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Vietnam was criticized at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council


       Many thousands of Hmong protest Protestant Muong Nhe in Dien Bien, May 5.2011; Figure right, a person who was shot to death by soldier, the corpse was kept  for several days in the village as an example.

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Human Rights in Vietnam has always been a burning issue and receive special attention from many countries around the world especially in the United States, where have many Vietnamese committees be living . In those days, a campaign of Vietnamese Sign the petition for Human Rights sent directly on the website of the White House by SBTN Television and Boat People SOS organization in the United States to collect the results beyond everyone's expectations that our figures are updated until 6 pm on 22-02-2012 it has exceeded 65 thousand signatures from the date the initial campaign 08-02-2012 . Meanwhile, at the session of the General Assembly United Nations Human Rights, Vietnam has been the experts of the UN Human Rights tough questions on the implementation of the elimination of racial discrimination in Vietnam as well as issues related to religious persecution and confiscation of land for ethnic minorities in recent years.

Domestic public opinion and International could not forget echoes of a bloody crackdown by the government of Vietnam to implement against the demonstrations to ask  religious freedom and against the confiscation land of Hmong ethnic minority in the mountainous district "Muong Nhe" Dien Bien province, northwest Vietnam on May 05-2011 has killed dozens of lives of innocent people a tragic way. Ethnic minority Hmong and other ethnic peoples, including Khmer-Krom in the Mekong river delta and the mountainous north-western border and Vietnam's Central Highlands have been Vietnam's communist government discrimination and persecution heavily. Especially in the Religious sector. The local authorities in many areas at times have asked them to give up their beliefs in exchange for peace for themselves and their families.

Vietnam's communist government in theory and in the UN report is always interested and take good care of ethnic minorities of all races as well as implementing policies consistent in giving up the victims racism which Vietnam is obliged to make in its commitment to the United Nations since joining the treaty since 1982. In fact, the action of the Vietnam government has gone against these commitments and the abuse and suppression of land grabs by the government of Vietnam to implement the state in recent years for ethnic minorities some have created fear and distrust of government in their hearts to many who have fled their villages, the jungle through the mountains fled to neighboring countries including Laos, Cambodia, Thailand .......

The minority ethnic persecution, discrimination and persecution in Vietnam is not uncommon for domestic public opinion and international, because even the people living in Vietnam at provinces centers such as Ho Chi Minh or even as those who are currently living right in the heart of Hanoi, but also get harassment, repression and assets expropriated land the wrong way let alone the same ethnic minorities in the mountainous regions or in obscure places and press organ international media is inaccessible. Before the human rights situation is becoming serious frustrations during long suppressed in the hearts of people throughout the decades have overwhelmed the risk of relentless wave of violence as the opposed gunfire in Tien Lang is hardly inevitable. In order to avoid the social unrest and cause unfortunate consequences, the only thing that the government of Vietnam can now do is to change state policies by reaching out and meet any desire democracy from the people. Respect for the truth, respect for law, justice, and properly implemented and fully with all international commitments on human rights in Vietnam.


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 Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vietnam was criticized at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council

In the last few days the situation of human rights in Vietnam again received the attention of the international community when the government in Hanoi to attend meetings of the Human Rights Council in Geneva to the UN report on the implementation implement the International Convention on Racial Discrimination last except that Vietnam has signed or acceded in 1982.

Duy Ai - VOA

gười sắc tộc Hmong ở Việt Nam

Picture: REUTERS
Ethnic Hmong in Vietnam

To learn more about this issue we have been in contact with Mr. Vo Van Ai, President of the Committee to Protect Human Rights in Vietnam, was held together with many other non-governmental organizations, to submit reports critical Commission elimination of racial discrimination (CERD) of the Human Rights Council United Nations. Invite you to follow Duy Ai interviews following implementation.

VOA:  Hello Mr. Vo Van Ai. As far as we know the Committee to Protect Human Rights Vietnam has recently submitted to the Human Rights Council UN Committee last individual is except Racism, a report on the situation of human rights in Vietnam. Will you please summarize this report for VOA's audience is known.

Vo Van Ai:  We have made a critical report, 30-page, titled  “ The violations of fundamental rights for ethnic minorities and religion at the Socialist of Vietnam" . Report This special report with the report of the Vietnam delegation that we put a lot of accurate documentation and specific case. In general, we have criticized Vietnam's report, because prior to the meeting report of the Vietnam delegation as well as our report has been posted on the website of the United Nations. We have read and we criticize that Vietnam's report is just a long list of legislation passed called for the protection of rights for minorities, but practically all the rules it is not enforced or applied. We also critical that the Communist Party's policies have made conditions of the legislation for the rights of ethnic minorities was destroyed, and so-called state campaign against racism in Vietnam only in fact lead to the payment of multi-cultural, religious and political people. For example, requisition land of their ancestors, forced relocation, religious persecution, arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, v .. v. Gap between rich and poor problem very alarming. We put the figure as in 1990 the number of poor ethnic minority of only 81%, this increased to 58%, which is 9 times more than the Kinh. And a very important issue for ethnic minority is religious discrimination, is a deliberate policy of the state. The example that is what happened to the Protestants, the Catholics, Hmong, Montagnards, Khmer-Krom Buddhist or Buddhist Church of Vietnam Agree, Hoa Hao, Cao Dai, v. . v ... In the report we give specific examples and we give 3 requirements.

First, please stop all the crackdowns on ethnic minorities and religion, to free all prisoners of ethnic and religious just because they act peacefully for religious freedom and human rights.

Second, to recognize Vietnam mechanism that letter, in Article 14 of the Convention against apartheid, so that all the victims in Vietnam have the right to write that letter sent directly to the Commission against racism nation. So far the committee did not receive that letter at all when they know that there is persecution.

And third, Vietnam to reform politics and law professor to be able to eradicate racism and religion, as recommended by two United Nations experts visited Vietnam in July and August 8, 2010.

VOA:  Sir, he has mentioned about the UN experts visited Vietnam to assess the situation of racial discrimination. As far as we know, Vietnam has reported that these professionals better assess Vietnam's efforts in the area of ​​anti-racism. How do you think about this?

Vo Van Ai:  Today we also heard Vietnam delegation led by Mr. Ha Hung, Deputy Chairman of the Nationalities Committee, to lead the group. Delegation of Vietnam is quite powerful, as many as 16 people. Today they also give the same answer. Today we have 40 questions of the members of the UN committee. All the teachers questions always start with the sentence praising "Vietnam hero against imperialism", "Vietnam was very courageous," "economic growth" and so on ... But after that section and then, when place the question on the last question is important. The women went to visit in July and August, they celebrated "economic growth," "has improved very much", v .. v ... but when they offer or promotion claims adjustment, side missions Vietnam has no replies.

VOA:  Sir, in the report that Mr. Ha Hung Vietnam for the United Nations, we noticed a paragraph saying that "in the Northwest region of northern Vietnam has more than 100,000 Christians among the the Hmong and Dao ethnic, and regional churches that number has increased from 29 in 2010 to 258 in 2011. In the highlands, they say, the churches 268 churches have been recognized including 400,000 Christians. What is your opinion of the specific data that?

Vo Van Ai:  Comments as well as our participants heard from yesterday morning until this afternoon, to recognize - as I have said, the state report of Vietnam is very perfect, always respect human rights and democracy, help minority in terms of education, health, etc ... always have such data. But the question, for example, questions of Mr. De Goutre. He told why the report of Vietnam and the reports of the non-governmental organizations face today from Vietnam did not see mentioned. The events that did not make the statistics. After Mr. Ha Hung then what is presented in excellent condition - as we can see heaven in Vietnam he was also the last section called "the difficulties that we encounter." When he presented these difficulties, some members of the UN committee also said that we find very contradictory - one party, he presented a very nice, but the others have difficulties. For example, the economic growth of Vietnam became a negative effect on ethnic minorities because of the increasingly high poverty. The ones we offer have been members of the committee raised. For example, we denounce that 87 of the Criminal Code, arrest the protesters because the excuse is undermining national unity policy. We also denounce the Convention is Article 14 of the ethnic minorities have the right to send that letter if in distress. In particular we believe that the household is the basic policy of apartheid in Vietnam, shall be members of the committee making the United Nations. But suffering is a matter put forward as the issue of household did not see Mr. Ha Hung replied.

VOA:  Sir, the same day Vietnam delegation in Geneva is being questioned about human rights issues announced press Vietnam National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, head of the committee drafting the 1992 Constitution amended, was chaired a meeting in Hanoi on February 21. At that meeting Mr Hung said that the "revised draft Constitution must also continue to pay more attention to human rights." What do you think about this statement?

Vo Van Ai:  This morning, Mr. Ha Hung also emphasized that point and 4, 5 people in the delegation also said that human rights will be given priority attention. But we think that human rights are implemented, not a matter of constitutional amendment or the criminal code. Because I think that all the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution and regulations Vietnam 1992 is too full, including the right to protest. But instead of suffering, as we have criticized the United Nations, the legal documents on human liberties have been sufficient but not applied, not executed. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung problem, if he can boost the performance is guaranteed in the constitution, I see human rights will be respected far more in recent years.

VOA:  Thank you, Mr. Vo Van Ai took the time to make us this interview. We wish you all peace.

Vo Van Ai:  Thank you VOA listeners and good morning in Vietnam.

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