despicable plot was discovered and people exposed to light about ... The government of deliberately staging the scene to legitimate attacked Catholic people of parish My Yen . And now , not only the Catholics in parishes as My Yen , Vinh Hoa , Hoa Thang , Ha Tinh .... that needs general voices through Communion and Prayers from the Community of parishioners all over the country ... and the communion and share of the friend religious community . We together pray for the suffering victims in  parish My Yen ... pray for peace and patience from the religious leaders ... and especially for Father Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh ... Besides, we also pray for the leaders of Nghe An authorities in particular , and the leaders of the State of Vietnam in general ... soon perceived wrong his left and immediately stop any hostile act against the religion ... for Peace , truth and justice are displayed early on our loved Vietnam homeland .


Truyền thông Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Việt Nam

Thang Hoa Parish , Ha Tinh pray for My Yen

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VRNs ( 14/09/2013 ) - Ha Tinh - The sentiments of communion , sharing the suffering My Yen parishioners who has suffered because of truth . At 20 hours, on 12/09/2013 , Father Peter Tran Dinh Lai of Hoa Thang parish held the Mass to pray for the victims of parishes My Yen , Nhan Hoa , Vinh Diocese has been being persecuted , in parish Hoa Thang
After Mass , Father Tran Dinh Lai and more 1,000 Hoa Thang parishioners lit candles  solemn adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to pray for two of the Diocesan Bishop , for the My Yen parishioners who are being harmed remains steadfast witness to the faith of God fulfilled . And for national leadership know using their powerful to care for the people , for the country , especially for those who are responsible for communication know to speak and behavior in truth.

Hoa Thang Catholic Parish, Van Hanh region, Diocese of Vinh , located on the Statue Son commune , Thach Ha district , Ha Tinh province 
Người Của Thiên Chúa

Candles lit in the heart of the people of Vinh Hoa

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VRNs  ( 13/09/2013 ) - Nghe An - September 12 19:30 am Mass for True, peace , justice was started , to be held in Vinh Hoa parish . Mass by Father GB . Ding Cong Doan celebrant .
Although still three days away to Sunday , will light candles to pray for parishes My Yen , but in Yonghe candles earlier because of three events .
The first is birthday anniversary of lawyer Le Quoc Quan round 42, he was detained by the authorities unjustly . The second, pray for parishes My yen . And the third, pray for priest of parishes is healing diseases .
The Mass is unexpected , but when knowing to have the Mass, parishioners to participate in the ceremony also very crowded , each holding a candle burning by their hearts to pray to God for all .

After Mass Father Jean Baptiste invite people to sit down a few minutes . He said shortly about lawyer Quan who fought for human rights , religious freedom , and how special father speaks of the pain of the My Yen parishes are repressive by governments . He also noted parishioners often prayers for priest of parish early recovery .
With the intention that these candles are lit during hours of adoration after Mass began . The moment of silence interwoven with prayer of celebrant father and lyrics of choir .
The candle lit fire to the church , creating a quiet and warm , also known as the sound of hearts from children of the Vinh Hoa who is being serial flame of his father , though modest , but when Church's incident, is all of them to set out .
At this point , Vinh diocese as a fire pan , all of them are toward My Yen, are toward to Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop . Everywhere candles were lit to call and receive God present among this earth .
Cha GB. Đinh Công Đoàn, tay cầm chữ "Quốc + 13/9" cùng với những bạn hữu của Lê Quốc Quân mừng sinh nhật anh.
.Father GB. Dinh Cong Doan, holding the : Quoc + 13/09 " with the friends of Le Quoc Quan
celebrate his birthday
Pray for freedom and justice , is the rights of people , no one is entitled prohibited .
From this eternal , atheists seek to prohibit Catholics pray , because the person in prayer to receive peace from God . The person for arrest though prayer for four directions is still in unsafe feeling , so they always insecure , so they had to use every trick of prohibition , intimidation , beatings ...
They forget that life on earth is only . Trinh Cong Son wrote : The birds inn in bamboo , the fish inn in the slot groundwater , I now inn in the world , hundreds of years in the late distant sky .
In once, priest Tien, the child of Vinh Hoa lived away from home come back to hold Mass shared : Who has little faith when died the Christ will consider to give on Heaven , and who have great faith,is the heavens right in their hearts on earth . The teachings from Father Tien on that day seem as alive back among Vinh Hoa today's children , and right for the My yen children and for whole Church at this time now.
Lê Châu, VRNs

Hoa Hao Buddhist held prayer for peace of My Yen Catholics at Dong Thap

Đăng bởi   lúc 12:59 Sáng 10/09/13 
VRNs ( 10/09/2013 ) - Dong Thap - On the morning of 08/09/2013 , at home of a believer in Lai Vung district , Dong Thap province , Hoa Hao Buddhist Church ( Pure Hoa Hao )  held Mass communion and prayer peace for My Yen parish , Vinh Diocese soon overcome the incident .
Attending the ceremony were nearly 100 people , including dignitaries and Hoa Hao purely in the provinces of Dong Thap , Saigon , Can Tho , An Giang , Vinh Long ... The ceremony took place in an atmosphere of solemnity and purity . Outside the ceremony has many security police in Dong Thap province in plainclothes loitering track .
Mr. chief deputy Pure Hoa Hao Central Committee said : " Get sources of news that there're many people in My Yen parish badly injured caused by the abuse of power . , We as people in the Interreligious Council and in the spirit " a horse sick, all them leave grass " or " soft bowel bleeding " , we do our best to protect the interests of each other. At the same time communion and prayer peace for  victims soon out of danger and the My Yen Parish is peaceful freedom " .
According to sources from VRNs , 09.03.2013 morning , people in My Yen made claim to Phuong Nghi commune demanded his release and Nguyen Van Hai Ngo Van Khoi . After that , people were commune Chairman Nguyen Van Tao pledged to release , on the afternoon of 04/09/2013 . However, the afternoon of 04/09/2013 , people turned back CPC Phuong Nghi commune and requested leaders release as promised , the CPC Phuong Nghi has responded by ordered the police, soldiers uniformed appear crowded in the head office , with batons , weapons ... They give some people mix in the crowd to throw stones towards the police create a pretext . Then the police were equipped with pepper spray ready and started beating parishioners . There are strange things is authority forces did not beat the person who throwing stones , that only hitting the youth and women of the parish My Yen , making three persons in serious injuries , including a traumatic brain injury to surgery and the remaining 15 people were injured .
PGHH cầu an cho giáo dân Mỹ Yên, Nghệ An.
Hoa Hao Buddhist faithful pray for peace for the My Yen Parish , Nghe An .
Thus, from the beginning of July 2013 , entire the largest religion in Vietnam to be Communist harassment and repression . Cao Dai Pure Holy was seized the oratories in Long Binh belong to Go Cong Tây , Tien Giang and many dignitaries and believers were beaten and thrown rock brutally . Hoa Hao Buddhism was police Vinh Long , Dong Thap has sent invitations to many believers and many dignitaries to harassment and intimidation. Particularly on 28/08/2013 , police of Can Tho province prevented Hoa Hao Buddhism believers attend in anniversary of death of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan's relatives ( The leader Pure Hoa Hao Can Tho City ) . The government used civil defense forces and thugs to beat someone in injuries . The group of Protestant of Soc Trang Province were persecuted . Now  is, the Catholic people in My Yen, Diocese of Vinh was severely beaten .

Mr. Bui Van Luot, leader of Vinh Long Hoa Hao Buddhism who attended the ceremony for peace said: " We need to unite to speak out against the Vietnam government in suppression of religion as at present ."
Reporters group of Hoa Hao Buddhism


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