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UNPO report human rights violations against ethnic minorities in Vietnam


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The report of the Organization of National and Ethnic Minorities has no representation (UNPO) is submitted of the 80th session of the Commission and eliminate racial discrimination in the United Nations that allegations of rising abuse and oppression of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. A long-standing problem which has caused concern for the International Human Rights Organization and many countries around the world. Especially serious is the persecution of the administration system for freedom of religious communities of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands region and the border provinces of northern Vietnam where most the people of Catholic and Protestant people of all ethnic communities including Degar Montagnards, Hmong and Khmer Krom community ethnic majority.

In some areas, local governments have forced them to abandon their beliefs in exchange for the safety of themselves, those who oppose attitude does not meet the requirements of the following government That being harassed, harassed and even persecuted by many different offenses as they listen to slander the wrong incite action against the regime, disrupting public security and row .... variety of other absurd charges. Fellow Vietnam and abroad as well as the international community certainly has not forgotten the events of " Muon Nhe" occurred in May 2011 at a mountainous district, Dien Bien province, northwest Vietnam as authorities use thousands of police and army conducted a bloody crackdown against religious-ethnic Hmong community caused the tragic death dozens of innocent gentle people.

This is a painful reality despite the communist government of Vietnam has always tried to strive towards rhetoric and put public opinion in the opposite direction, but still can not cover up the nature of evil and cruelty of an institutional inhumane dictatorship is increasingly losing the confidence of the people to the government. Religious freedom, a most sacred right of human that can not be offended and even prohibit although any evil mode, or any strong powerful . In addition, international pressure is increasing more and more to Vietnam's communist government will be a great motive power certainly to force Hanoi  authorities to change their attitudes, and behavior for people if they want to survive. Respect for human rights is the only condition that Vietnam's communist government must choose in the tend Global Democratization today.


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 Thursday, February 2, 2012
UNPO report human rights violations against ethnic minorities in Vietnam

Cộng đồng sắc tộc Hmong ở Việt Nam
Picture: REUTERS
Ethnic Hmong community in Vietnam

Human 80 th session of the Commission and eliminate racism Victims United Nations, the Organisation of National and Ethnic Minorities Do not represented (UNPO) presents two reports that say clearly state has repressed communities of minorities in Vietnam and Laos.

The press release posted on the website of the UNPO highlighted both the government of Laos and Vietnam has signed or acceded to the International Convention on Victims and eliminate racial discrimination should be responsible for executing all the necessary measures to combat racism in all its forms in order to contribute to building a world community is no longer discrimination and stigma.

However, the report of the UNPO and other organizations representing Degar Montagnards, the Khmer Krom, and the Hmong community that the systematic violations in Vietnam and Laos.

UNPO's report detailed a number of key issues affecting minority communities just as including the lack of religious freedom and personal safety.

The report says that the place of worship of the Khmer Krom was harassed by police , the Supreme Degar community religious practice at home in conference groups not registered was prevented by force using of police, and the government of Vietnam also open the military to eliminate Protestantism in the Hmong community.

At the 80 th session of the Commission and eliminate racism Victims United Nations takes place from 13 / 2 to Day 9 / 3 this year in Geneva (Switzerland), the Commission will consider the reports of 12 countries , including Vietnam.

Source: UNPO Press Release

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