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White House will contact the Vietnamese in the U.S. on V.N. human rights

                More than 54 thousand signatures in a petition on Human Rights
                posted directly on the White House website has attracted the
                attention particularly to the incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama
                about the worst human rights situation in Vietnam today.

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Information U.S. President Barack Obama requested contact with the Vietnamese community in the United States to listen to the presentation of people's concerns about human rights issues in Vietnam and the meeting lasted 3 hours will be held at the White House on Monday afternoon March 5 has burst our people in Vietnam are currently living in the United States as well as for the vast majority of people in Vietnam. The result was successful beyond everyone's expectations after a campaign to sign the petition on the human rights of the White House website by SBTN TV and Boat People SOS organization launched since 08 - 02-2012 and lasts until 08-03-2012. But just today, the number of participants sign the petition gained more than 54 thousand people figure, a very high figure out everyone's expectations and is the main reason attracted the heart of the White House itself and the reigning U.S. President Barack Obama.

Campaign for human rights in Vietnam has really attracted a large number of Vietnamese in the United States, especially young Vietnamese Americans who are lucky to escape communist dictatorship Vietnam since 1975. And the energetic campaign, the Vietnamese community in the United States has succeeded in exposing the actions of human rights have been trampled rudely by communist government of Vietnam to the U.S. Congress, to government and people of the United States who always put human rights standards on the top. The increase of repression, harassment, arrests and illegal detention of religious activists, the bloggers, journalists, writers, and artists about dissent and patriotism in recent years has attracted the attention of everyone, all in the United States government on the area of ​​human rights is a capital worse than in Vietnam.

Besides, at a session of the UN Commission on racial discrimination held in Geneva Switzerland earlier this week, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Committee on the Protection of the Rights to Vietnam (VCHR) has strongly urged the Hanoi government is committed to eliminating discrimination and racial discrimination in Vietnam. The Commission also strongly denounced serious violations of human rights in Vietnam, including an end to oppression based on race, religion, as well as the need to reform the political and legal systems to really ensure that government truly respect all international commitments on human rights that have participated and Hanoi signed since 1982. Tremendous pressure from the international community on human rights and mass social unrest disturbance associated with land claims in the country, Vietnam's communist government can not continue to turn a blind eye as well as ignore all legitimate requirements of public opinion regarding the current human rights field.


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White House will contact the Vietnamese in the U.S. on U.S. human rights
Nguyen Khanh, editor of RFA

The White House asked to be in contact with the Vietnamese community in the United States to listened to the concerns about human rights in Vietnam.

White House Photo / Pete Souza

President Barack Obama spoke at the National
 Assembly Building in Washington DC, January 24, 2012.

The meeting will be held at the White House at noon on Monday, 5th March, and expected to last 3 hours between White House officials and about 100 Vietnamese. The next day, the delegation will open talks with the elected federal parliament.

Ask V.N. to respect human rights

News White House wants to see the Vietnamese community in America is not popular than 2 weeks of SBTN TV and Boat People SOS Organization for launching a movement calling for people to sign a human rights petition White House website.

The petition asked U.S. President Barack Obama expanded suspended trade relations with Vietnam until human rights are respected. In the letter referred to the dissidents jailed as Father Nguyen Van Ly, Thich Quang Do, Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, blogger Dieu Cay, and Vietnamese musicians Khang, who was imprisoned after two popular songs "Who are you?" and "Vietnam What I", calling for the content contained patriotism of our people.

The campaign calls for petition signing began on the 8th of February and lasted until the 8th March 2012. Until this morning there were more than 54,000 signatories.

Vietnam on human rights is always the first concern of the Vietnamese who are living in the United States and other countries, as well as what law enforcement officials and U.S. lawmakers discussed in the meetings with the government of Vietnam.

Bringing Vietnam as a CPC

From left: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse,
 LS, Nguyen Van Dai, Senator John McCain,
 Dr. Pham Hong Son, Senator Joseph Lieberman,
 Senator Le Quoc Quan and Kelly Ayotte,
 in a meeting in Hanoi Monday 20-01-2012.
 Photo courtesy of NVD.

In the last month, Republican Senator John McCain for the press to know that when he and three other Senators have visited Vietnam, the Hanoi government expressed interest in purchasing a variety of weapons, defense equipment America. His answer is that Vietnam needs to improve human rights before the Federal Parliament can agree to sell the power tools that Vietnam must buy.

Last week when speaking to Radio Free Asia, Senator McCain also said that in the process of political reform, the Burmese government not to consider Vietnam as a model because Vietnam does not have free elections.

Also Female Rep. Loretta Sanchez of the U.S. Democratic Party has also recommended that the matter of human rights in the trade relationship between the United States and Vietnam.

Ms. Sanchez's proposal was made in discussion with Ambassador Ron Kirk on Thursday January 19 this year.

In that discussion, Ms. Sanchez said that Vietnam has achieved every time a commercial successes such as Normal Trade Regulations Perpetually PNTR, joined the World Trade Organization WTO, or diplomatic success as U.S. support for Vietnam in the Security Council United Nations, is that once  Hanoi government swallowed promises on human rights.

Ms. Sanchez said, adding that Vietnam is now increasingly imprisoning more people, not just aimed at religious leaders who fought for freedom and democracy, but also young people to speak over the internet presentation expressed their hopes for the country, in which case the Vietnamese artist Viet Khang is the most obvious evidence.

One should also add a message the White House wants to see the Vietnamese community in America have been reported during the world familiar with Vietnamese Language Board in Washington for Radio Free Asia said that next month, the Commission on International Religious Freedom by the U.S. government will announce the establishment of an annual report, which presents the events that occurred in 2011 regarding the status of religious freedom in Vietnam.

One source said not to mention verifiable in this report, the Commission will recommend the State Department designated Vietnam to the list of countries of concern, often referred to as CPC, because religious freedom conditions Church in Vietnam has not improved adequately.

Vietnamese Language Board we will continue to monitor this information to send you the latest information as soon as recorded.

According to the current time:

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 Monday, February 20, 2012
Status of human rights violations in Vietnam are raised at the UN

Cộng đồng sắc tộc Hmong thiểu số ở Việt Nam
Picture: REUTERS
Community Hmong ethnic minority in Vietnam

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Committee to Protect Human Rights in Vietnam (VCHR), a member of the Federation, urged the Hanoi government strongly committed to eliminating racial discrimination in the course meeting of the UN Committee on the elimination of racial discrimination held in Geneva earlier this week.

In this report a 30-page judgment sent to the United Nations entitled 'Violating the basic rights of religious groups and ethnic minorities in the Republic of Vietnam socialist', the Committee to Protect Rights Vietnam clearly the concerns of the implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in Vietnam that Hanoi was a signatory since 1982.

Commission's report refers to the disparity in economic interests, social, and cultural exchanges between the majority Kinh ethnic with minority people in Vietnam and victims of harassment of religious communities such as Buddhist Church Vietnam Teachers unified community of Khmer Krom Buddhist, Hoa Hao, Cao Dai or....

President of International Federation for Human Rights, Ms. Souhayr Belhassen, said that economic growth in Vietnam is not an achievement for human rights as the state or brag, but actually benefit from that growth is not beneficiary evenly among the population, especially for minorities, the components are being left behind than the Kinh people in areas like health, education, and employment.

Still according to Ms. Belhassen, this is the result of the implementation of the constitution, laws, tools discriminatory policies for control purposes, not consistent with international standards on human rights.

Among the recommendations put forward, International Federation for Human Rights and the Committee to Protect Rights of Vietnam request Hanoi for political reform and the elimination of legal racial discrimination, stop persecuting religious teachers, and recognize the authority of the UN Committee on the elimination of racial discrimination to the Commission may direct complaints received by the victims.

Source: VOA's Interview, FIDH-VCHR Joint Press Release

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