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Tien Lang case, the consequences and unpredictable events


Makeshift tent is the only shelter of his family Doan Van Vuon was destroyed
     desolation on 17-02-2012. Church altars and objects were thrown into the pond and sewer

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Tien Lang case, under way looking at a certain angle that may be more complex from everyone's mind because its effects can affect the entire state policies related to complaints people's land or country if not careful, trial results from the case brought on is immense. The impact of the case not only can disrupt or even society can lead to instability on direct security threat to the survival of a regime. We can see and understand why the case is in the process is done slowly and full of hesitation, and set off some new pressing issues where people have even final decision from a state-led communist government of Vietnam, said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

The dilemma can be seen where governments at all levels and from the central government because they have to choose one of two things to anyone in the government really is not easy.

   - First, if the trial in the direction favorable to the defendants, who had opened fire against the coercion of government wrongdoing is consistent with his people, in accordance with ethical people, are domestic and foreign public opinion concurred. But if the choice of this standard, the government is forced to accept a satisfactory settlement with hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of wrongfully convicted cases, other land claims from people throughout the country means that the authorities will have to accept the sacrifice interests of their own interests from the appropriate property for land administration's illegal for people throughout the country in recent years. Because of the complaints related to land occupied most 80% of the total number of complaints across the country wrongfully.

   - Second, if handling the trend of apathy, based on their own rules, despite contrary to law, contrary to the state constitution, contrary to the provisions of land law and even immoral people, which despite all public opinion and foreign interests and their private interests will always exist. The government will continue to maintain the right to inviolability of his authoritarian rule and how to run the country. But things will not be just as simple as that, because as they continue to use "law of the jungle" in handling the case also means facing the challenges from the public, from the infuriated rush of people that this is only the fear of party leaders and administration block. Practical experience is drawn from the lessons of democracy in the Middle East and Arab in the recent past is still there and not really easy for them at all.

Finally, a sincere advice for senior leaders in the party and the communist state government of Vietnam that: Think and act according to conscience and human morality. You accept the return of the legitimate rights and legitimate for the people also means that is the way to protect the legal rights of yourself and your family. Avoid any unintended loss as well as the potential threat that might happen for yourself and your family when the action against people and humanity. Respect for the truth, implementation and maintenance of democratic justice is the key to the path of peace, to help develop the country, social stability and the pursuit of truth for the happiness of the people and country Vietnam prosperous future.


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Tien Lang, the unpredictable progression
Even Lam, editor of RFA

Evolution of Tien Lang has tended to commit more and more deeply into the questions which are considered sensitive: from land policy, to disregard the public attitude of the government.

Picture: Law HCMC
Police surrounded the home of Garden light 5/1

The trial court wrong to use the issue of military power to control people being society poses an acute public. Is Tien Lang has to be good bricks to rebuild the foundations of trust or disruption Tien Lang will do more if the government is still not confident in the strength of his unshakable popular? Even Forest with the following article:

After Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made the decision on the case immediately Tien Lang has created a source of positive public opinion before the awaiting media and Tien Lang people. Almost everyone had the same thought: the Prime Minister's decision, although not yet fully supported to create a wave of people but in general it reflects the minimum required attitude of a government.

After the excitement ...

Mr. Le Van Hien (now suspended from work):
 "At the end of the lease period that the pond owner
 does not turn back will be forced" (dated 12/01/2012).
 Source dantonic-online.

A few days after the excitement calmed down attack new problems to emerge from the three key conclusions of the Prime Minister. Firstly, the Prime Minister directed the concerned departments to early treatment, and thorough handling of violations in the enforcement of Mr. Doan Van Vuon land. The second, Prime Minister proposed the Supreme People's Court judge their competence, considering the reopening procedures against the judgment and decisions of the Courts and Courts Hai Phong Tien Lang district. The third, Prime Minister asked the leaders of Hai Phong city to direct law-enforcement agencies to expeditiously bring the case "against the murder and duty" to a public trial, to ensure strict law. Proposing agency conducting the proceedings to consider extenuating circumstances for the accused by the unlawful decision of the district People's Committee of Tien Lang.

In the Tien Lang, two characters are considered new bullies are siblings Le Van Hien and Le Thanh Liem, a chairman of Tien Lang district, a chairman of Vinh Quang, where large pieces of land his family's Doan Van Vuon, the two men together and led troops to staging enforcement of this piece of land. The third opinion was condemned as a bad father is police chief Do Huu Ca, the direct command of more than 100 police, soldiers, civil defense attack on the place where his, Vuon family is to establish the business.

The role play is not left

CA Director Do Huu Hai Phong Ca.
 Photo courtesy of An Loc Tran /

The main role in the Tien Lang if treated properly under the law as required by the Prime Minister, they do not have the opportunity to also outlaw cavalier today. Two of Hien and his  brother Liem dismiss without being detained by the serious nature that they did. Mr. Do Huu Ca Particularly not a move without any deterrence to be promoted as a key member of the Committee of Tien Lang investigation.

About Do Huu Ca character, Professor Tuong Lai, former Director of Institute of Social Sciences, Vietnam's assessment said :

The treatment should be given first to the strict expression of the Prime Minister and strictness of the law is that colonel Ca.
GS Tuong Lai

"People need to give priority to processing the strict expression of the Prime Minister and strictness of the law is what he was colonel Ca. He is the direct command rape cases, raising to 100 troops, including border guards, police special forces to attack people they are just a few gun-fire only, a fruit mines create.

Colonel Ca show that this is a battle combat synergistic combination could write beautiful books, they must say this is a folly. For strict law, to an unpopular, must put him to trial first in the leadership of Hai Phong and then to dismiss the leaders in Haiphong because without them resist the plan approved Tien Lang, how institutions can do? "

No one is happy about the decision that Hai Phong City People's Committee launched. Picture shows a reluctance to openly taking place and people suspect that the famous words of former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai "on protected under not listen" is being repeated.

There is a different decision?
Hai Phong city leaders at a meeting
chaired by Prime Minister-way 10/2
about the enforcement of land in Tien Lang.

It also does not exclude the possibility that the conclusion of the Prime Minister is just the result of a final decision from the Central Party Committee Secretary, agency real power and only have the right to discipline or party members Named Member of the Central list. His police director Do Huu Hai Phong City Ca, a member of Central Committee, may have been shielded by somehow though his actions have made harsh public condemnation after using excessive force necessary to implement an enforcement order illegal.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang from Hanoi said his remarks on this issue:

Indeed, the relationship between party and government, they would still be Prime Minister and if he is disqualified, the other on the Secretariat decided to leave, even chase him out of the party.
Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang

"Yes, of course, the Secretariat shall take precedence over the Prime Minister but I think the Prime Minister in case he handled in a system of his government he would have done well is because the Prime Minister Committee Politburo member anymore, so I do think he is implicitly Secretariat will agree that he handled the other Party Central Committee only.

I think the Prime Minister said he was dispossessed of his authority in the government rather than a man in the Secretariat. Indeed, the relationship between party and government, they would still be Prime Minister and if he is disqualified, the other on the Secretariat decided to leave, even chase him out of the party. I think they will do. "

Hai Phong authorities have so far not dared to return land to Mr. Vuon shortly after his prime minister determined to recover land his home park is all wrong, from the court to order execution. If the return of land shall be made immediately thousands of complaints will flood the city of Hai Phong People's Committee for the fact that in the past two days hundreds of homes have focused on land his family Doan Van Vuon to celebrate with them and also held by thousands of land complaint poised waiting to sue.


Makeshift tent of his family Doan
Van Vuon dilapidated. Photo courtesy
of Nguyen Quang Vinh's blog.

Finally, the most critical issues are making politburo worry that dilemma, which is what the verdict will be for his family Vuon, those directed against the revolutionary government?

If you can commit directly to four employees fired on the execution of the constitution, the penal code of the judgment but cellular damage is immense. The result of this judgment will be condemned that government in the name of a revolution, but treated to people by act not well as with inferior courts of the French government in 1928 cases Noc Nan.

If treated as conscientious judgment, based on the spirit against foreign aggression, oppression of the nation is of course the oppressed that have opened fire against the government will be acquitted. This result is clearly unpopular but certainly since the land policy of this state will continue to be a chain reaction of farmers who lost land in the country would not hesitate to stand up when required they ask for is justice in 2013 when on behalf of all the land lease contract must be returned to the state.

Fact box

Nan Noc case 
- Is a major case of land disputes occurred in 1928 in the village of Thanh Phong, Gia Rai district, Bac Lieu,
- Between farm families Bien Toai, Muoi Chuc and the landlords and government officials the French.
- The Can Tho crown court adjudicate Nan Noc case on August 17, 1928,
- Acquittal and sentenced lightly to farm family Bien Toai.

Both problems are caused on the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong during the incident Tien Lang did not speak a word, whether he is the holder of the fate of senior party members.

February 16 correct past 84 years anniversary of Nan Noc case. Press record to celebrate this local Gia Rai, Bac Lieu province where the incident history there have been many memorial activities. Meanwhile, a pending of another Nan Noc in Tien Lang led the country holding its breath and even track the Secretariat is not pleasant at all.

Whether he wins or loses, then his family still Doan Van Vuon place on the list long solid struggle of the nation. If he and his brother were detained for further land policy continues to produce profits for certain interest groups, the society will be more motivated to fight. Conversely, if he wins the upcoming trial of history, the state will face numerous new challenges in the clearance process for people that petitioners.

The latest information that sketchy tent canvas was erected for his family sojourn Doan Van Vuon were destroyed and leveled on Saturday, February 18 when the wife is away. All items are clean break, family altar of Mr.Vuon was thrown into the lake.

Earlier authorities believe Vinh Quang keep status quo requirements of the land his family Doan Van Vuon, this means that the land can not appear to cover the temporary tent. Status unchanged pending investigation with image shack was broken as the previous dam have caused people in Quang Vinh has just bewildered frustration. Do not really know where is the government, why let to gangsters such excessive action?

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