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Do Nam Hai engineer operating member 8406 block was beaten by police at home



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The state government communist Vietnam frequently harassed the democratic character dissidents and sometimes led to themselves were unusual attack happened in social of  Vietnam for many years and is becoming more serious after the security forces received a green light sign by the government allows even use violence when necessary. This makes the police and security forces from South to North as proved overbearing and unruly act. Members of the block 8406, a Democratic organization which received the support of numerous and powerful people in Vietnam and abroad have long been seen as a thorn in the eyes of Vietnam's communist government should be removed by any means.

In recent years, numerous members of Bloc 8406, including interim leadership of the bloc often got harassment, bullying by communist government and many people have been arrested and brought to trial for crimes such as "propaganda against the regime" under Article 88 of the Penal Code or Article 258 "abusing democratic freedoms are infringing the national interest" and together with other charges .... alleged wrong way. One of other executive members of the Bloc is Father Nguyen Van Ly, was arrested by Vietnam's communist and sent back to prison, Nam Ha, Ha Noi in the condition of his health is not good due to suffer from serious brain tumor, the disease has led to Father Nguyen Van Ly had suffered a stroke several times during the government being held in Hanoi.

The government arrested Father Nguyen Van Ly to return to prison in terrible physical condition was met with waves of opposition from public opinion in the country and abroad. Especially heavy criticism from the International Human Rights organizations and in many countries around the world as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Norway .... In meetings and dialogue on human rights between Vietnam - United States, the U.S. government has strongly condemned this immoral act of the government of Vietnam and asked the communist government of Vietnam must release immediately and unconditionally to with Father Nguyen Van Ly and all other political prisoners are currently on Vietnam's communist government imprisoned the wrong way. According to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. government really concerned about the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam and said that no one can be imprisoned for expressing freedom of speech its peaceful.


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Do Nam Hai Engineer was beaten by police at home
Posted by admin on 02/16/12 12:33 morning

Kỹ sư Đỗ Nam Hải bị công an đánh ngay tại nhà   VRNs (16/02/2012) - Saigon - At 10 o'clock yesterday morning, on 02/15/2012, engineer Do Nam Hai has been a security agents stormed the house and beat him with sprain soulder.

According to Ms Trang, a member of Block 8406, said: A few days ago, security personnel are always abreast of Do Nam Hai, to the extent he took a step then the employee also took a step. When He run the motor-bike, run him close. Mr. Hai has offered the security staff should keep a minimum distance, but this staff has proved challenging. Thus, while the security employee was sitting near the door of the Hai's house , Mr. Hai has taken his camera to capture, he must take the chair to cover his face.

The security personnel must use a chair to cover his face proved
 to get him doing something wrong, no right of clarity.

Yesterday morning, on 02/15/2012, this security personnel continued to close at home, makes Mr. Hai uncomfortable so have taken the camera to capture right his face. Unexpected camera, so no time to get a chair to cover his face yesterday, this young security agents called and forced Mr. Hai handed him the camera. Do Nam Hai decisively rejected, so this security agents was rushed to beat and broke the shoulder of Mr. Hai.

After that, Mr. Hai has agreed to be a martial arts teacher helped shaped the joints and tendons, but until now, he's still very sore, the hands do not move.

The security staff is paid from the taxpayer, not only did not protect people, but also cause injury to people. They also showed as an evil genius and always  threatening people who feed themselves and their families.

Do Nam Hai engineer living in Phu Nhuan, Saigon, he was a member of the 8406 executive. Police regularly follow him anywhere, anytime. Even when he deals with customers, police also sat next to, then terror his client.

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