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Vietnam's communist government attacks and repression Vietnam Catholic Church


Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) requirements to U.S. Government to take  Vietnam back into the CPC list, under the infringement actions to Religious Freedom in a serious and continuous nature.

                THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


Truth about Religious Freedom that the communist state government of Vietnam has always claims to public opinion at home and abroad have been exposed to light. We are pleased to present the information and images directly related to hostile action, repression and religious policies undermine the communist government of Vietnam to broad public opinion and foreign judgment. The people of the country in general and the Catholic community in particular not out of the shock and sorrow when witnessing the heartbreaking image of a Catholic priest in a remote mountain parishes of the Diocese of Kon Tum was assaulted a very cruel, brutal just because to celebrate the Mass for ethnic minority  to pray and share with the tragic loss that their families are suffering when their relative was died.

The lash of the characteristics of gangsters want to kill Father Lui Luu Quang Hoa, a gentle Father wholeheartedly benevolent care for ethnic minority communities of the Central Highlands has left scars all serious and painful on the Father Luu Quang Hoa makes us all feel extremely angry. In recent times, religious persecution by Vietnam's communist government that extremely heavy especially for the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Series of harassing persecution and insult people's beliefs in a serious way for many parish as the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, My Loc parish, My Du parish and mission stations  missionary Con Cuong in  Diocese of Vinh ..... and most recently the harassment Redemptorist Church Ky Dong District 3 TP. Ho Chi Minh when some of securities disguised as the faithful in the Mass operation aims to monitor religious activities and intimidation threaten the spirit of the monks and priests of the church.

All images and information received that the authorities are behind the incident, and policies used to harass and mob smashed in the Catholic Church and Monastery, then the behavior attack the priests or the faithful monks have been active in the field of religion is almost the first choice of the communist state government with the purpose of deceiving the public about domestic and international for their rights violations of religious freedom as well as to run the offense if such despicable evil actions and sinful they cause can lead to a homicide or serious injury to the priest , that monks or lay people. No matter how smart cover matter, all of us also know the authors behind the back no one else than the Party Group and Vietnam's communist government that are sinful other records prohibiting the religious practices of priests from Dak Hring government, based on government policy Religion is an illustration of the most eloquent.

Before the current tragic situation, the parish celebrated Mass in addition to sharing fellowship and prayer for Peace and Justice, pray for the Catholic Church safe in every situation, praying for the victims who is being currently Vietnam's communist government persecuted and imprisoned by the wrong way because keeping their faith, pray for government leaders know clearly and recognize their wrongdoing and stop all behavior, attitudes and actions of their hostility to religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular. In addition, we also asked the leaders of Vietnam Catholic Church needs to speak up strongly for serious violations from the government of a zero-tolerance level. Besides the political expression and essential right of the Church in mobilizing international pressure forced the Communist government of Vietnam to respect human rights including the right to religious freedom people's legitimate. Finally and more necessary is a consensus of the people of Vietnam in general and Catholicism in particular that the people unite as one to stand up for joint efforts to protect lives, property and legal rights of legitimate every religion and every community across the country.


Kontum: Who conducts the father beat Lui Nguyen Quang Hoa?
Submitted by admin on 02.27.12 7:24 pm

   VRNs (02/27/2012) - Kontum - Story of a priest of the church Vietnam's Central Highlands were beaten in a rubber plantation, en route, made offerings of domestic and international public opinion "hot" a few today. No one spoke is responsible for beating a priest. Since the victims so far is 4 days and then, the wound painful bruises on the body of the priest Luy Nguyen Quang Hoa has left many thinking and feeling sorry for people everywhere.

Things happen very fast, roughly this: "After Mass Father Hoa go buried in the village of Kon Hnong, Hring Dak, Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province to the rubber forests, the national highway 14 about 3 km, he was walking and whispered hymn in the funeral this morning when he heard a car approaching, then suddenly one a sound " bop" in back, pain to whole body. He stunned, not what they react with two consecutive 3 iron square (3 cm square iron) who in turn hit a pouring. His pain that can not be buzzing faster, seemingly falls, three  young men be blocks up the chase, to beat continued. He fell down and put his hands on the cover his head, because fear of death. They have three people, a vehicle, while two people hold two iron bars three consecutive three-hit square in the head, hands, shoulders, back, stomach that left him collapsed beside his motorcycle. They immediately hit it hit a wrist watch, a watch thrown out crushed, pulled his torn wrist line. Repeatedly the evil blows, he saw the blood from his hand and run down the drain in wet clothes. He fled into the forest, they chase the next hit. He ran down a slope, do not feel right, he again ran up the steep, they chase continued. Luckily for him, after he was beaten, bruised but he is still conscious and thinking of the body. He came back, they run it from the bottom up, and saw he was preparing a counterattack, starting them "scary" immediate withdrawal. "beat that is enough." When return to the scene, Father Hoa saw  beaten motorcycle crushed, and the watch they thrown into a nearby lake.

The cause of the incident is unknown and no one has claimed responsibility. Consequently, a priest was beaten, bruised body, a doctor examined him confirmed that he bruised lung.

 Kontum Bishop said: "Until now, the area around Kon Hring Parish is only a ceremony Sunday at the center, or points allowed, the other surrounding villages including social funeral, the government also not allowed to do (contrary to State law Religion has issued about the funeral, anniversary, has the right to do at home). Numerous discussions with the commune, they still disagree. But the Father is made under the Law, this village of Kon Cha Hnong diverse funeral 5 times, this was like this? No one knows the direction? "(Source:

Particularly the people in the area said: "gang" is just from camp on, the young man about age 20, is "nurture" by local government communes. People also said that before acting, they were to an iron door premises nearby to buy cut two bars. Do not know what that reason they beat Father Hoa?!! From the origin to the village of Kon Kon Hring Hnong is 10km, the road from the village of Kon Hnong Highway is 3 km. Thus, people wonder why local government is not poor management to ensure the security of people between daylight. (Source:

About 5 days earlier, a friend priest meet and asked him; "back then, at the Kon H'ring government challenged you as me?"
He replied, "have nothing, the authorities prohibited to celebrate Mass this place , I will go to do in another place, no worry!". And indeed, he was calm, until today when we visited, he remains so, but everyone is feeling worried. It is feared for his part, concern for the lives of priests in the Central Highlands is much more.

Minimum rights of a citizen is to live and be safe on the homeland of their own country. An ordinary citizens were beaten, or are offended for whatever reason then it is a well protected by law, but this is a priest, the security guards must have been of particular interest. State does not respect religious order, the state will not survive!

Now, whole Kontum diocese is the day and night to pray for Father Hoa  recovery soon. But they also pray for the courage they dare to suffer injustice hidden wounds to unity, love and build the church. They also prayed for three young people and the people behind the other cases were brought to light earlier trial, but they dare to pray for their forgiveness for his enemies. Diocese of Kontum was chosen as the true path and make real children of God.

Father Nguyen Quang Hoa Lui was beaten by religious policies
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   VRNs (02/27/2012) - Kontum - According to a Board, vice president of CPC Dak Hring the ceremony of the priest is against the law! the family of Mr. Anieng and Ms Y Dinh agreed father Lui Nguyen Quang Hoa to celebrate Mass is also against the law! With this conclusion, the authorities based on the Ordinance on Religion - Religion and Decree guiding the implementation of this Ordinance, the religious policies in Vietnam that priests are not be allowed to fulfill their religious duties and even authorities not agree for lay religious practice spirituality within their family.

As VRNs has announced: "As the Father in charge Parish Hring Kon told, the people in the area attacked father Hoa said" three thugs "This just in from prison, about 20 years old, are Social management authorities. People also said that before acting, they were to make a base nearby store to buy 2 iron bars cut. Do not know what that reason they beat Father Hoa?!! From the origin to the village of Kon Kon Hring Hnong is 10km, the road from the village of Kon Hnong Highway is 3 km. People wonder why local government mismanagement that no security for the people in broad daylight? "

Nguyen Quang Hoa Lui father recounted as follows: "After the funeral Mass is finished, I run the motor on, about 11am, these strangers used motorcycle chase, they used two consecutive bars hit in the back and head of father (lucky to have helmets). After falling to the ground, I ran into a rubber plantation were chased and beaten by them in the head, face, hands ... I had to help cover the face and head. "

The two hands of Father Hoa now is bruised and dropped the clock. Father Hoa said continued: "They continue to hit in the stomach. Then they get back on throwing away my watch. "

Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh are viewing the wounds on his back, Father Hoa

It is known that so far around the Parish Hring Kon is only a ceremony Sunday at the center, or points allowed, the other surrounding villages including Social funeral authorities do not allow . This is clearly contrary to the regulations issued on the State funeral, anniversary, has the right to do at home. Numerous government Social exchange, they still disagree. But the Father is made under the Law, this village of Kon Cha Hnong diverse funeral 5 times, this was so. No one knows the direction?

The Masses everywhere as the priest's normal, here is a celebration of the funeral crowd demands the deepest spirit of man, which the government  organized for young thugs attack.

This is contrary to what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam often justified with the diplomatic corps in Vietnam, countries that always have the right policies on religious freedom, only subordinate to the wrong time. So what in the letter by his vice president if Dak Hring have solid bases of religious policy to current law of Vietnam.

Kontum diocese has nearly 170 years of community presence with the Highland race. Right from the early days of arriving in Kontum, rather then have twinned with Bok Kiom patriarch. Since then, the life in harmony with each other until the products in and make policy with religious division race. Ethnic communities with the missionaries found said progress in tune, despite the threat of action, attacking from the government in many ways.

Kontum diocese of 260,000 Catholics out there, in which lay people who belong to ethnic minorities account for more than 60%.

The orginal minutes in Vietnamese

The minutes be translated into English

Dak HRING                                   Independence - freedom - happiness
No: 03 / TB-                                         Dak Hring People, 21 May 2012 02


                        Conclusions of the Chairman in his social work
With Church, Village Management Board and head for Front Team Tua village

      On 21/02/2012 at Dak Hring CPC meeting, the Chairman had working with the village chief, Fathers (person in charge of religious affairs of the village), Head for Front and Hamlet Team Tua village leaders (village 4) about the Spirit of Father Nguyen Duc Hoa (Nguyen Quang Hoa) to make unauthorized pastoral village in Sunday morning, on 19/02/2012. Attending the work also the vice president People, Chief of the Police, Justice and Vice President of commune Fatherland Front Committee.

       After hearing the opinions of the Fathers, the front head and village village leaders Tua Team, opinions of the members attending the work, CPC Chairman Chaired the work has concluded as follows:

1.    According to the ordinances of religion, religion of the Standing Committee of 21/2004/PL-UBTVQH11 National Assembly Decree No. 22/2005/ND-CP, dated 01/3/2005 by the government to guide the implementation of some articles of the ordinances of religion, religion and the unity between the bishop
Kontum to Dak Ha district People's Committees of the communes in the district of the Spirit regulations to make entries in the local ministry, the Father Nguyen Duc Hoa to do pastoral in Team Tua village, Dak Hring on to Sunday, on 19.02.2012 is illegal and offenders the Law.

2.   The Fathers Team Tua village and family Mr. A, Ding and Ms Y Ding let Father Nguyen Duc Hoa to make pastoral home on Sunday 19/02/2012 to violate the law.

3.   Commune People's Committee asked the Fathers, for Front chief and village chief, village management units Tua Team is responsible for propaganda and explain to the villagers know and understand ordinance creed, religion, and Decree No. 22/2005/ND-CP 21/2004/PL-UBTVQH11 on 01/3/2005 government on guiding some articles of the ordinances of religion, religious
People know and implement.

      Commune People's Committee of penalties for the violations stated above, if there are repeated according to the law.

      CPC notification to organizations and individuals concerned, perform.

To:                                                          TM. PEOPLE'S SOCIAL COMMITTEE
- Management Board, Church,
 village 4 CHAIRMAN front
- Bishop of Kon Tum
- TT-Party Committee of the commune
 People's Council                                                           A BAN
- TT commune Fatherland Front
- Police, Organs of Justice
- Filed:

Police operation in the church during the ceremony!?
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   VRNs (28/02/2012) - Saigon - Initially police only track in the yard, but now come into the church to disguise laity for operation, causing a lack of reverence in the sacred ceremony.

Just a little note, at Mass to pray for justice and peace in the beginning of Lent, at 20 hours, on 26.02.2012, at Redemptorist will easily to know who is the police, who are lay people, although they try to disguise the same parishioners.

While all Catholics are listening Pascal Nguyen Ngoc Province father teaching the language, I heard a whisper, I looked through, there are two policemen, look beyond just a little door there is a police who is intently filming, recording, when seeing there's people shooting, the police took his hand covering the face, I suddenly remembered the police and security monitoring to see that the photographer is turned away, take hand covering face, hide behind others, turn and left.

Recently, to avoid people, the police have more type as took the chair to cover the face ...

After the confession of faith, then this group of people walked out and gathered the church to the end of 6-7 notes.

The police track the church to create the suspicion that religious citizens with religious organizations has lasted many decades. This has serious violation of religious freedom, just spend a lot of taxpayer money.

Prayer for Justice and Peace Saigon Redemptorist has been held in August 2008, but not periodic, but only held in when the communist government attacks religion openly. But since last June 2011, when China cut the cable event of oil and gas exploration on the sea of ​​Vietnam of Vietnam, the Mass to pray for justice and peace have been held periodically at 20 hours , last Sunday of each month.

At 20 hours on 2012 02 26, in the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help 38 Ky Dong Street in District 3, Saigon, there were mass prayer for Justice and Peace with the prayer as the spiritual needs for Nhut Nguyen Cong soul, thank God for family and Peter Doan Van Vuong family, pray for the bishops in communion with Vietnam Michael Hoang Duc Oanh Bishop, in communion with fellow Vietnamese in the U.S., Canada, France , Germany.

Mass with the participation of his preaching Pascal Nguyen Ngoc Tinh, along with 10 priests concelebrated with 3,000 parishioners.

As the car tunnel worker said, now praying ceremony for the Justice and Peace Lent more than 2,000 kinds of motorcycle to keep.

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