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Human rights is a precondition in the relations between the United States - Vietnam



                                 Will the leaders of the party and government
                                 of Vietnam have the courage welcome trend
                                 Democratic reform as the current Burma or not?

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After the visit to meet and work of the Congressman, U.S. Senator in Vietnam, said Kurt Campbell, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States also had meetings and subsequent work with the senior leadership of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam. Working agenda between the United States and Vietnam Kurt Campbell said when he answered the press in Hanoi on last Thursday by focusing on key issues as human rights, including basic human rights such as : freedom of speech, freedom of association .... The official most senior Foreign Affairs of the United States in charge of the Asia Pacific region have expressed frustration because the human rights situation in Vietnam, which had not been modified signs of improvement but also serious setbacks.

So clear, consistent policy of the U.S. government and special concerns about the human rights situation in Vietnam today when all matters relating to diplomatic relations, economic and social fields, security and defense politics and Washington are tied to government batch requirements and conditions related to the human rights situation in Vietnam. The party leaders and the Hanoi government is probably intimately than anyone else what is and take the relationship to put Vietnam - U.S. heights than in the current turbulent situation of the country today. Outside, the giant neighbor China is raising dark intention to swallow for Vietnam through the worst provocation in the history of sovereignty disputes in the East Sea between China and the sovereign associated islands.

Inside the country, the mass demonstrations of patriotic people to the streets against China broke out in all this time. Besides many provinces, districts, towns, people who were seized land injustice flock gathered at each of the two major cities as Saigon and Hanoi to the claim. There are also many voices of dissident intellectuals, young patriotic students, religious activists, bloggers, journalists, writers and even officials from the main ranks of the party and the communist state government also unanimously called government of Vietnam for the reform amending the inadequacies of the state Constitution, stop persecuting and respect human rights.

The situation of the country can no longer worse and people from all walks of society is facing the National Assembly of Vietnam, the central party and political leaders of the country's highest pending wait a wise decision and brave of them, or upon the effort put together popular national leader in the ranks of the National Liberal Democrats, escape poverty and instability. Or maintain the policy advocated conservative and authoritarian, increased repression, persecution and violence despite the use of domestic public opinion and international, despite moral, despite increased heart of revenge anger and dissatisfaction from people faced and continue to maintain its monopoly power. That is what will be lost and got in the state and social insecurity and unstable country today. All issues, all results are subject to ......The answer positively or negatively from the highest leaders of the Congress, the State Party and the Communist government of Vietnam.


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U.S still spread human rights as a condition

Update: 13:34 GMT - Friday, 3 June 2, 2012Thứ trưởng Kurt Campbell

Mr. Campbell has visited Vietnam in two days
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said Monday 2/2 that the relations between US-Vietnam Hanoi to add more steps needed competition significantly improves human rights.

Mr. Campbell, senior diplomat in charge of America's best the Asia-Pacific, has ended his visit to Vietnam in two days, in which he discusses with officials landlord about "a series of home recommended "relevant bilateral relations and multilateral.

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United States, 

However, he told reporters in Hanoi on Thursday that the United States "has made clear that for [relations] First U.S. and Vietnam to the next level, will require the country to have the first step is matter to resolve individual cases causing concern, the concern about human rights as well as systemic challenges related to freedom of expression and freedom of association ".

He also emphasized that a letter be disappointed when Washington saw some things that he called backtracking on human rights.

Mr Campbell said: "We believe that progress in the areas I mentioned above is important to obtain the necessary support in the U.S. for more cohesive relationship between the two countries."

In meetings with Vietnamese political circles, his secretary said letter referred to "some cases specific individuals about both politics and religion", although he did not name the characters clear how far the expenditures.

"We also made it clear that we believe are still political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and his captivity against the law [in Vietnam]."
Vietnamese media when reporting about Mr. Campbell's visit has no mention of human rights topics.

Vietnam News Agency said only through the trip, side "My wish to boost ties with Viet Nam in Strategic Partner".

It also said he has had meetings with Minister's Office Government Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang, Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Luong Minh and Deputy Chief of the Central Committee Foreign Relations Vuong Thua Phong.

Defense relations

Last month, when four U.S. senator is John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, Sheldon Whitehouse and Kelly Ayotte visited Hanoi, Vietnam also told them about the need to improve human rights. McCain then relate to journalists, that to remove the arms embargo damage to Viet Nam, the implementation of human rights is a top criteria to reflect.

He was deputy foreign minister in this trip ban said there are still couple with the supply of some commodities defense between the United States and Vietnam. But, two army began interactions.

"We look forward to initiate this process slowly."

Mr. Campbell believes there were two army is continuing to promote exchange views and establish a dialogue aimed at confidence, but again reiterated that improving human rights is a prerequisite for the development of relations.

"We are clearly presented, details of human rights issues, not to bring embarrassment to discuss anything and we found that Vietnam has to resolve some cases."

He also said U.S. attempts to do this with respect and gratitude goodwill of the people and Government of Viet Nam.

Although differences exist in the field of human rights, said Kurt Campbell no one has denied immediate emphasis between the two is to enhance economic ties, and "this will be crucial in 2012 ".

Viet Nam was praised
Specifically, U.S. deputy secretary of state praised Vietnam's participation in the process of dialogue between the U.S. and Burma, where progress on democracy is focusing attention of the world.

He said: "In the past Vietnam policy very encouraging of our dialogue with Burma. Last year, there were times when we almost deadlocked in this process, Vietnam has that same smooth call Call us to continue a dialogue with country authorities, and provide us the information interesting and useful about how to solve. "

The U.S. responded quickly to the evolution of democracy in Burma positive and only 12 hours after the release of political prisoners has announced last month to resume those ties at the ambassadorial level with Pi Taw now.

However, Mr Campbell also warned that the huge difficulties Burma forefront in many fields, not just a day or two that resolved.

"I think Asean countries were supportive of the United States and other countries work closely with the government of Burma and this is no longer an obstacle in relations between the U.S. and Asean again."

Though his deputy declined to comment on the relation of the happenings in Burma with the political process in Vietnam: "It is not clear what's happening in Burma affect what goes on in Vietnam or not. "
"I'm not answering questions."

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