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The Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 140 (01-02-2012)

             THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear You, Supporters, our semi-monthly magazine Readers of Free Speech No. 140, issued on 01-02-2012, editorials by selling monthly magazine. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in country for dear fellow.
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                 Loss to be - is to lose!!!
Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 140                                                ( 01-02-2012 )

            Doan Van Vuon case (05-01-2012) from last month which shocked fellow Vietnam and abroad on many points. The first is the genius of the engineer-cum-clearing farmer Doan Van Vuon, which had dared to challenge nature by sea encroachment, prevent air, blocking storms, forest and aquaculture pond  up. The second is the suppression of many types of actions of the authorities, from the plot of land appropriated by the two brothers who chair Quang Vinh Tien Lang district, the way police forces use the army to plunder the property civilians, beatings and torture their relatives can identify those who are suffering deprivation of custody, blatantly destroyed the residence clean suit and soon the merits of their aquaculture, to stories prosecute crime victims with terrible "murder", a slovenly statement of the vice president of Hai Phong city in order to clear the offense for juniors, bragging tone of the police chief of the so-called "enforcement campaign , synergistic combat or extremely perfect ", and the real level of the previous tolerate mistakes of subordinates (not the right way the first four families to investigate violations). The third is an act of courage to confront his, Vuon family against the group of new  evil bullies which has been ever in the communist authorities, through the plaintiff appeals from the violent response by the defendant on the way the same. The fourth was unanimous support for the victims advocate very wide, or by words from the world visiting officials, generals, lawyers, human heroes, monk ... or by money supplies from the domestic and foreign cells (now nearly 300 million).

            Recently, public opinion was being struck by a statement on the BBC on 20-01-2012 of Mrs Pham Thi Hien, sister-inlaw of Doan Van Vuon and wife of Doan Van Quy (who opened fire on the enforcement forces): "My family accepted the loss for society. This means that the first, Party and State will eliminate the boil that stand in the ranks of the Party. The second that if my family refused to take, do not accept receive sacrifice, all of people in this country, the less people that are their throat low as when were oppressed do not have nowhere to get help. And what in the third is the aquaculture households in Tien Lang, they will be very much because they will not bear the sight as my family again .... I do not think my family was against the duty, because we think it is robbery, not for duty. " People that do not get impressed by the profound words of a peasant woman naive but courageous tenacity. It shows the deep sense of legitimate self-defense behavior of the honest people who were put to the end of wall by robbers. Her family all accepted her loss (before, loss of land, and then loss work this is disruptive, take still unstable, and may be four people who are being detained will be able to lose their lives....... under the Communist regime, this way of brutal revenge is available). But the first-in-a hope for the party. Party is facing challenges to remove the ulcers in their ranks, the worm is to have small chisel and chisel carved carved the country and society. But the party has a reasonable mind doing this? when the incident happened just a week after the conference and the resolutions "rectify the party"? and nearly a weeks later (13-01-2012) is sentenced lightly for a minor party member, police colonel killed a human life? However, there is a senior member of the party, former President Le Duc Anh was soon startled to speak. He ruled: "The government Tien Lang district, Quang Vinh completely wrong." But everyone noticed it was running the offense for the party, the senior leadership of the party! Because without the dictatorship and the totalitarian communist party, how could bear two brothers as district president and commune covering eachother, cooperated to suppress, exploitation? , who banned private ownership of land rights, winning farms owned monopoly for the state apparatus? Catch farmers are entitled to use only a short time and local officials can claim to turn back? the second-hope-is also in low throat petitioners who were robbed the land in whole country since today, have a good example to follow and require for justice. Doan Van Vuon is right the bird wing to annouce the storm and a full glass of water droplets resentment of the farmers and the people. English is the word bomb Tien Lang to name a million people driven to desperately by the philosophical doctrines destructive of reason and conscience, by the political regime and brought the country to economic chaos coast and depression, by a totalitarian political party causing enough oppression and injustice, problems and crises for the whole society. If the ruling party refused to cry for justice from all over the country, from all social strata, the same fate as Ceaucescu, Hussein, Mubarak and Gaddafi is inevitable! And so the third was also the hope-time-is the  aquaculture households of Tien Lang in particular and farmers  farming in country  general, will not bear the scene as another family team. Many say this time was taken up and re-put up a strong, demanding the government to revise the land law, to abandon the principle of utmost absurdity and deception: "Land is the property of the entire population by State management ", must give up the very real injustices and the ruthless is the Party members became great landowners, representatives take time and more cruel feudal and French.

            · Also shocked public opinion in last month is the speeches of two larger intellectual current in Vietnam: Professor Chu Hao on BCC Radio on 11-01 and Professor Bao Chau Ngo on the Youth newspaper on 20 -01. These remarks reiterated the role of intellectuals in society and what is their loss. It can be said in Vietnam now, there are four types of intellectuals:

            - The first rank is group who absolute loyalty to the regime and the Communist Party of extreme service. Although trained in the world socialist or democratic western world, big or small a degree, they eventually get "socialism" as the ideal and perhaps life, for doing the Scout and masters. For them, more royal with party than country, more serving with party than serving the people, gathering and party than it actually is supposed to behave. This class is assigned high office, and enjoy great perks. Among the elected officials have with the idea Hoang Huu Phuoc repeal the protests bill, in the military colonels "Dr." Nguyen Van Quang with weird definition of "the people"; in the world court of law Nguyen Trong Ty said, to pray for stopping the bauxite mining Highlands is a violation of law, guilty of criminal, in education is principal of Teachers Training College Nghe An, Pham Ba Thang said the rescued children infant or fetus was buried out is reactionary; in the diplomatic service is Vice Chairman of the National Border Committee, Nguyen Duy Chien for Chinese vessels cut for VN cable ship an act of "love children give them a hiding " ... This class of people to be got material gains from the party but had lost their conscience as respect for the masses.

            - The second rank, looking intently focus research, professional work, regardless of social status, people's status and progress of the country, the risk of the nation. Speaking style of Professor Ngo Bao Chau: "For me, intellectuals are workers minds ... The value of the intellectual is the value of the product that he made, not related to the role of social criticism. "This attitude is increasingly backlash by those who are anxious about the present situation. Blogger Nguyen Quang Lap wrote: "I can not think simple: intellectuals intellectual labor. Scientists are considered knowledge whether or not how they were involved in the community and society. Speaking of Mr. Chau, even unknowingly, will make the cover blankets intellectual group swagger, continue to cover blanket more tightly, while still have reason to slight and to point the true intellectuals " . Blogger and also writer, Pham Viet Dao, then said: give up, ignore, neglect of history, the country's fortunes as it can only be classified in class " sleep intellectual." This class receive benefits from the study, from the works, but lost faith and hope of ordinary men which they hope will bring the knowledge and prestige to help save the life.

            - Rank third is tickles because the phrase "Nation in the vicissitude, the boors in duty ", be aware that the role of artists who should also try to make the public debate. But so used to living under totalitarian rule of the party, is entitled to any perks from the government, so they just played "loyal opposition". According to writer Pham Thi Hoai (Professor Chu Hao criticism), "they are not satisfied with the political systems in many major issues, public review and find solutions within the scope of change that matters , but not touching, or avoid to touch the foundation of the system exists. They stick with the system because of conviction, because of habit or because no, or do not know any other option. They are actively contributing to building and maintaining the system. Desiring to improve their systems to prevent its collapse. " This class of status, prestige and interests in certain systems, but do not have admiration for people who after seeing a wrong and evil in the quest mode cause and determination to break this cause.

            - See my last class shall respond to the sacrifice of the labor world are oppressed; bring knowledge being imparted to the masses who was concealed information, for public opinion were driven poisoned; speak defend support people who were gagged; using theoretical response to rulers sophistry, stupid people, using leadership and intellectual prestige to mobilize people to overthrow the dictatorship. They want to imitate these intellectuals have made history in communist regimes like the Soviet Union Sakharov, Vaclav Havel as Czech side ... Though imprisoned by the regime because of the slovenly crimes , weird as the writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia, lawyers Le Cong Dinh, the economist Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, journalist Nguyen Hoang Hai, Nguyen Trung Ton pastor, Father Nguyen Van Ly (and many are suffering from a prison or probation), they are the true intellectual class, the feudal intellectuals in the wartime (VN situation where there is no peace), patriotic feudal intellectuals. They may lose physical freedom, loss of business success, but the people loved,the international respected and to be named in history.


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