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Authorities continue to erase religious grand seminary of Vinh Long


                                        Vinh Long grand seminary existed before 1975

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The communist government of Vietnam continues use the bad ways in order to wipe all traces religion with the intention to appropriate property land entirely owned by the Seminary of Vinh Long. Since after the communist government takeover of South Vietnam until now, thousands of valid grounds of Vietnam Catholic Church were seized by authorities who using an appropriate power illegally and use of the office above an arbitrary or improper purposes, or internally divided each other that make more urgency in the public opinion especially for lay people in particular. The government appropriated the property of the Catholic Church on behalf of "borrowing" used for purposes of public benefits, but then quickly changed completely by using darkly way variables the "borrowing" into their own in order to profit.

For past years, church leaders, including leaders from the dioceses and parishes have repeatedly written request to state government promptly to return the property and land that the government took won a wrong way to serve the religious needs of living. Instead of goodwill by dialogue to address the legitimate requirements of Vietnam Catholic Church, the communist authorities to find all the tricks and evil cunning purpose for appropriating assets and permanently legitimate land of the Church, cynical and law. While the land is owned and managed by the state, there is no shortage immense, so for whatever reason that they would not give any bad tricks for how to take possession of the property and land under property rights of others regardless of public opinion, despite violations of the law and despite all human morality?

In essence, the government does not need the assets and little land from the Catholic Church in Vietnam. The main reason it is not like other religion on an extended expansion. The property occupies the land of the other religion is the most effective measures to isolate and control the performance of all activities of religious communities, especially the Catholic Church, an organization Religion has always been listed as ingredients fiercely anti-communist tradition and continuity. We must also remember the Tet Offensive in 1968, following the occupation of the Thua Thien Hue province, in nearly a month, the interim government of communist Vietnam has brutally murdered more than five thousand people, the goal is aimed at the parish, the parish where many Catholics live.


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Authorities continue to erase religious grand seminary of Vinh Long

Posted by admin on 2/13/12 1:39 morning

Nhà cầm quyền tiếp tục xoá dấu vết tôn giáo tại Đại chủng viện Vĩnh Long   VRNs (13/02/2012) - Vinh Long - The government of Vietnam, from North to South are actively remove traces of religion. Starting in late 2011 with a campaign to remove the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha - Hanoi, to turn into the nursing home. Next, the Redemptorist monastery in Nha Trang, also removed traces to become the hotel. Recently on 1/15/2012, the Office of  Bishop of Vinh Long said, Vinh Long Seminary, at 75 Nguyen Hue St., Ward 2, City of Vinh Long, has been appropriated to build the Cultural Center youth a long time, but now this will completely destroy the basis of this Seminary, to build a new youth center at the location above. This is clearly evidence the government to try to remove traces of religion in the religious institutions which they have borrowed.

VRNs please send you notice of the Bishop of Vinh Long and the episcopal letter of Bishop Thomas Nguyen Van Tan, bishop of Vinh Long was sent to the authorities calling for urgent attention to religious needs, but this patient request was referred to only respond with 3518/UBND-KTTH OL, deploy the erase religion.


103 Street on February 3, TP. Vinh Long

Phone: 070.3824016

E mail:

Vinh Long, 15 January 2012 01


(V / v Seminary Foundation Diocese of Vinh Long)


- Our Father,

- Our Superiors of religious orders, monks and nuns and You

- Brothers and Sisters Laity in the Diocese of Vinh Long parish

December 21, 2011 [1] recently, electronic newspaper of Vinh Long provincial government reported from OL: 3518/UBND-KTTH about 60 billion investment to upgrade the Center Youth Activities Vinh Long province. We all understand this is the basis of the Seminary of the Diocese of Vinh Long, located at 75 Nguyen Hue St., Ward 2, City of Vinh Long, Vinh Long province, but had been turned into recreational youth . It is sad and confused when so many contributions of our ancestors, the faithful in the Diocese had been canceled a bluff.

Since 1975, many of the common property of the Diocese was occupied, although the Diocese Bishop has repeatedly voiced a complaint and, given the government proposed the establishment of the Diocese, especially Seminary basis Vinh Long, Vinh Long province but the government refused to settle.

Historical base in Vinh Long Seminary (now the Center Youth Activities Vinh Long):

Basis Seminary Vinh Long at 75 Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2, Vinh Long City, this facility originate land purchased by the Diocese of Vinh Long in 1939, according to the sales made on 12/08/1939 , has gone through many stages of development as follows:

- In 1956, the Diocese began building a home range of a ground floor two floors, a chapel, aimed at training seminarians for the diocese.

- In 1958, receiving the seminarians (120 seminarians from 9 to 10 years old)

- In 1961, Father Nguyen Van Diep Raphae was sent here to establish the Pastoral Center of the Diocese.

- August 1, 1964, began to welcome the seminarians from the Diocese of Can Tho, My Tho and Vinh Long; the Cha Xuan Bich was invited to undertake the training of priests.

- In 1970, the Diocese of replacing a range of houses with no upstairs by prefabricated flat building for the theology, including a ground floor and two floors, next old house for the philosophy.

- In 1971, the father handed the administration Xuan Bich Seminary priests for the Diocese of Vinh Long in 1977 and since then, with the priests from Can Tho (Cha Thuan), Long Xuyen (Cha Kha) and the Dominican father (Father Nguyen Huy Calendar, Cha Dac Hoang Anh, Do Xuan Que Fr), Jesuit (Father Le Thanh Que) to collaborative teaching.

- In 1972, build the Chapel on the campus of the Seminary, between the areas of Philosophy and Theology.

Life expectancy is not high, base Seminary was the State of Cuu Long "requisitioned" by decision of the PPC 1957/QD.UBT on 06/09/1977 Delta. The consequence of this requisition that many priests and seminarians professors are training school, was imprisoned for the crime of which they never do, it's reactionary crime. Among those detained, which are currently live and have served the Diocese: Bishop Thomas, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh Long in office; Father Paul Luu Van Kieu, General Agent, and former professor of the Seminary Father Institute, the priests serving in parishes in the Diocese.

Minute dated 10.09.1977 Property Inventory prove that the property on the basis of the Diocese, to serve for the training of priests and the celebration of religious rites, namely:

• The minutes say that the property known as the Seminary.

• Among the Seminary property has the receipt, use 49 bench ceremony, 01 dwelling of religion (sound wall) area (0,4 m x 0,6 m), this is the tabernacle in the sense religion is sacred to the Blessed Sacrament; 08 St. service towels for the ceremony.

- Since 1977 until now, the basis of Vinh Long Seminary has changed a lot in terms of form as well as activities. State Vinh Long province have used this facility to make Children's Palace, and then as the Center of Youth Activities, organizations of all types of entertainment, including the cafeteria meals sold things .... Over time, this facility is in a state of being degraded not remodel.

- From 1998 to now, several times the Diocesan Bishop has sent a complaint, asked the authorities in Vinh Long province granted the right to use facilities Seminary Vinh Long (Centers for Youth Activities) to made for the Pastoral Center Diocese, to serve for the education and training of the laity, fostering Priests, monks, as a place for the annual Retreat for diocesan priests.

Vinh Long diocese now has more than 200,000 Catholics, 600 Monks and nuns, 186 Father, we really need to have a Pastoral Center Diocese as the other, to meet the pastoral needs, education and training.

Archbishop's Office please to send Father, Our monks and nuns and lay brothers and sisters in the Diocese of this notice, as a historical document, related to establishment of the Diocese Seminary, to understand and agrees with the stance of the Diocese, in requesting the provincial government of Vinh Long needed to meet demand, the Petition of the entire diocese sent to the authorities.

Please Father guide you and explain to people in the parish knows the history of this facility and communion in prayer, to the legitimate needs of our Diocese soon be resolved.

May the Peace and God bless us all.

Bishop's Office

The original application in Vietnamese

The application be translated into English:

03, 3/2, Ho, Vinh Long
                                                                               Vinh Long, May 24, 2011

To: Mr. President People's Committee - Vinh Long Province

Abstract: Please resolve complaints early delivery basis Seminary for the Diocese of Vinh Long, Vinh Long province

Dear Mr. President,

We, Nguyen Van Tan, Bishop of Vinh Long and all the priests in the Diocese  sent this request to Mr. President to request the settlement of the complaint of the Diocese of Vinh Long on the basis of the Seminary Vinh Long, 75 Nguyen Hue, Ward 2, Dist. State of Vinh Long has been occupied since September 1977.
            December 12, 2006, we received some 8/CV-TTr.XKT text of the Provincial Ombudsman asked us to supplement the required documents to the Provincial Ombudsman review, December 20, 2006 , we have sent all the additional documents required by the Provincial Ombudsman, but until now, the Archdiocese of Vinh Long diocese had not received a response from the government.
            As with other diocese, the Diocese of Vinh Long should have a place as a basis to meet the needs of pastoral training for priests, monks, and more than 200,000 Catholics. The whole diocese is very frustrating because the Seminary facilities and places of worship are still occupied and used in the work inconsistent with a previous religious establishments. In addition, the current ground floor houses left from the entrance is being hit, removing without our opinions.
            So, we, bishops and all priests, and petitions signed to the authorities keep the state and soon transferred to the Diocesan Seminary facilities mentioned above, to the Diocese with infrastructure substances used in the religious, so religious people everywhere would be able to trust to its "respect for religious freedom" of the State.

                                                                                                NGUYEN VAN TAN
                                                                                             Diocesan Bishop of Vinh Long

As the above
Ms. Provincial party committee Secretary - Vinh Long
The director of environmental resources                                     Signatories together
save TGM office Priests Diocese of Vinh Long

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