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U.S. Congressman calls for termination of 79 and 88 of the Criminal Code


                 Rep. Lorretta Sanchez, the Vietnam Human Rights Presidency
                 Who has more efforts in promoting human rights in Vietnam
                 and co-sponsored the Human Rights Resolution H. Res. 484


                THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Resolution H. Res. 484 calls for Vietnam's communist government to respect fundamental freedoms and human end the abuse of national security laws such as the 79 and 88 of the Criminal Code to arrest the dissidents, the patriotic citizens, freedom-loving democracy are being prepared by U.S. lawmakers and submit to Congress the United States. Federal Rep. Mrs. Lorretta Sanchez, Co-Chairman of the Vietnam Human Rights Group, who are more active efforts for the U.S. government to care thoroughly bad human rights situation in Vietnam today has strong strong voice before the U.S. Congress House of Representatives on the Hanoi government in recent years continues to increase suppression of speech in the country, including religious activists, the blogers, journalists, writers .......

Facing the deteriorating human rights in Vietnam, the U.S. government in recent years has been the ongoing activities to promote and revive democracy and human rights for Vietnam through a number of the visit working visit of Senators, Representatives and other senior U.S. State Department. Relationships and activities in the field to help Vietnam military equipment, technical innovations, supported humanitarian and other projects related to economic, social and political between the two countries are be attached to the terms of human rights. This shows strong support for the Obama administration's democratization process in Vietnam. The signal is also fun, exciting as a meaningful gift at the first time of year sent to the democrats, the dissidents and freedom-loving people of democracy in Vietnam.

More than three decades the country ruled by dictatorship, party, people with stupid policies, demagogic violent, so was enough not only for pathetic people but also even for the group leader leading party and state government of Vietnam. The government must stop thinking and all wrongdoing. Do not continue to persist, your competence, as this will put people more at risk to place poverty, insecurity and social unrest the country, while China, neighboring countries big bad far, greed and sinister is lurking day with the desire to swallow Vietnam and put Vietnam back on slaves time, as Our ancestors have suffered hundreds of years ago. Burma, a country that has the same style authoritarian rulers harsh and violent like Vietnam, but now are moving closer to its democracy in the help and encouragement from other democratic nations . When will Vietnam make the next step? this answer for the leaders of totalitarian party and the communist government of Vietnam ...!!!


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U.S. Congressman calls for termination of 79 and 88 of the Criminal Code

Dân biểu Hoa Kỳ kêu gọi bãi bỏ điều 79 và 88 Bộ luật hình sự       Posted by admin on 2/02/12 3:24 Afternoon

VRNs (02/02/2012) - Washington DC. USA - Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47), Co-Chairman of the Vietnam Human Rights Group has told the House of Congress in the event the Government of Vietnam continues to suppress the voice of conscience. Congresswoman Sanchez also spoke about the Vietnamese musician Khang, blogger Paulus Le Son and the democratic government is currently detained in Hanoi. She called the Resolution co-sponsored H. Res. 484, calling on Vietnam to respect fundamental human rights and end abuses of national security laws as rules 79 and 88 of the Penal Code of Vietnam to capture the freedom-loving citizens.

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Here is the text of the statement being translated:

Loretta Sanchez: "Dear Mr. President,

We continue to see the Vietnam government to increase repressive measures of the voice of conscience, as blogger Paulus Le Son and many patriotic citizens because of their love for basic rights such as freedom of speech and freedom express their opinions.

Recently, I received a lot of information other patriotic youth, a Vietnamese musician named Viet Khang, whose real name is different Vo Minh Tri has been arrested by Vietnam government.

Viet Khang's songs about patriotism, asking questions of conscience and the attitudes of Vietnam police to suppress protesters .

Vietnam authorities must respect freedom of expression, including art forms, ending the arbitrary arrests, and respect the conventions of basic human rights.

I hope colleagues will join me in co-sponsoring resolutions, H. Res. 484, calling on the Government of the Republic of Vietnam, Socialist respect fundamental human rights and end abuses of national security laws as vague rules 79 and 88 of the Criminal Code that Vietnam they are often used as a reasonable excuse for imprisoning citizens are seeking the freedom of religion and politics peacefully.

Thank you Mr. Chairman. "

Rep. Loretta Sanchez VP posts directly to VRNs

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