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International organizations concerned to current situation of blogger Dieu Cay


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The people of Vietnam who were privileged to know about the case of Nguyen Van Hai, blogger "Dieu Cay" who has been arrested since 2008 and then sentenced to 30 months in prison on charges of alleged "escape tax "but so far has not been freed feel shocked and really can not believe this is true. In addition, information indicating this time lost his hands and Mr. Hai is currently being held where? health and alive or dead, no one is known even his relatives including former wife and children. Recently, the topical public information not healthy for him in which people believe that he died after has information from his former wife Duong Thi Tan who narrated that when to send care packages to her husband in Lunar New Year and then get a signed receipt from agency security investigation in Ho Chi Minh City, the signature is not the signature of Mr. Hai .

What has made Vietnam's communist government, including a system as the security agency police investigation into Ho Chi Minh, the Inspector's Procuracy, the courts have tried to conceal ....  all information about Mr. Hai when they know that not transparent actions above will cause severe burning in people's opinion and go against every rule of law? British Customs is just a normal prisoners and was sentenced not enough 3 years imprisonment, a freelance journalist, a blogger is not any different with people. Hai himself is not a dangerous crime or anything belonging to the formidable nor as special ingredients so important to hide all information associated with his wife even loved ones and his children. Even a death row inmate was not so segregated so inhumane that despite the provisions of law and human morality.

Analysis of all data and information available, people do not eliminate the information he, Mr. Hai was dead is possible. In addition to the above information, there is no reason why the government of Vietnam to be afraid and seek ways to conceal information about him even when the information that he lost arms is true. Increasingly bewildered public opinion on his condition, the International Human Rights organizations, countries including the United States, Canada, Norway .... speaking simultaneously ask the government of Vietnam must notify the clear and transparent about the current state of Nguyen Van Hai. Whether he was charged with whatever crime he must also be a fair trial and due process under law. Even if the information he had lost arms or dead is true, people and relatives include his wife and children are also entitled to have information. A legitimate state can not have not opaque and not transparent action like the actions of bandits, terrorists that humanity is alienated and abandoned.


International organizations concerned to blogger Dieu Cay

Update: 08:24 GMT - Saturday, 11 June 2, 2012

Ông Nguyễn Văn Hải (tức blogger Điếu Cày) (đứng giữa)
Mr. Nguyen Van Hai (middle) in a demonstration
 of the Paracels - Spratlys.

An international human rights organizations expressed concern about Mr. Nguyen Van Hai (blogger Dieu Cay), because of his unknown fate in prison for 16 months.

Observation Agency protects the human rights protection, an organized jointly between the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and World Organization Against Torture (OMCT), the open letter calling for attention Hai said.

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Mr. Hai has continued detention from 19/10/2010 although when it was two and a half years of prison for the crime of "tax evasion".

This organization say they are prompted by the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR) about the missing while his execution of Mr. Hai, the founder of Club freelance journalist and is a famous pen on community network.

According to information received by this organization, Mr. Hai would not have nexus with family within 16 months.

His ex-wife, Duong Thi Tan, said she had not been met or receive any information about her husband and the police refused to continue detention where he announced Hai.

Notification of this organization have described how Mrs. Tan clips to send gifts to her husband before the lunar New Year occasion.

But on 1/2, when she come to the Ho Chi Minh security investigation agency in Phan Dang Luu street transmission request receipt signed by her husband with the exception for families of prisoners, police has given Mrs. Tan a receipt that were signed in hurry

"There may have died"

The text states: "extremely scribbled signature. This certainly is not the signature of Dieu Cay. "

On 6/2, Mrs. Tan with the procuracies Ho Chi Minh City People's required notification after news of her husband seven times single article, but still denied.

FIDH said they were concerned that he "may have died in prison or serious illness."

The organization called on the Vietnamese authorities to provide information tensely about the situation of Dieu Cay, including where the current detention and ill health as well as respect for the right to contact and communicate with family.

Earlier, in 7/2011, Mrs. Tan said she receive directly from the Central Police Agency of Dang Hong Diep security investigation Ho Chi Minh said Dieu Cay was "losing arms" in camp.

9/2008, Nguyen Van Hai was Court District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, said the 2 ½ years jail with charges of "tax evasion" and detained ever since, but never to be returned freedom.

Vietnam was often the international human rights organization accused of "no respect" agreements on international human rights law that was signed in Hanoi.

Human Rights Watch organization in particular in 2011, the government has sanctioned at least 33 home dissidents and peaceful activists sentenced to a total of up to 185 years in prison and 75 years probation.

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