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Heartbreaking story about the Vietnam petitioners in the present social


Law: "The farmers having land" by President Nguyen Van Thieu signed and issued in 1970
defended and bring prosperous for the people of Vietnam. Meanwhile .......

Heartbreaking images of the petitioners state government was communist Vietnam
appropriate property, homes land, had grievances over tens years without
 any consideration by any authories. Where justice .......?

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Read her story,Mother Bay Luong in Sai Gon and some other relatives of the petitioners have rode on down to the central and city for their land claims with the communist state government appropriated an unreasonable and unethical faith that feels painful, sorry for the fate of old mother and that lasted tens unfairly years has not been cleared. This story is heartbreaking for all to see the image and how different rule to people between the two modes Republic of Vietnam days ago, a government regime was slandered is evil regime and exploited the people by revolutionary communist in North of Viet Nam and the current regime, a regime always puts on themselves the most beautiful picture that is fair, humane, legal and service rights for the benefit people .....

The answer and ask for judgment for the insiders, petitioners, the victim was responsible for all suffering injustice, oppression for decades and are now falling into homelessness, not occupation poverty and resentment because of the humane and fair artificially in the name of the person representing the government of the law, but no different from thieves, there are other reasonable robbery with a legal name of "government". While reputation is an exploitative and evil regime, but living under the South Vietnam government days before we do not see massive petitioners scenes pulled together dozens for claims during such tens of years. Also not seen anyone complain that their governments were oppressive, or expropriate their property but rather the level of land supply for the residents of Vietnam that people living in former South Vietnam inherited as the law "The farmers having land," a law to bring a prosperous people, the people of the country and praised by the International President Nguyen Van Thieu signed and issued in 1970.

We do not look to the past for life, but look into the past to have an impartial review of our perspective on each and every mode of government. Many people, especially fellow Vietnam lived under the communist regime in North Vietnam and the children, young people born and raised in the communist regime in South Vietnam only to be told how cruelty and exploitation of the Republic of Vietnam regime of former South Vietnam from the propaganda by lying and imposture of the Communists in the government socialist state. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite of what they propagate throughout the country that people now have the opportunity to witness the thousands and thousands of petitioners before the country pulled together to the National Assembly, to the Central Government, to the authority of the government to reclaim property claims, land and their homes were test different government levels appropriated an illegal and immoral.


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Ms. Bay Luong, a petitioner in Saigon
Posted by admin on 2/23/12 1:09 morning

Bà bảy Lương, dân oan Sài Gòn   VRNs (02/23/2012) - Saigon - on and up 20 years, Ms Bay Luong is petitioners of An Giang province to Saigon to claim, as An Giang provincial authorities had taken her home without adequate compensation .

Ms.Bay Luong said, in 1972 her family was a former government land. At first a provisional and then were legalized, that is always level, so that her family owns the land in the heart of An Giang province. According to her, the government confiscated land now home to her the reason, the old days it was only provisional, meaning the state can withdraw at any time, without having to compensate for her .

Ms Bay Luong said that with the paper "legalized" and she is all right, who wants to do whatever they have to negotiate with her. But eventually the government had "robbed" go - she said the language of Bay Luong - her property and family. So she and many petitioners have almost permanent representative office in the southern part of the government inspectors at 210 Vo Thi Sau (Hien Vuong road before), Ward 7, District 3, Saigon.

She, Bay Luong sat between storytelling 

Police security was also standing in the region to put pressure on the petitioner to return home. The security staff is disguised as civilians, petitioners have mixed disruptive, divisive and has just ready to arrest people who go there to take photograph, ask the phone number.

A security officer rank captain regular called her is " Seven Mother" to close her for this management. Ms. Bay Luong said the security officers is clear: For status of human is mother - child, but then I was complaining about the petitioner, and he is suppressed person.

The security staff is inventing all sorts of things. They told the petitioners that someone just come to this demonstration will be received 100 thousand a day, separate her Bay Luong shall be 200 thousand. This money is due to Viet Tan and bad Vietnamese abroad gave! But Ms Bay Luong told is different. She said to those who have stayed in Saigon for 20 days to see that security officer ask for money, just by him said, he is holding  2 million of them each. I was here only to a week, I considered it keep of mine a million and four hundred. Ms. Luong said: "I give him 700, because of his keeping, and 700 paid to me!" But in fact, almost nobody give any money to petitioners.

Mrs. Tim in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre province said: Up here to scrimp every penny, in for a long time where no money. She find next: what this meal, we all have to do a table for people to give alms to the petitioners, for food, but live for justice. We all run into the street holding a bowl of application, but where the police can stop anyone for. Yesterday (21.02.2012), we all would be got 30 thousand.

Mrs. Tim in Ba Tri, Ben Tre

We put questions directly to Ms Bay Luong: People say you take money from the Viet Tan to incite others to this complaint, she think?

Ms. Liang said: That is slander. I really do want to know Viet Tan, but no one let me know, so I do not know. Then she said: When he was little central here, I said: "In strict parent families, harassment and exploitation of the children too, the children must be saved by neighbors only. Did you understand? "

Ms Bay Luong said, if any international or foreign country that they all bring money to us for that because they see we all have got repression from the state,  so they share and help. Bad people but share and help to suffering people is better the kind people who often have brutal actions.

These days, Ms. Bay Luong and many petitioners have stayed overnight  in Lien Tri Pagoda, Thu Thiem, District 2 and Saigon. Thanks to this temple roof petitioners feel that the journey to find his justice is not lonely, hopeless, though, the authorities themselves inert with claims up to 20 years.

Ms Tim showed us pictures of petitioners caught by police, handcuffed to the police station, then step on his foot, to the handcuffs cutting, tearing their hands out. It is true that not by a hundred to hear that. A few days now, out there, people started talking about how the French treated the old days, there are many times more humane way police and security people treated unfairly now.

An Giang is located in the southwest the country, where the Mekong River watershed, with Tien and Hau rivers pass through making the annual flooding season when a gentle-as intense. Cambodia's northwest border with nearly 100 km border, southwest border of Kien Giang, south east of Can Tho, Dong Thap North-east border. An Giang has an area of ​​3536 Km2 and a population of over 2.2 million people, including ethnic Kinh, Hoa, Cham and Khmer.

Across the country of Vietnam, People's decisions about coercive land acquisition is not less wrongfully convicted, but when people claim, the treatment from courts is people lost , unjustly cover unjustly. The situation becomes hopeless appeal to the people, but still have complaints, because they were unable to silence for the growing evil, and also played along just as bad as each other do the dike broke. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people wander around the public authorities seek justice. Ms. Bay Luong and other petitioners in Saigon are heading to watch the Hai Phong Doan Van Vuon going to be, with hope in this country where still remain of justice.

Like to see people still looking to government information, as soon as they were mistreated, and slander, but the authorities are taking every reason to push people on the "other side" to call them enemies , to free the oppressed.

Before we parted to continue to wait for 210 Vo Thi Sau authorities the decision on appeal, Ms Bay Luong told us that nearly past New Year, everyone on the home of all, I just yourself. Thich Khong Tanh asked me, why are not on? Ms Bay Luong touched and said: I'm too shy, but now where come back? no house to come back.

Thuy Minh, VRNs

Photo: Hieu Minh, VRNs

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