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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 141 (15-02-2012)


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Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 141, issued on 15-02-2012, editorial of monthly sales. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in country for dear compatriots.
        Newspaper editorial TDNL

Tien Lang Department of exposing of Vietnam communist regime!!!

Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 141 (15-02-2012)

            The Tien Lang with two heroic farmers Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy will go into struggle history of our People. To date, the overall assessment, it is a case that spans multiple record record sensitivity (land claims), on the same path of despair (the victim against by mines and guns), the callous behavior (coercive pressure nearly the New Year with clean- robber style), about the very rules apply (dispatch police and military), the harsh measures (house breaking, robbery, beating people, imprisonment) , about the impressive speaker (floor overlooking the hut, raid remarkable history books!), and therefore the property lies (people burning their homes demolished! culprit build fortified bunker!), the routine bureaucratic arrogance (Residential care must be canceled before the report!), the offense level of government (no dialogue, no compensation and no plan for post-recovery), identified on the very opposite (between local officials nationwide public opinion), the delay of the authorities (after a month, to even look into  households), the wrath of public opinion ( hundreds of sites , and thousands of articles against), on gratitude people (visitors, help the victim from the inside out to foreign countries), the attention of the agencies involved (the prime minister, six ministries and functional branches have entered the fray) and on the paper application (the series officials, district and commune was under review, and discipline) (by author States Coast). All "record" was boiled down to one thing that is supposed Tien Lang has exposed all blackened face, the worst of the Communist regime of Vietnam, through the following aspects. Please get the story of land, for example:
            1 - Law absurd injustice: The 1992 Constitution was drafted, General Secretary Do Muoi, who had devastated the entire southern economy, has resisted the concept of "multiple ownership of land" of many to favor the concept of "owning the whole people", according to Le Duan said that 12 years ago: "The new Constitution to make an important point that the entire land into ownership of the entire population. As set out fully in accordance with the law forward socialism "! Moving on where socialism did not see, only the individualism of the officials, party members, local officials comfortablely to rule the roost. They outdo each other from robbing both the public land and private land after  the Land Law was enacted in 1993, through the guise of "project planning". Millions of farmers lost land, thousands of people losing their home market, thousands of unemployed union embroidery complaints from local to central government in despair. Family of Doan Van Vuon has also lined up on it for nearly a decade. Moreover, the 1993 Land Law stipulated period of delivery of agricultural land is only 20 years (while foreign investment company is leasing land at least 50 years). This will affect millions of farmers to the expiration of land use next year. Certainly many "conspiracy Tien Lang" was conceived and new are more "reactive Doan Van Vuon" will flare up. And of course, not only the Land Law that many other economic laws, culture, religion, media, health, education ... also contains numerous unfair terms so absurd, creating numerous victims. This was not the victim overlapping text, unconstitutional, lawless. At the conference the first year of implementation of the Ministry of Justice held in Hanoi, Danang and Saigon recently, Deputy Minister Hoang The Lien said recently in 2011, when nearly 44,600 tests normative, the Department of Justice has found about 4000 documents signs law on the form, content and promulgated. (RFA 10-02-2012)
            2 - Local government abuse and collusion: Mr. Luu Quang Yen, former National Assembly, former Chairman and Secretary of Tien Lang district, who has ever assigned 40.3 hectares of alluvial  to Mr. Vuon on 14-12-1993 explored to make fisheries ponds, has blatantly said: "I feel 14 years is enough time for farmers to recover capital and words, so no compensation was defined as land acquisition .... Land area is in the planning area Tien Lang International Airport. If  continue to let him Vuon land, then the state must compensate for very high prices "!?! It is clear that an abuse of power!
            Abusive behavior is also expressed by officials at local levels (from government to court and front) collude because self-interest. After the claim of coercion decisions of his land and people in commune with DPC was denied, they appealed to the Court of Hai Phong city. Here, the district worked with the judges to entice the plaintiffs that if they withdraw their appeal, the district will continue to lease land. Believe, the people of the district or the withdrawal, see the decision on land recovery and promote effective enforcement! About justice and law enforcement alliance with each other as evil happens often, in political cases as criminal. The voice of the Hai Phong city's delay after almost a month is a sign that the collusion. On contact with each other under the law trampled, oppressed people, seizing property for back and forth flow of interests and power.
            And to succeed in this confiscation, officials also mobilized the army. Notwithstanding the National Defense Law prohibits the use of military activities is not to fight for their country, in Tien Lang, soldiers have been requisitioned. Earlier, in 2010, Nam Dinh has used military land confiscation in the commune People's Alliance, Vu Ban district. In 2002 the army was to suppress the revolt of the Montagnards in the Central Highlands. Side with the armed forces also have the force of communication. The media Haiphong, Tien Lang voices together in defense of the government and condemned people, even after the conclusion of communist Prime Minister.
            3 - Party control of government
            Three days before the meeting of prime ministers, pm 7/2, Haiphong (the party organs) has announced the suspension of Chairman and Vice Chairman of Tien Lang district to review responsibilities in the enforcement, His  land acquisition. This decision of Haiphong, that party should have the right to discipline subordinates on a party, can not do the work appointment or dismissal of personnel of the government. This is strange for democracy, but very common in the communist regime, where both parties control the legislature (parliament) and judicial (courts) and executive (government); where the senior and most of the third member of this power must be at least party members or sympathizers of the party; where in all three organs of this institution as well as public security institutions military, academic, political adviser newspapers ... always take precedence over the head. Consequently laws approved by parliament, a court ruling declared, measures implemented by the government or agency decision of the state organization was ultimately managed only a party to show attention, attention Members of the highest power in the party (the Politburo, Central Committee). The law is usually regarded as that! Water treatment technology is so arbitrary!
            4 - Central cover or impotence: The party controlling the government also has the downside of it. Currently no wonder people buying the sale of communist officials. Want to sit in the chair Tien Lang district, Le Van Hien had to pay not less money. Sitting in his seat and then, every year to worship the dark for the city. Similarly, Do Trung Thoai to hold Vice President Hai Phong to buy this chair every year and paying tribute to central Hanoi. All just a bunch of herds combined to the benefit and control of power each. Since then, the processing will be hit softly lifted, not possible, Tien Lang officials punished in accordance with law (internal review is the same!). Including the Prime Minister and Politburo can not do anything to be where little hands in Haiphong, because thanks to them that he was elected to parliament this place. Sand every local situation is very clear and explicit, which has long been the central policy failure in rotation, to the point of Phan Van Khai exclaimed bitterly: "Senior said but inferior did not obey ", and Nguyen Tan Dung, the confessed "never disciplined any officers, as Pham Van Dong predecessor." If the Politburo or individuals capable Prime Minister Tien Lang, the handling was not due to the press, the opinions of the elders or the Fatherland Front ... and also not for long. Eventually enough people to territorial status "of his local sky child" and "a deep dense pack"!
            5 - Action on legislative interventions
            The conclusion of the intervention and Prime Minister Dung on 10-02 about the Tien Lang has done, a series of newspaper headlines shocked ones are called: A conclusion of his people (SGGP), Conclusions of Prime Minister "lens love, to reason "(VOV), people burst into tears of joy, Hai Phong leaders" care for "(, Conclusions of Prime Minister did burst into people's hearts (GDVN), People First excited Lang thanked the Prime Minister (Vietbao), Tien Lang people: "Our confidence was revived" (VNE), a fair conclusion, creating confidence for people in the country (PLTP), Tien Lang: and my heart was happy again (Vietnamnet) ... Many blogs also along the left margin tone. Understanding of constitutional law as it is limited sad! Because of a state rule of law, the three powers and divided powers and responsibilities clearly. The Prime Minister is the head of law enforcement agencies. Who violation, the court and the judge just based on that provision of law and trial lawyers also rely on that defense. Moreover, the party or government officials violate the "pending the decision of prime minister". He was what the hell that such universal rights? The country's ruling suspense then the prime minister himself happy "Our confidence in the government recovers." All forget that this is "Screen PR" (enlist public opinion) full of hand trick leadership worst current, which has been gutted to make economic, financial collapse, political oppression and moral degradation, social chaos and national security at risk!
            After Tien Lang, rule, social status, legal policies will not be any better if the people do not stand up as their brothers Doan Van Vuon


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