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Falun Gong 'missing' in Viet Nam

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Vietnam's communist government in the past and present has always denied Falun Gong movement in Vietnam and that only people practice qigong to strengthen. In fact, a series cases of harassment, repression and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners have been carried out at the wrong way on both cities as Saigon and Hanoi. The repression is increasing especially after the Chinese consulate official to demand that Vietnam's communist government help stop the airing of opposing the Chinese government crackdown on Falun Gong in China led to the arrest and conviction of two members of Falun Gong in Vietnam, said Vu Duc Trung director Nhan Hoa Software Company with his brother-Le Van Thanh was charged with "on-line the illegal information serious consequences. "

What information was taken illegally and how serious the consequences? Vietnam's communist government so long always take actions inconsistent between his words and actions, nor from any bad tricks to excuse, cover up for their wrongdoing. Especially since after the uprising of the people for democracy in some countries of the Middle East and Arab revolution named "Jasmine", the Hanoi government as sitting on the fire . The strength of the revolution for democracy spread wide and fast that the Hanoi authorities are worried about and that is why the authorities increased repression in all aspects and for anyone that they see as a dangerous risk of prejudice to the regime.

In recent years, the authorities have carried out secretly detained dozens of young people for young Catholics that do not comply with the provisions of law. A state law can not act like that because lawless kidnapping, threatening that the Hanoi government has made throughout the past is like the actions of international terrorists had been the world to condemn and curse. The administration of people why do not act in the interests of people of their country but obeyed China, the country day and night stalking evil intentions to swallow Vietnam to turn back for repression of its people. The gathering at the park to practice qigong a great clarity and in the order shall not be considered a violation of law.


Falun Gong 'missing'

Update: 14:53 GMT - Monday, 6 June 2, 2012

Tọa thiền tập thể của Pháp Luân Công tại TP HCM hôm 6/10/2011
Falun Gong has repeatedly collective
meditation in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Falun Gong practitioners in Ho Chi Minh said their colleague was arrested by police while training 'missing' from the 2/2 to date.

This person is named Vu Van Tinh said, 22 years old, a former police lieutenant Binh Phuoc province.

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Now he has moved up to live in Ho Chi Minh and work environments for technology.

Retired military medical doctor Nguyen Duc Tuan, his colleague Vu Van Tinh, recount, "about 7 hours 30 minutes into Thursday 2/2, while group Falun Gong exercises, we are in the park Le Van Tam, Da Kao Ward, District 1, the police to dissolve and arrested five people in the police station. "

"Four others have been released, but Mr. Tinh ever uncertainty since there."

Mr. Tuan from Ho Chi Minh City, told the BBC that he Vu Van Tinh by Falun Gong plays for resent some years, have been arrested or harassed by police "to ten times."

" Up to now, the family still have not received news of him, Mr. Tinh."
BBC attempted to contact the leaders of the police of Da Kao Ward, but not received feedback.

Concerning China?

Many sources report that, trouble happens to Falun Gong in Vietnam increased after this clan organization of collective meditation before a diplomatic representative offices of China in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to protest the persecution of Falun Gong in Beijing as well as expressed support for peers in the country.

Except a discussion had taken place about an hour, all repeatedly collective meditation after police intervened quickly dissolve.

Recently, building Chinese Consulate in Ho Chi Minh has moved to near Le Van Tam Park, causing the collective activities of Falun Gong practitioners increasingly was considered "sensitive."

However, Mr Nguyen Duc Tuan said althought difficulties his travel and peers still 'moving forward'.

He declared: "We will continue to train and tell the truth."

Falun Gong came to Viet Nam many years, 2000-3000 to existing students in the nation.

Government of Vietnam have raised denied information that Falun Gong movement in Vietnam, say it is "when people work to improve their collective health."

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