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Campaign for human rights in Vietnam


                    Campaign to Obama administration pressures
                    Communist Vietnam to release political prisoners, prisoners
                    Conscience and Religion in Vietnam Since 08-02-2012

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Vietnamese American community currently living all over America are conducting aggressive campaign to collect tens of thousand of signatures shall be sent directly to the White House web site propose pressure President Obama authorities force communist Vietnam respect human rights and to free political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and religion in Vietnam. The mobilization campaign to a large extent unprecedented in the United States has received positive response from all levels of Vietnamese refugees currently living and working in country rich traditional humanitarian and fit also meet the longing with the desire for democracy and human rights of the majority of the people in Vietnam before the complicated and poor human rights situation in Vietnam today.

Through the campaign for human rights in Vietnam, Vietnam our compatriots in the United States have expressed and shared deep concern with the suffering of his people are suffering in the country through very persecuted, harassed, arrested and detained the wrong way from Vietnam's communist government for expressing free speech rights peacefully. The voice from the lawmakers in Congress and senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States in recent times to ask the Hanoi government fully implement international commitments on human rights termination suppression of peaceful voices in the country, to free prisoners of conscience currently detained in Vietnam wrong seems not enough power so inspired Viet Nam community in the United States stood up to make direct campaign to head the White House to pressure forced the government needed the Communist government of Vietnam must improve human rights situation thoroughly. At the same time freed immediately and unconditionally to the political prisoners, conscience and religion in Vietnam.

All pressures are increasingly necessary to weigh more authoritarian system of government of communist Vietnam. Authorities could not continue the policy did not hear, not see or understand that to choose for themselves a clear direction in changing domestic policy and foreign relations. Or agree with the policy of access to democracy, to accept a multi-party polity through the conduct of an election free and fair as the current Burma. Or continue with the communist regime the only leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam, continued human rights violations, continue to suppress people in the country to then gradually facing isolation and punishment from international and regional countries as well as the wave of outrage and discontent which always smoldering in the hearts of people.


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Campaign for human rights for Vietnam

Thanh Truc, RFA reporter

Campaign of the Vietnamese in the U.S. to mobilize U.S. president to pressure Vietnam to release political prisoners, conscience and religion, have actually started at 0 hours on 8 February.

Photo: RFA
The campaign has collected 11.681 signatures as
 of 12:48 noon on 09/2/2012. Need to add more
 signatures to 13.319 to end on 08/3/2012.

Vietnamese Americans launched

We can say this is the first time a campaign of human rights for Vietnam are Vietnamese Americans launched with magnitude scale on the Internet, send straight to the White House website, Barack Obama requested pressure Government of Vietnam to release political prisoners, conscience and religion were arrested in the country.

A day earlier, ie early morning Feb. 7, Truc Ho, director of television systems SBTN Saigon Broadcasting Television Network in the United States, began installing the petition on the website of the White House with a hundred and fifty petition signatures to display and ready for the Vietnamese to support registration. .

This is also the campaign came from Truc Ho to note when trying to advocate for Vietnamese musician  Viet Khang has been detained in the country by authorities. From headquarters in Southern California SBTN, Truc Ho said:

"Recently we have seen happen in many countries persecution and serious human rights violations, most typical the artist Viet Khang because he sang two songs and posted on youtube that he was arrested without a warrant and reason why arrest. Vietnam Khang and his friend, musician Hoang Nhat Thong, has been arrested quietly quietly. People in the group is his Patriotic Youth group, just down the road to the right to express country, were also arrested. For that reason they lobbied the movement to write to Congress and the people of Vietnam in the United States to write his campaign with local MPs.

Ho thought it very important job but need more time for each person to download a form, fill it and send the signature to each locality. So they think they need to send email directly to the president directly. Ho talked with him Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang. Nguyen Dinh Thang has researched and said that President Obama has a " We The People" program to receive petitions from U.S. citizens that over twenty-five thousand signatures, the president will answer. Ho has decided to petition campaign for president. "

Up to 10 pm at date 7, there were nearly three thousand people signed up to support the campaign has not even really started. This suggests that the positive response of the Vietnamese community in every place, especially with the participation of many young Vietnamese classes such as Vietnam Student Association in North America, and those who do not speak Vietnamese but interested in the situation of human rights violations happening in Vietnam.

Through social networking

According to Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, executive director BPSOS, also known as CRS 'The Boat, has a range of activities to reach many cities and regions in different states in America, the main components child has an effective use of technical means of information technology and communication networks to relay the campaign:

"On the occasion of the United States and Vietnam are negotiating to expand trade issues between the two countries, we require the Obama administration to emphasize that human rights can not compromise on human rights to only increase trade partners. the White House has promised that if it reached twenty-five thousand signatures supporting the office of President Obama will appoint responsible officials to answer. That's the campaign's appeal derives prayer letter is now underway.

Video: DB Sanchez can thiệp cho NS Việt Khang

The campaign initiated by his Truc Ho and SBTN has established a team of Orange County right-to guide for the elderly may not know how to use computers because they want to sign it online at website White House News White House. We also support this campaign by opening all of the computing center BPSOS office in the place where we are present, for the same time help for people at home that does not have a computer, or do not know how to use the Internet how, then at that young people that volunteer to guide those who do not know how to use. But the manner in how he Truc Ho, yesterday spoke on SBTN system, calling fellow everywhere throughout the United States engaged in response.

It is very optimistic that this morning we open out the website now has up to four thousand signatures then. I believe the end of today to at least eight thousand to nine thousand signatures and so we can get twenty-five thousand signatures within thirty days. "

On the web page, personal websites and email, Vietnamese Americans everywhere can read about the petition, together with instructions to sign and send to the White House in Washington DC. Ms. Mong Hoa, one of the first people of Virginia voiced support campaign President Obama pressure on Vietnam to respect human rights, said:

"This morning I received a petition he sent from a friend of mine in Richmond because he is president of Newport New community and also have a friend who sent me here. I see this enthusiasm shown by all Vietnam abroad, patriotism and support for people in the country are fighting for the freedom of human rights.

As I see the steps to get to the website that signed it a bit confusing. People who used the computer but down below there was an inscription written sideways, with the words you have to re-register it to my complex, I see! I have known her, she BPSOS Kim Cuc of Kim Cuc said BPSOS phone number to call the invisible, for your name and email and they will do for you.

In SBTN this morning said they have a number call no pay, want to sign only two of which shall be referred to the volunteers so they sit there they type our names in. In only seven days because I needed more than three thousand signatures. "

Warm response

According to the calls on SBTN TV systems as well as from the BPSOS newsletter, if within thirty days that reached twenty-five thousand signatures, then Obama will have to consider and respond to petitions of Vietnamese Americans across the country USA.

From offices in the city BPSOS Louisville, Kentucky, an employee her name is Trang Thanh told that:

"The people in this very warm response. Actually I put this message out last Friday but now people are mentally prepared. In the last few days all the groups have worked very closely with each other. But Louisville is a small city and Vietnam just a few thousand, but mentally very strong response by a partnership including Protestant churches as well as Catholics, and the temple, where there are three Temple, people express their representatives to meet and discuss ways how to mobilize people in an effective thirty days to come.

Here we do by two ways, sign a petition addressed to the local congressman, Congressman John Gilmore, close hundreds of letters and signed. The second step is to sign this online is little bit complicated. Because so many people here are not fluent in computer, especially the elders, came to see me and told us that I was very eager, very eager to help gium of I, only I do the registration online . "

She Thu Ha, and coordinate programs for city office BPSOS in Silver Spring, Maryland:

" Since morning, in our office have a lot of uncles, aunts referred to her asking about information on how to sign in (sign). Those who know to use and have computer, we made the instructions on how to sign. But the call to say do not have computer, we collected in to a group for tomorrow that I invite all to the staff here took the time to help them. "

Young Lan Anh, Vietnam Student Association of North America:

"This is an opportunity for students, youth and older generation, can put together for our community have a voice in US government . Second, We found that we are Here have the chance to have democracy and human rights. You know Social Media in the network of bags they are very strong. Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter, so that the bags they used to let people know about the this Assembly.

We will also push strongly into our Network. In our list have more than five thousand people who use our email, we will take to them and hope they will give  friends and family to know, find ways to let us in our generation relations within  know about this campaign. "

Video: US on Human Rights Hearing

As long as the response of the Vietnamese people also spread to friends of their indigenous people. Mr. John Alles, a former U.S. military personnel had served in Vietnam in 1970, states:

"I think there are many things to change related to human rights issues in Vietnam. I know Dr. Thang and BPSOS organization, I also have many friends in the East, so I understand human rights in Vietnam is a concern of the Vietnamese people my friends here.

So I was passing information about this campaign to all the people I know, put it on facebook, tell the other ethnic communities speak Vietnamese as Khmer Krom Organization or The Mountain Foundation for their know about it. In my opinion the issue of human rights are violated in Vietnam must be understood and should be shared by so many people out here. That's why I supported the campaign of your human rights. "

Each person contributed a hand

Mrs. Annie Durkin, was working in Washington DC, expressed:

"Working in DC gave me the opportunity to know pretty much what happened in Vietnam, but more or less American executive or legislative attention. Human Rights is one of the issues of concern. In fact, I participated against human trafficking and slavery in Asia as well as in Vietnam, from which to learn about human rights there. reason I joined this campaign because I think each person should contribute to how a hand is almost 25,000 signatures enough draw the attention of the President. I click on items other organizations in the U.S. make the campaign with many signatures collected. They were successful and I look forward campaign human rights for Vietnam for the White House would succeed so well. "

According to Truc Ho, director of SBTN, as well as Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, executive director BPSOS, this is an opportunity to exercise the Vietnamese in the United States each contributing his hand for a great end, ie is campaigning for human rights are respected in Vietnam.

At here, Thanh Truc invite Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang back to show how the sign and sign the petition sent to the White House:

"First of all if you want to sign the petition, there must be an email. If that do not have email, they must open yourself an email. After a personal email address then right into the White House website, which President Obama has set up to listen to the voice of the people, and to open a bank account that is in your own account at the White House website.

Once you get into your account, you can retrieve the news wires that link to the petition he has set up Truc Ho, and just click a button marked "sign here". So his name will automatically be in the White House Web site in support of the petition he has set Truc Ho's visit the White House. "

Also note that you should include the city of the state where you live when you open the account, is that the White House know where you are now in this country and that U.S. participation widely from people everywhere.

Finally you do not need to be the U.S. citizen from engaging in campaigns, provided they are residing in the United States is sufficient.
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To help fellow technical difficulty or not know how to use computers or the Internet, set up stations BPSOS guidance in the following locations:

Atlanta (GA): 770-458-6700
Camden (NJ): 856-486-7770
Falls Church (VA): 703-538-2190
Houston (TX): 281-530-6888
Louisville (KY): 502-368-1491
Orange County (CA): 714-897-2214
Philadelphia (PA): 215-334-1500
Silver Spring (MD): 301-439-0505
Bayou La Batre (AL): 251-824-7004
Biloxi (MS): 228-436-9999


Your Guide On White House Website To Sign Petition

Wednesday, February 8 2-2012
Guide to the Whitehouse website to sign the petition
(Easiest way)
Please click on the link below:

The first: Click on "sign in / create an account" at the bottom right corner

The second: Click on "create an Account" (to open an account)

The third: Enter the email address and personal details

The fourth: Open Personal Email (your email account), view email sent to her from

The fifth: In the email, click the first link (first link), will be transferred back to, address your e-mail confirmation is true).

The button is no longer translucent Sign this Petition again, click on it, you'll see the name you are more invisible the petition signers.

Note: If you need technical support and guidance, please contact the SB-TN television by phone


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