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Dear You all and the letter thanks to supporters of the 8406
and latest news about prisoner of conscience Father Nguyen Van Ly. Please help spread.
We sincerely thank you.

Khối 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam 2006 

                           Letters of support and thanks

 The campaign of fellow Vietnamese origin in the United States


- Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, Truc Ho.

- Voluntary agencies the media BPSOS and SBTN.

- Freedom fellow Vietnamese people in the United States.

- Freedom fellow Vietnamese people worldwide.

            1 - We warmly welcome you and Dr. Musician contact with the agency took the initiative to open for signature campaign across the United States from 06-02-2012 to ask the President B . Obama used the opportunity to promote Vietnam is the Trans-Pacific Partners and Systems General Preferential Tariff to force Hanoi authorities to release immediately and unconditionally all human rights activists detention, as well as stop the harassment and blockade of all human rights activists are on probation.

            2 - We all were excited to see after 12 days of Truc Ho and SBTN radio campaign officially signed a petition sent President B. Obama, more than 50 thousand children in the United States Lac Hong grandchildren of every world have enthusiastically participated, despite the raiding of the Communist and lackey. This number certainly can not be stopped but will also go further, to prove to the United States and the world community that the Communist Vietnamese refugees in America capable of solidarity and mobilize each other and willed determination to restore human rights and democracy for their homeland.

            3 - We have to thank fellow group of Vietnamese origin on the "land of the free, home of the brave" (land of the free, home of the brave) was always positive attention to the situation of the old country are doomed under the yoke of Communism and disaster victims for all those who claim to stand up for life and rights of Ethnic scenes that are suffering harassment, arrest, imprisonment (of which 50 member of our 8406: 23 people are in prison and 27 people were still incarceration arrest, harassment)

            4 - We sincerely wish you success in the fellow next step is campaigning for the White House officials appointed Executive Authorities in contact with the Vietnamese delegation to master the problem of human rights, labor rights, religious freedom, media freedom, women trafficking ...; dialogue with compatriots to take specific action rather than mere response, such that the sanctions if the Hanoi authorities are not really goodwill.

            5 - We earnestly longed for the freedom of the Vietnamese community worldwide community also imitate the United States to use all his political power (the contributions and ballot) that transport the local governments (legislative and executive) so that they not only speak but also by specific actions to improve human rights dimension to diplomatic cooperation with the Communist government of Vietnam.

            Done at U.S. 02 on May 19, 2012

            Board of Representatives interim 8406.

A. Do Nam Hai Engineer - 441 Nguyen Kiem, P. 9, Q. Phu Nhuan, Saigon, Vietnam.

Two. Rev. Phan Van Loi - 16/46 Tran Phu Street, Hue City, Vietnam.

      News of Father Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prisons

                         (News on 19-02-2012)

            Nguyen Cong Hoang, living in Quang Bien - Dong Nai, the grandson of Father Nguyen Van Ly by his uncle, has said the following after two visits prisoners of conscience adopted this position:

            Opportunity to visit on 10-01-2012 (17 December in Tan Mao), Father Ly said few problems:

            + At Christmas 2011, Ministry of Ha Noi police have visited him in Nam Ha and Christmas gifts for him. At that time the priest has said: You solve how is resolved, but I do not accept the verdict! You do not bother looking for a place to bring me out of here that probation. So just a computer and a phone that I can do is fight it. 2008, you have to find a monastery, the monastery agreed, but then you do not dare take me all day. After that, God has let me get sick and you have to tell me about the General's Hue archdiocese to heal.

            + Previously, the police have a camp meeting in Vinh Ly to "work" with him about the Catholic students at Vinh popular "Denunciations and ask the Politburo prosecution on charges of selling water and treason "that he along with many people named (21-12-2010). The prisoners immediately retorted: police the expenses he had no right to "work" with me on this issue, a message with your Procuratorate is to set up an indictment for trial even in those whose in complaints statement we have named!

            14-2-2012 on the occasion of a recent visit, Father Ly said his hunger strike and has refused all medical treatment (not even family medicine) on 29-01-2012. Each week his hunger strike five days from 2nd to 6th, 7th and eat again to Sunday, then the hunger strike continued. The day to visit, the prisoner is continuing a hunger strike in the third week .

            The public hunger strike that, every day there are 2 medical staff to medical examination and blood pressure but he always denied and they have made the record; managers also could record about the hunger strike of the Priest. With two of class, Father say: You are hard to share communion with me a little bit in my work, and let's just fun to do your duty!

            The purpose hunger strike and refused treatment by Ly is:

            1 / Reject judgment, because he has shown good faith in the prison over 6 months now that the authorities have not resolved for he was about. As he said earlier in Notice No. 01 dated 03-03-2011: "If on 15-3-2011, NCQ regime I continued imprisonment for 5 years, then I renounce any immediate treatment, including Church and family. At the same time I would make hunger strike for multiple indefinite period to protest, only Mass and daily prayer for how long enough strength and means. "

            2 / witness for those around us (staff and prisoners) know that God is loving, full power, the Father are really in to him and to each one.

            3 / Pray for the Church, the home is at peace and the grace for the repentant sinner.

            Regarding health status, the overall identity of Father Ly was rosy, the voice is clear, mouth still smiled happily, nothing is showing signs of hunger and weakness. However, walking remains hobbled away, must have helped his side, but not so as to use crutches when I was in Nha Chung (before May 7-2011). The priest did not carry out by officials as the previous car, a walk from room to room visits and meetings held out (near the gates).

            The drug in the previous posts, Father Ly was stowed in a storage room, today brought out, let Hoang to bring  back into the house. Dry foods are also told to bring prisoners in, but the nephew says that attach themselves to bring into use or when to end a hunger strike to whom they want to, and he has left all his food for his uncle.

            Two bishops in Hue (superior of Father Ly) before it is due to Hoang bought him a versatile Orbitrek Elite treadmill. He bought and brought to the priest, Father thank two superiors, and conveyed him thanks and visit to people, friends near and far who to pray for him in the past and also continues today.

            Write as told by Mr. Nguyen Cong Hoang.

FNA reporting team from Hue 8406, dated 19-02-2012

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