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Crackdown on Buddhist Hoa Hao in Viet Nam


        Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) urged Vietnam back to list
              CPC. List of National Religious persecution serious, systematic and continuous

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Vietnam's communist government continued the policy hostile to religion. The harassment and persecution, beatings to believers of Buddhist Hoa Hao in An Giang in the last few days is typical. Also hand, government officials announced that always respect the religious freedom of citizens and create favorable conditions for people in the worship and religious life was easy. But in reality, the government always takes every opportunity to harass crackdown on all religious states which are not recognized, or recognized by the government but these people fall into the the most likely adverse or detrimental to the regime and the need to be controlled, suppressed or eliminated from society relentlessly.

The government used every means always the worst as used aggressive thugs to knock at the basis of religion, place of worship and in homes of believers who fall into any of components, hardware first, and then slander them as specialized element of public order disturbances, disturb the peace v ... v ..... And even more severe if encountered opposition from these believers, government does not hesitate, ready dressed up their crimes "against on duty" or with more serious offenses such as "propaganda against the regime or conspiracy to overthrow the government" offenses are usually applied to the senior dignitaries, the clergy or the faithful missionaries active on Religion,society but in the eyes of  government is the dangerous element for current regime.

In the religion is being Vietnam's communist government suppressed the most intense and most brutal is Catholic, Protestant and Buddhist Hoa Hao because they say these are the traditional religions that the most powerful anti-communist. Especially the Catholic priests who is said to have a large influence on the laity and so many potential risks destabilizing and detrimental to the regime. Also because the concept inept and biased that the government become more and more aggressive. Despite laws in the country, cynical people, the government crackdown, repression and mercilessly beat regardless of who and when necessary, willing to conduct terrorist kidnapping as made for dozens of young Catholics in the youth during that time. Maintaining the concept and to hostility to religion and then there are serious violations of human rights is the reason for U.S. lawmakers,  International human rights organizations consider bringing Vietnamese back on the list of CPC countries with human rights violations serious, systematic and continuous nature.


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Crackdown on Buddhist Hoa Hao
Thanh Quang, RFA reporter
The situation of oppression Hoa Hao Buddhism in the West there are no signs drop, while the last few days, in An Giang, with much of their relatives continue to unprovoked beatings and arbitrary.

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Gateway to the Hoa Hao Buddhist temple
 in An Giang An Hoa Tu.


In December last, the Organization for Human Rights Watch released a statement, which said Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch deputy director for Asia do not forget to note that "In Vietnam, the oppression to church which not recognized by the government, including Hoa Hao, which took place a systematic and serious. "

The ongoing situation in the West of Vietnam ominous for the Hoa Hao Buddhists, whether the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church or Tradition Pure.

Cases such as monk Vo Van Thanh Liem, each abbot in Quang Minh Tu Long Hoa Hamlet 2, Long Dien A, Cho Moi district, An Giang, recently released from prison almost 7 years to return on January 5 months last two should be relative, co-director to visit. But, according to Vo Van Hoa Hao Yan, followers of the monastic cell Vo Van Thanh Liem, the crowd makes it difficult to police, assault, as follows:

"When my brother was in prison for the government who did not visit him in my very end. Today he has grandchildren about and go to the brethren, but with CA to stop. They disguise, hire thug for beating, choking, do fall, swelling of the face, put me ... "

Where other Hoa Hao couple, that Mr. and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Nguyen Ngoc Ha, has encountered serious difficulties and the 5th day of this month when a large police at My An Commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang operating heavy-handed and unprovoked assault. Nguyen Thanh Phong told as follows, that we would be allowed to retain his previous words, vulgar language of the people's police:

"He beat me the name Hung, My An commune police. He said 'to head it down, beating die its mother for me , trampled it for me'. Contact at that time I almost fainted."

But his wife Nguyen Thanh Phong, is Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, the first victims of the police, prompting her husband to intervene should the same distress. Nguyen Ngoc Ha expressed her frustration:

"Yes, the police are too callous to Hoa Hao followers like us. It beatings. I am a woman that it knocked a few dozen people, handcuff me. They're very ruthless. I go shopping for anniversary , just arrive at the market, they pull the key, and beat. "

Nguyen Thanh Phong Hoa Hao followers recounted the incident by the way:

"On the 5th of February we sacrifice rice to dead of my grandmother. So my wife go on the market to buy vegetarian offerings. Take out more than 1 km, the police stopped and pulled motor-bike's key, my wife shouted that rob, rob. They from behind enclosure to beat his wife fell down and handcuff my wife right in the market place when there are so many witnesses.

Those who in the market shouted up why the police beat people for no reason like that. Police temporarily crowd outstretched, my wife in a mobile phone on me at that time I made drugs for my wife because my wife after out of jail  leaking heart valve. I was annoyed to run out, make the question to the police but they do not understand and not to speak of. Just near my wife, there was a group person from behind the dam holding batons made me fall on my back collapsed. Then 40-50 people stepping on me.

I was almost about to faint, then a few people on the phone taking photos, filming. Police pulled machine. I also heard they asked him why some snatch my phone. Police asked why use camera and taking pictures. He said because the curious. Just said curious,  the police handcuffed again. And I was hit continue, 40-50 who ambushed. They then handcuffed us, led away on a troubled path. They handcuffed and hauled us away more than 1 km bruised hands us all. "

Suppression system

HoaHao-250.jpg    Nguyen Thanh Phong believers under investigation at the police of My An commune in several hours in a state of serious injury but not essential medical care, deprived of food from morning until afternoon for the following forced him to pay a fine of VND 150,000 traffic and motor-bike hold demands in 2 days. Nguyen Thanh Phong believers expressed urgent:

"This mode too callous to Hoa Hao Buddhists, and people like my own. I'm out of jail, no jobs, which they surrounded my home economics for 6 months. When we go some way then he would not do anything. Now beat us, they do not compensate for drug money. For the Hoa Hao Buddhists in general and for me in particular, this regime is too cruel. "

Ideas should also reiterate that Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong was 6 years in prison and Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ha was 4 years in prison since August 2005 because of loyal protection Hoa Hao faith. Since the couple out of jail, police regularly harass terrorist victims' families that clinical distress.

In many Hoa Hao Buddhists, the last act of An Giang police show on the government continue to suppress a worrying Hoa Hao and systematic, not "pink" as a police lieutenant colonel in the West once said:

"That were their belief , it's normal, we have no interventions. The information that you heard only one way. The belief is popular to everyone, there is no one interference . Hoa Hao still normal activities, allowing by the state there's nothing else. What is that about one dared to intervene at all. "

According to Vo Van Diem, the faithful are brethren and the locals are complaining in that state for religious freedom, freedom of movement. Outwardly, it said to do by the Constitution and law, for freedom but actually there is no freedom. He expressed continued:

"Now the brothers in the Tao, one has to understand, comprehend the communist mode now. But it shall upon the teacher, group teaching, I always have to have compassion and equanimity, must be forgiveness. Members who do not want to struggle with the regime. But people still struggle with words only peacefully, do not want to cause chaos in the country, not to happen good for the brethren. "

Facing the difficulties of forest law in question, the monk Hue Tho Gaya Minh Thien-Hue Tho Hoa Hao in O Mon District, Can Tho City noted that

"After 1975, tentatively called the 'national liberation' treatment of the Hoa Hao Buddhist cruel. And the staff after 75 years straight with the Hoa Hao said that if not kill Hoa hao people, they will leave for work. Since then they sternly rejected those who keep their hair, wear dress of Tao; the hermitage, the temple, they are unloaded.

Because the resilient spirit of Hoa Hao: they would rather die and not give up Tao, so ultimately they again use the flexible way, the Executive Board of the Hoa Hao established in 1999 to assimilate Hoa Hao Buddhists, is said Hoa Hao has the religious freedom. But the personnel in the Executive Board of the Hoa Hao Buddhists were not elected by Hoa Hao believers but quite chosen from the Communist Party. "

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