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All of wrong officers must be punished and compensation for physical and spiritual for family of Mr. Vuon

                why people shoot at Hai Phong city police

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General Le Duc Anh, former Chairman of Vietnam just have some comments heartwarming when people strongly condemned the military service involved in the enforcement of land for the wrong people and government all levels including government administration and Tien Lang district Hai Phong city. He also stressed the general, governments at all levels involved in the wrongful coercion above should be severely punished to regain people's trust for the government and the law. Also according to the General Anh, government at all levels should also quickly repair and fix all consequences of the aforementioned wrongful coercion caused by rapid adequately compensated materially and spiritually for the family Doan Van Vuon and his honor for recovery. 

In recent years, due to inadequate policies on land rights, and wrongdoing from government officials denatured and corruption in the land sector make the situation a land dispute between the government with people and between government with religion become hotly more on a national scale. increasingly crowded together people flocked to complain of land, concentrated in two major cities as Saigon and Hanoi. Governments at all levels instead of listen to the voice of the people is the abuse of power by the military and the police used violent repression, oppression and the people of enforcement and land grabs property of the people and religion by unlawful, pushing people into the end of way without escape route leading to protest caused wounding 06 people including police and soldiers beyond his will. 

Particularly in case of family and himself Doan Van Vuon, governments at all levels and agencies including the Ministry of Public Security, Procuratorate and courts need to consider and handling the situation logically achieve reasonable. The government can not consider them for the crime of "murder or opposing officials on duty" as identified by the current authorities for the following reasons: 

   - First, could not see him as person who against people on duty that should see  as self-defense action of unwanted people (although the above actions are not recommended) because enforcement action of Tien Lang district government institutions and Hai Phong city are illegal. Enforcement action because the target is not clear from its own interests, does not serve the public interest, the benefit of society and does not comply with all provisions of law, inconsistent with current land law practice and violates the national constitution should not be considered a "duty". 

   - Second, the offense can not " murder" for him because the consequences are not serious "causes only minor injuries" and his behavior purposes only resonate to attract attention and interest to the higher authorities for his unjustly and wrongs of the forces by the cover system between governments at all levels aimed at appropriating property of the land that his family had to exchanged for tears and sweat and even lost the lives of his beloved daughter so no motivation to kill. Therefore only consider charges of "Self-defense, injure unintended." 

Gunshots in Tien Lang is valuable lessons for the current government at all levels and truly underground alarm before injustice, oppression and violence used to suppress a widespread, indiscriminate all levels of government now in a land dispute with the people. The party leaders and state government of Vietnam, the authorities, the ministries should be correct, considering to promulgate the law, the legal provisions relating to land rights, the provisions law and the provisions of the Constitution of the state that inadequate and inappropriate to the social situation and the country today. Respect for the truth, respect for justice, law and state Constitution, respect for human rights and the legitimate interests of the people is contributing to political stability, social, brought the country and the Vietnamese people South to a prosperous place and true prosperity. 



General Anh: "Military should not force people ' 

Update: 12:55 GMT - Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cảnh cưỡng chế đất đai hôm 5/1 ở Tiên Lãng
General Le Duc Anh said the military should not be used in cases of forcible land 

General, former President Le Duc Anh said the army "to protect citizens' and oppose the military personnel involved in coercive land as Tien Lang.

Commenting on the incident before the meeting on 10/2 of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung related to changes in Tien Lang, General He told Sai Gon Tiep Thi:

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"Coercion from this person and give to another is completely wrong,"

"The involvement of military forces here are wrong. The military of the people, by the people, for the people that went involved coercion."

General Le Duc Anh also criticized the military leaders of Hai Phong "bureaucracy" is not known the lower level in Tien Lang coercion involved and said:

"You are the commander that did not what your subordinates do, how must you do when enemy come?

"Soldiers, the first task is leading against foreign invaders, the second is to help people and the third is involved in the production.

"Here you are not doing to protect people in work that to participate in coercion. This is a mistake in the history of our country ever."

'Edit the Constitution if necessary' 

In the interview with Saigon Marketing, General Le Duc Anh also welcomed the suspension of some staffs of Tien Lang but said that should "handle" all the city officials concerned.

He said: "... [C] Tien Lang district authorities made a mistake with severity, causing damage to property of citizens and affect people's confidence in the State apparatus.

"I hope that, after this decision, the Government, ministries, the People's Committee of Haiphong, and continue to look at and handle to place, to place the collective and individual violations not only in Tien Lang district, Quang Vinh, but also at the city government to soon bring the people's trust.

"I also said that if the government did wrong, here also have to organize repair, compensation for material damage and spirit for family and citizen  Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy.

The former President also mentioned about the Fatherland Front Tien Lang, although the "watchdog of the people" but have supported the Tien Lang district authorities while also questioning "the deputies of Hai Phong city where ".

On the law relating to land, he said should soon "to amend the study, even edit the provisions in the Constitution, if necessary, for specific, clearly."

'Avoid conflict' 

As a battlefield: The garden and the home of Mr.
 Doan Van Vuon desolation after the enforcement 

Earlier this month, a retired general of Vietnam has also sent a letter to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said of his experience in avoiding the use of armed forces in the land dispute.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Quoc Thuoc, former commander of Military Region 4 mentions that he refused service for armored vehicles to resolve land disputes in Quynh Luu - Nghe An in 1992 despite the request of the provincial party committee secretary

When two companies of two communes where land disputes have been staging military gun battle to protect the land in dispute of the two communes.

General Thuoc said: "At that time, I made it clear the province's leaders, if only hundreds of enemies, no need armored vehicles, within 15 minutes I will address soon.

"But this is the militia (2 commune 2 companies), the people. Give tanks to shoot someone?"

The former commander said he ordered the Chief of Military Region 4 with two unarmed soldiers come to "understand the situation, trying to avoid removing the conflict."

Mr. Thuoc recalls: " althought a seasoned combat officer but Chief comrade wondered and asked: If come in, I was arrested, how?

"I replied, I fear if enemy arrest you, but the people arrest you why  must I worry,"

"People do not" kill" you, on the contrary also to give you food if you solve with reasonable resolution."

'As battle casualties' 

Back for Tien Lang, General Thuoc said the actions of commune and district "have too many mistakes."

He said: "Many advocates of rights violations, violations of these steps solve the problem of a civil wrong in using the armed forces.

"Talking to coerce but the opposition parts have only five or three people. Why to mobilize for tens of (with hundreds of private talk) police and the army?"

General Thuoc said the armed forces had "used incorrectly cause casualties as a battle?"

The former commander made comment on the Tien Lang:

"This expensive lesson, if good resolution is key to the unraveling of the hot spots on land today, that many parts of the engine is derived from personal interests and interests of a group of cadres who in powerful positions. "

The enforcement causing casualties to the police and troops in Tien Lang, Hai Phong has shocked public opinion for over a month.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is expected to have the meeting on 10/2 for this incident.

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